Friday, July 18, 2014

Many Things to Celebrate

Happy Happy Birthday to me..

Am I the only one who instantly sings the sprout version of Happy Birthday?

It's my birthday today, I tell you what we have a lot to celebrate today. They are what I call small victories... ready ?..

Let's Celebrate...

Of course we want to celebrate the fact that we all are in good health, we are together, blah blah blah but let's get to the good stuff

The fact that we are back in STL!!!

That we are somewhat unpacked and with a functional kitchen, That's huge for my OCD.

That we have friends who live close by. Not just any friends but friends who understand, why we can't hang out between the hours of 12:30-2:00 because it's nap time, Friends who find it totally acceptable to show up in work out clothes (even if we didn't really work out that day) and a ponytail with no make up. Those friends are hard to find and we love them.

Let's celebrate the fact that if mamma needs some wine... I don't have to cross the county line. I can ROLL up to Quick Trip (which deserves it's own celebration line) and buy whatever I want. Did you know QT has a deli in it now?! crazy talk.

The fact that I have lived 33 years (wow that was hard to type) I really do feel blessed to see another year.

The fact that marathon training starts. yes marathon TRAINING. I HAVE to train for this, no winging it. A girl in her thirties no longer have the capability of winging races.

I am one happy girl...I guess the proper word is lady approaching her mid thirties.

It's good to be back at blogging! HELLO EVERYONE!!!