Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swim Lesson's

Little Miss H loves the water. Has no fear. Wants to jump right in the deep end. This gives me instant anxiety when we are at the pool. my lord. Girlfriend will just jump right in.
needless to say, I signed her little behind up for swim lessons.

                      Her teacher is so sweet. I thought H maybe a little to small for actual lessons but                                                    she  convinced me the younger the better.

                                      I just love seeing that little smile on her sweet face!

Little Miss H

Our little Miss H will be three years old next month....

While I am so excited to get out of the terrible two's, I am so sad that she is growing so fast.

We decided about a month ago to enroll her in "School". This was such a hard decision for me. While H was more than ready. I just wasn't ready to trust complete strangers to care for my child.

H was so safe and clean and slightly spoiled at her current sitter. We loved Ms. S. She took such good care of H. She seriously loved H like her own. We felt that it was time for H to learn that the world didn't revolve around her. bless her only child heart. She is rotten. So, what do we do? we throw her in with a bunch of children and force her to share. HA!

Seriously H is an angel. I don't know about you but my child acts like an angel for other people. It's so not fair.

H loves school. She loves going, she is making friends, she's running, taking field trips, learning to share, cleaning her plate, and most importantly sleeping like a rock at night. (in her own bed might I add)

We really feel like we made the right decision to enroll her in school. The plus side of our some country town is she will be with the kids all through her school years. (unless god willing M's job takes us back to STL)

While we are sad that she is growing so fast before our eyes, we are so thankful for our little sassy H.


The circus came to town a few weeks ago. We'd thought we'd take Mike back to his true family! HA, Me so funny!
We always went to the circus as a kid. And when I say "we" I mean my family always went while I was out of town on a sports trip. They would always say "hey, we can't help that you travel so much" They didn't even bring me any cotton candy back. I think I'm still a  little bitter.
So when the circus was a coming to LR, I was so excited. You should have seen M's face. He   personally thinks the "carnies" are a little weird. But what ev, we were going and we were getting cotton candy!
Isn't she sassy...We are in trouble!
I have to tell you, the hour before the show was the best part. We were able to walk around and see the animals up close.
It was so much fun, they sang crazy circus songs and played jump rope
We had fun, we sang,  we laughed at the Corny jokes, we oohed and aah when the guy juggled fire, we bought our $12.00 cotton candy and left intermission.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Details Link Up

 It's wedding season...
I'm linking up with Mel and Holly to share my wedding details...


M finally proposed after we dated for three years. He proposed in September. I totally found my ring and was wearing it before he asked me. ha I hate surprises. anyway, we got engaged, and I was enjoying my time wearing my diamond and not planning the wedding. Well, we found out we were getting transferred to Arkansas 6 months before our wedding. We knew we want to get married in St. Louis. We knew one person in Arkansas, and I think they let the mail carriers off for weddings.
So needless to say, planning a wedding while you live out of state is for the birds.

The ceremony was held at the Palm House in Tower Grove Park. It was beautiful. Short sweet  and to  the point.

Green, Brown, and Cream. For the love of God why didn't anyone stop me. It was a September wedding...
We had 20 peeps in our wedding party....
First dance song:
Stand By Me. Old school version...
yeah so remember the part about us being transferred 6 months before our wedding. Going back to STL for the wedding WAS our honeymoon. womp womp womp... I kid, I wouldn't change it. We were missing our friend and family like crazy.
Hmmm..What would I have done differently...
1. not have a 10am wedding. That made for a long day of drinking.
2. I would have hired a different videographer. if you reference the second wedding picture on this page, and look just left of me...you will see a little tiny black man. yep he stood there the entire ceremony video taping me with a hand held 1960 video camera. true story.
3. I probably would have paced myself with the drinking...I think we were all a hot drunken mess. we have pictures to prove it...
Keeping it classy...
notice someone has M bent over...
ha! This was truly the best party ever!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There is no friend closer than a sister

My sis (AJ) came to visit me this past weekend. I love me some her. She is the most gentle spirited person you’ll ever meet. Until you mess with her dog or DVR. Then she’ll dough pop you in the face and not think twice about it.
Saturday we woke up with the birds and hit up a few yard sales. That has been my thing lately. I get up super early and instead of going for a long run  I go spend money. Ha! I usually only go for about an hour. BUT little miss H has hit a major growth spurt. All those 2T-3T outfits I bought last summer on clearance hoping she could wear them this summer...yeah those are all in a box because she says they are too tight. (if I hear the words they are too tight one more time, I promise you I will lose my sanity.)
So, thankfully we live in a subdivision where apparently the “in thing” is to have babies…so I reap the benefits of their lightly used baby gap clothes.
Anyway, AJ and I saw signs for “neighborhood yard sale” of course we went. Little did we know “neighborhood” meant retirement neighborhood. We should have known, by the amount of plastic bags. What is it with old people/seasoned people and plastic groceries bag? They were everywhere. This one lady, had everything in plastic bag with a sign that said “ $1.00” AJ being so sweet and innocent asked what was in the bags, the lady said “oh I don’t know…junk?” ha! Really?
The next house sat a very large man with no shirt on, not sure if he had pants on but he did have a very large cane that he kept waving at people.
The very last house, had plastic bags, a man with a cane, 300 top hats, a plastic dog, a bird cage and a very old wedding dress. The geriatric lady was very sweet and started talking to AJ, (I did the sisterly thing and left her ass) Remember how I told you how sweet AJ was, well she was so sweet and patient talking to…PEARL until PEARL’s dentures fell out. HA! She said they were slippery because she just brushed them. HA AJ face was classic.
That my friends concluded our yard sale adventures. We spend the afternoon shopping and had lunch.  It’s always fun to have my sister around
We spent the remainder of the afternoon basking in the sun- drinking cosmo.
I was super sad telling her good bye Sunday. BUT thankfully (not really) her little bucket car wouldn’t start. So she’s still here. I told her it was God’s way of telling her to stay. She didn’t find that funny. We are praying she can get her car fixed without having to sell a kidney. Until then we are enjoying our extra days with AJ


So, I have great memories of my grandparents. One of my greatest memories was my grandpa and his garden. Me standing at a whopping 3 feet tall made those corn stalks seem as tall as the empire state building. I loved walking through the garden with my grandpa. We’d pick the corn and throw them in a little basket. Grandpa would have a cigar hanging out of his mouth. Little coco (the chocolate toy poodle) would be following behind us. Ah memories.
I always said when I have my own house. I’d have a garden. Of course I’d love harvest (you like that? I feel all farmer-ish) enough to never have to buy vegetables from the overprices Kroger but, let’s just be honest (aint nobody got time for that)  So we plant the usual. Squash, tomatoes, peppers. Etc.

So this year when it was time to plant the garden, my lovely husband decided he wanted to put his two cents in, I mean participate. Bless him, he went to Lowes and bought the entire garden section. He came back with a truck load of manure, miracle grow, seeds, tools, gloves, etc.  Sometimes you just have to let them go…
He spent hours out there preparing for the harvest (ha there I go again) while I sat and drank wine, And sort of helped.

He evenly divided the garden into 3 equal quadrants and began planting his seeds.

Buzzed from my wine, I carelessly threw my seeds in the ground without any type of measurement.
This is what we got….

A plethora of harvest from my quadrants.
What have we gotten from M’s quadrant? Nothing.

I’ve noticed a few rabbit droppings.

His little farmer feelings were hurt.

To this date:
Amie’s quadrant: 10-12 Squash
Mike’s quadrant: rabbit turds

I told him my side was planted with love…that’s the key.
Maybe next year he’ll leave the gardening to me J

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

It's whatever Wednesdays!! This girl has been slack-a-lacking these days with her blog. My apologies, I promise to do better next week.

Here we go!

SO WHAT.....

  • If I have yet to buy M a Father's day gift. I always talk about him being super last minute and here I am days before and not a clue what to buy him
  • If I haven't ran in a week. Tonight I killed it.
  • If I skipped my hills tonight for the treadmill. It was freaking 98 degrees outside at 5pm.
  • If I slightly left a few dollars off when M ask how much it would be to reserve a bounce house for H's bday
  • If I have a slight shopping problem, a girls got needs
  • if M has more patience with H...it drives me insane that he never raises his voice or curse. Dang, he's so patient. I love me some him
  • If my part of the garden is voluptuous and M's side is barley showing any signs of growth.
  • If my laundry is completely out of control I despise folding that shit and putting it away 
  • If I run from the crazy janitor at work. She won't leave me alone. I try to be nice but now I've become her BFF, I don't care that your husband lied to you, no I'm not your daughter please stop telling people that, yes I know all the books of the bible, I'm sorry I don't have time to teach you. And I'm sorry I'm not sorry for acting like I don't hear you when you YELL my name down the hall. #whereisyourhometraining
That's all folks, I got to hit the hay, this girl has happy hour after work tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hospital Hill Race

So, someone...who shall rename nameless echem Marcia came up with the idea to run the Hospital Hill Run. (to be totally honest I think it was my idea but for story purposes we'll blame M) We tried to convince our other friends to run with us, but they all said to count them out of any race has the name "Hill" and "Hospital" in it.

Let me let you in on a little secret about Marcia and I. We are ALWAYS up for a race.  Especially if it includes a drive (which turns into hours of catching up/gossiping) then if you throw in hotel with your own bed, shopping and wine we are in.

I was more than excited to spend the weekend with my bestie. I flew to STL Thursday after work. DURING the storm. Have you ever boarded a plane while the tornado sirens are going off? yeah, it was a little nerve racking but thankfully I had drink tickets.

side note: I ended up on a different flight semi on purpose, I sat next to a super nice lady. After we got to talking we discovered we were neighbors and had girls the same age. We hit it off and we have totally made plans to get together. SMALL WORLD

Friday we set out for KCMO. We checked in, went to the EXPO, got our packets, checked into our room, changed and met our KCMO friend for dinner. We pigged out/carb loaded and was in bed before the sun went down. It was glorious. A bed to myself, pillow's to myself, just enough booze to make me sleep like a baby. cologne take me away.

Saturday morning we woke up with the birds. We were a little nervous. BUT we were so glad that our hotel was close enough to walk to the starting line. we took our GU, stretched and prayed.

I have to say, this is by far the most organized race I have ever ran. When the horn went off there was no weaving and bobbing between people. It was smooth sailing... well except for the hill that showed it's ugly face from the get go.

seriously the first three miles were the worst. Marcia and I stuck together. She is such a motivator. after the first hill I promise you I told Marcia to leave me. I was so ready to give up. I wanted to walk that entire race. BUT no she had to go and be a great friend and say "just keep going, keep moving, just do a little trot" I wish I could bottle her up and take her on every run with me.

After mile 6 my legs must have gone numb, or the GU finally kicked in. I found my grove. yes, my pace was slow. like real slow but I was running it and to be honest I was enjoying the race and the hills. What goes up must go down.

The hardest part of the race was around mile 5. It was right around the KCU campus. seriously it was at least a mile long of gradual up hill. I was looking for a cliff to throw myself off of. My legs were on fire. It was horrible. AND on top of it all, I realized M and I had lost each other. I was running this hill alone.

I heard a saying at the expo that said "WHEN I CAN'T I MUST" I kept repeating that to myself. oh and let's not forget the "This is why you train amie" RUN!

To be totally honest, this was the hardest race I've ever ran. But in the same breath, I really enjoyed this race. It made me want to live in KCMO. It was a beautiful race, no rain. There was something really peaceful about this course. Maybe it was the weather I don't know but I enjoyed it so much, that I plan on doing it again next year. (hopefully DESIREE will join us)

Not to mention we received fancy sports jackets

After the race, we hit up "THE PLAZA" for some shopping and food. We found a great restaurant called "Season's 25" I think  Everything on the menu was healthy and under 500 calories.

We meet up with some friends after dinner, went to a wine tasting and it was all down hill after that. Just ask M. She woke up with battle wounds.

I had so much fun. I couldn't be more proud of myself and M for completing this race. Yes my pace was slow, yes I added 10 min to my PR but I finished this race (time 2:21) and I'm so proud.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short. I got a real job and can't blog at work. Girlfriend has been busy lately but I'm linking up with these gals for

2013 Summer Bucket List

  • Fully take advantage of the pool.
  • Get a slip in slide for the backyard and go to town. H will love it.
  • Have my toes in the water and ass in the sand! Destin here we come!
  • STL annual BBQ/H's STL party. Every year it's a blast and includes making homemade ice-cream.
  • Hosting H's first LR Bday party. Now that we finally have friends in LR...lol..I kid
  • Take H to see the fireworks
  • Take H to SIX FLAGS in STL
  • AUGUST Chicago Girls trip/ZOOMA RACE (jaimie...pencil me in for drinks)
  • Start training for my first MARATHON!
  • Go to a Cardinals game
  • Let H enjoy the ice cream truck
  • Going to the Backstreet Boys Concert/Girls weekend!

Memphis Zoo

Memorial day weekend, we'd thought we'd take full advantage of the extra day off. We loaded the honkey tonk truck and set out for the Memphis Zoo.

Has anyone ever been?

It was our first time going. We were pretty excited about the day trip. Plus we went to the Little Rock Zoo previously and let me just tell you to save your money. It's was piss poor. like bad. Like the poor giraffe was chained up to a pool on the black top. I mean really? It was sad. I give it a two and that's only because the parking was super close.

I digress.

The Memphis Zoo got a solid 5. (what can I say, the St. Louis Zoo is the BEST) It was a lot bigger than the LR ZOO. It didn't cost us an arm and a leg to get in. The animals seemed pretty happy...we'll except for this guy

I'm pretty sure he's talking himself off the ledge...poor little fella...he just wants to run wild and free. Instead he gets to hear bratty kids hit the glass all day.

The sting rays were pretty cool. Of course H and I were too scared to touch them. Shoot...we heard about Crocodile Hunter...mamma didn't raise no fool.

Seriously, This picture makes me so sad. H looks so grown up.

This little fella..was a huge hit. We recently found a turtle in our back yard. H fell in love with it. She loved seeing this turtle walking around the zoo. She of course wanted to take it home.
We had a great time in Memphis, we'll defiantly go back.
After the zoo we ventured to Tunica. M gambled and H and I hit up the outlet mall. We enjoyed our weekend away. Hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day.