Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Details Link Up

 It's wedding season...
I'm linking up with Mel and Holly to share my wedding details...


M finally proposed after we dated for three years. He proposed in September. I totally found my ring and was wearing it before he asked me. ha I hate surprises. anyway, we got engaged, and I was enjoying my time wearing my diamond and not planning the wedding. Well, we found out we were getting transferred to Arkansas 6 months before our wedding. We knew we want to get married in St. Louis. We knew one person in Arkansas, and I think they let the mail carriers off for weddings.
So needless to say, planning a wedding while you live out of state is for the birds.

The ceremony was held at the Palm House in Tower Grove Park. It was beautiful. Short sweet  and to  the point.

Green, Brown, and Cream. For the love of God why didn't anyone stop me. It was a September wedding...
We had 20 peeps in our wedding party....
First dance song:
Stand By Me. Old school version...
yeah so remember the part about us being transferred 6 months before our wedding. Going back to STL for the wedding WAS our honeymoon. womp womp womp... I kid, I wouldn't change it. We were missing our friend and family like crazy.
Hmmm..What would I have done differently...
1. not have a 10am wedding. That made for a long day of drinking.
2. I would have hired a different videographer. if you reference the second wedding picture on this page, and look just left of will see a little tiny black man. yep he stood there the entire ceremony video taping me with a hand held 1960 video camera. true story.
3. I probably would have paced myself with the drinking...I think we were all a hot drunken mess. we have pictures to prove it...
Keeping it classy...
notice someone has M bent over...
ha! This was truly the best party ever!!


  1. Our wedding was in KC and I had to plan it ALL from LA. For the birds is right!
    I see nothing wrong with a ceremony at 10 and all day drinking... Sounds a lot like tailgating only with more tulle, satin, and class. :)

  2. You were a gorgeous bride!! And I love the brown bridesmaid dresses!