Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I'm home with a sick baby, a baby with a fever a teething toddler. Bless her heart. She had a 101 temp this morning. I'm chalking it up to the 3 I-Teeth that are ALL coming in at once. I noticed some coughing and sneezing but I chalked that up to cheap perfume. The sitter called me just as I finished coffee klatch at the office. I wasn't really feeling work today anyway. So she didn't have to tell me twice.
My little sweetie is running a fever but you wouldn't know it. So here we are eating popsicles and watching Brave. Which is adorable watching with a 2 year old. She keeps say "ooh...Amazing"
When M gets home tonight and the house is still a mess and realizes its take out for dinner I'll tell him I was too busy blogging giving H tender love and care all day. When duty calls...
Let's play. "Guess Amie's Race Time"  It all comes down to one race. All this hard work, all this training, all the nights of trading beer & wine for water... wait that never happened. My goal has always been to finish in under 2 hours. That was before the "Granny Hip" kicked in. Now I just want to finish the race. I'm scheduled to see a doctor after the race to see what's really going on. Until then I will rely on M and his "professional advice" and BIO FREEZE .  So after the race we are headed to Beale Street for a girls night out. I'll be the one  wreaking of menthol wearing my compression socks. YEP My Milk Shake brings all the boys to the yard!!!
Despite everything that is going on right now. I am feeling very blessed. Going to STL for Thanksgiving was just what I needed. I got to spend some great time with Marcia, Jaimie , Renee, and I tried to stalk Stacey but she was too busy popping out a 9pound adorable baby boy (congrats). I absolutely love these girls. Then family came over and we laughed and drank wine while looking at black Friday ads. Seriously there really is no place like home. It was great to get away. It was even better getting home to M.  I no longer wanted to dip his toothbrush in the toilet. It's amazing what a few days away from each other will do. I kid. I kid

Anyway that's a few tidbits of my crazy life right now. Wish me luck this weekend!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!
I LOVE Thanksgiving. Yes it’s the one day that I can shove my mom’s homemade (everything) mac and cheese down my throat all day and not give a darn.
After the Turkey Trot
Excuse the mess. It's amazing how quickly I can destroy the guest room. Maybe next time they'll leave my bedroom alone.
I came home and showered. I immediately put my "June Clever Apron" on and got to cooking in the kitchen with my mom.
 Lol yeah right. I unscrewed the top to my wine bottle and sat my happy butt down at the dining room table and looked through black Friday ads with my sis.
Hannah and her Granny!
Eventually more and more friends and family showed up around the table with wine.
I laugh so hard at my parents house my cheeks hurt.
H would like to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving in her usually dainty voice.
We ate drank and went Black Friday Shopping. Sounds like a great STL trip to me.

Turkey Trot 2012

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
Seriously Thanksgiving? Where does the time go?
Before I gorged myself in Thanksgiving Yummies. I got my ass up and ran a 10k with Marcia
When I was on my “I can’t stop signing up for runs” high. I convinced myself that I needed to be like the other 1,000 people in Webster Groves, Mo and run a 10k on Thanksgiving. I'm so glad I did.
I got up around 5am and quietly rumbled through all of my 3 suitcases for my running gear. I so should have laid everything out the night before but I was too busy chatting it up with my family. (I LOVE being in STL) Even though I slacked on my weekly runs, I ran on Tuesday but only a light run. I was still nursing my hip. I felt pretty good about my run.
After I searched around for my outfit. I ate a lunar bar and drank some water. I’m still working on my pre-run nutrition. I’m just not that hungry before runs. PLUS I don’t want  be running and end up having a moment. “YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT”S GOING TO HIT YA”  What? TMI?

So anyways, I headed down to pick up my bestie Marcia. Who has recently declared her independence and moved to a new place on her own. So I wanted to get there with plenty of time to snoop look around her place. Which is ADORABLE! Totally sex in the city Webster Grove's style.
We headed to downtown Webster. Chatting the entire way like high school girls.
It was pretty dang cold outside. I totally was not prepared for the artic.
Marcia looked adorable in her XL-T-shirt made into a Pocahontas costume.
It was adorable. I however can’t follow directions and JACKED my costume up. I think the words were “I look like I’ve been attached by Edward scissor hands"
I was able to borrow an old costume from a co-worker but It ended up not working.
So I stuck with just the headband. We did get plenty of “you guys look adorable” comments.
After our trips to the nasty port-a potties we headed for the start line. We had planned on running together. But she gave me energy gels and I swear it was like crack. I took off. Then I looked to myself and didn’t see Marcia so I slowed my roll and found her. Then I looked back and she was gone again. I looked back again and she gave me a little “it’s ok” and I kept running. I thought maybe I’d look at my pace and I was at 8:23. WHAT?! Say HUH? What were in those things? SO then it turned into a personal goal. Stay under 9minutes. (sorry Marcia, I’ve got problems) And I did. I ran my little heart out. It did help that my hip was in check and by in check I mean I could run like I was 31 (ouch that hurt to write) and not 81.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Webster groves. It’s such a small friendly community. You should have seen the crowd that was out there cheering people on. One kid even had donuts. (which I seriously considered stopping and shoving the entire plate down my throat) oh, and the scenery was beautiful too.

All in all it was a nice run. I PR’d! 53 minutes! I’ll take it.


I absolutely cannot wait to get to Memphis Saturday and drink it up with my girls on Beale Street- I mean run my half marathon

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dancing Shoes

Move over Miley Cyrus! There's a new sheriff in town and she's got her dancing shoes on!

She gets her moves from.... Me...who are we kidding?
Seriously,  How cute is she?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spa Run

Yesterday, I woke with the farmers and road tripped it to Hot Springs for the Spa 10K run. To say it was freezing is a total understatement.
I talked my mom into the festivities. We got the the race a little early but thankfully they opened the convention center where we could wait inside and gawk at all the professional, hot, tan, men runners who where stretching stay warm.
By race time it had warmed up to a hot breezy 40 degrees. I peeled off my northface and gloves and thought warm happy thoughts. We were corralled by our pace. I bravely stood in the 9 pace and mentally noted who I should buddy up with to stay on pace.
Seriously there was a old guy running with a cane and a trash bag around him He may have been lost I don't know but old man river was running that race. 
8:00am the gun goes off and we scatter like roaches. I cross the start line and "push" start on my garmin. It starts off pretty nice. We run through downtown Hot Springs. I'm easily entertained by the scenery. Once we make it through downtown HS we turn into a neighborhood. I think..."hmm this is going too smooth, I wonder how far we've gone" I look down at my garmin and seriously it says 0.00
REALLY AMIE? You didn't hit start?! ugh...I swear my roots are blond.
We quickly approached what looked like Art Hill to me, but they called it West Mountain. This hill was brutal. I contemplated throwing myself over it but I didn't want to ruin my outfit. So I kept running..and running..and when I got to the top I pop a Shot Bloks and ran as fast as I could down that mountain. It was a pretty course. I'll probably run this again next year.
I didn't do awesome but I did finish under 60 minutes. Finished 57:07
Oh remember how I brought my mom so she can take pictures of me crossing the finish line for moral support? I didn't see her as I crossed the finish line, which is OK. I knew I could find her at the "beer barn" Once we met up, she told me how good she did with the pictures and how she got some "good ones" . When I went to look at them...NADA..NOTHING... NOT one picture.  Apparently mom was hitting the wrong button. I swear her roots are blond sometimes. Seriously she asked  "Where is your phone Amie?"I said, "In YOUR hands mom".. Bless her.
So she attempted to recreate some pictures
FAIL!! She was still having problems with the camera...bless her
There we go mom...
Then a guy in the "Beer Barn" asked if he could take our picture (with his cell phone) and we're like sure, all stupid and we get together and the look on our face says it all..."um...we are letting this random stranger take our picture on HIS cell phone?"
So, We finished our beers and got the heck out of dodge. Being chained to someone's water heater was not on the post race agenda.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

When the Police come a knock'n

I do have to prefaced this post with. Our life is never EVER EVER...
This has been a crazy crazy week. Most of you know that my MIL is very ill. This past week we had to move her to the Hospice Home. My heart breaks. And I'll stop there with that because I will start bawling like a baby...

I've been juggling work, visits with MIL, running, and life this past week. I don't think I've slept more than 5 hours all week. Just ask my co workers...I walked into work looking like "Boo Boo the Fool". Puffy eyed and all...clothes all wrinkled and sporting a ponytail everyday. Thursday was looking up, I finally made it to the beauty shop  and I had more than 5 hours of sleep Wednesday night.

All was changed by the knock on the door

First, I am writing this story not at all to make light of the situation. In no way is this a funny story. In fact it's really sad. BUT from our end. This is a night that I don't want to forget. Sometimes God brings laughter in a strange ways at 2:30am in the morning.

so here we go...

It's 2:30 am Friday morning, mom is asleep on the couch. (unfortunately for her she made her reservation at Hotel Lassen a month too late, all rooms were full so her happy butt got the couch) Mom's on the couch asleep with Manny (who apparently after this night we confirm that he is not a watch dog)
She hears: "knock" "knock" "knock" at the front door
She thinks she's hearing things and chalkes it up to old kid..
"Knock" "Knock" "knock" again but this time she hears someone turn the knob on the door. She FLIES into our room (mom is used to the city of STL and when someone jiggles the front door handle, you A. Get a gun, B. Call Ray Ray and Pookie or C. Run like hell and wake someone up)
She choose C.
"Mike get up someone is knocking on the door"
Mike gets up and goes to the door and I see the Policeman (and seriously my heart dropped. I thought it was about my MIL but then later laugh becuase why in the hell would they bring the calvery to deliver the news)
Police:"You are in the line of fire, you need to evacuate your home immediately"

What the What?

ok, let's take a little time out for a second and think about this...who says that to someone at 2:30am? Can't they come up with a code phrase (that won't make me freak out) something like:
"Hey, guys. Love your home.Sorry to wake you. We have a little tiff outside...every thing's going to be ok. We've called Target and they are open why don't you guys head down there and do a little shopping. We'll give you a call when your neighbor is done having a moment.  Then end that statement with "you're looking good Ms.Lassen...keep it up and maybe give me a little wink"

There is something about hearing you're in the line of fire that put me in a full blown panic. So we rush around. No time for finding a bra. Just enough time to get my do rag off my head and put a sweat shirt on. Mom however felt the need to use the potty and grab random things off the table. Mike couldn't find his glasses, which is bad for everyone. Swear he's up there with Ray Charles. So the Police came back and knocked again..I guess we were taking too long(and I was too scared to answer the door so mom did...she went to the door and said "who is it?"
It was the Police again, he said:"whatever you do, DO NOT OPEN YOUR GARAGE"

ok, that's where I freaked..

Me: Is he out there? are we safe? OMG I'm scared (and I don't have a bra on)
Police: you are fine we will lead you to your car
so he walks us(Mike, Neil, Mom and me who is carrying Hannah) to Mike's truck and informs us that the streets are barricaded so no one can get in our out.
Once again...doesn't help the situation.
There were police cars and lights everywhere.
We get in truck and seriously...I was laying on the back seat.gansta style..for some reason I didn't want my head above the window.
I guess I get a little dramatic when I get scared.
Mike later looked back and said, "Babe, they aren't shooting at us...AND we're out of the subdivision...sit up.
which caused waves of laughter in the car.
We drove around the big town of Benton and I'm pretty sure we laughed the entire time (which is something we needed)
We laughed:
at the fact that we were told that no one was allowed in or out of the subdivision, yet "Elmer Fudd" let us out with no questions: we died laughing
We laughed:
at the fact that I was so freaked and apparently talking out of my ass the entire time.
We laughed:
at the fact that I used all of my SVU skills to solve the case. I had it all figured out
We laughed:
at the fact that I was too scared to answer the door when the police knocked again. Mom answered but before she opened the door I said..Mom it could be the bad guy...ask who it is?
Gotta remember the Safety Kid Rules
We laughed:
at the fact that we knew no one and had no where to go. Why that was funny to us? Not sure but maybe it had to do with the fact that it was 2:30am and we were sleep deprived. Now that I look back, Mike and Neil were totally dressed.Mom and I were in our PJ's. Mom was even in her robe. Hilarious.
Of course we laughed about our midnight adventure all day Friday. In no way are we making light of the situation. It was very sad.

The reason why we had to leave

Mike's Version: Short and Sweet. I guess it's time to come up with a "Evacuation Plan"

Mike Lassen Ha didn't have time to grab the jorts. Neil, Amie, Hannah, and Amie's mom graded ourself an F on the evacuation. The cops were yelling at us to hurry up. I couldn't see and fumbled around looking for keys and forgot the wallet. Amie was scared shitless. Hannah slept. Kim was a coward and came to get me to answer the door. Neil was real sweet though. He knew exactly how to move from playing a lot of call of duty.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Have you ever heard of a rest...

WEEK! Yep. Rest Week.
I don't remember seeing that on the couch to half marathon training
So what... who cares if I took a week off
I did it
I took a full 6 days off
Not one mile ran
Not one mile
I was busy ( I know I know everyone is busy)
I had family in town
I was tired
Friends in town
Too much going on
Not one day did I put my needs first. (which is why I was a total  all BIOTCH week)
I really don't think I wanted to be alone with my thoughts.
I was out of GU
I "needed" a new sports bra
I wanted to sit outside with my family and drink a I did.

So now this week. I need to get my butt back in gear. Starting today.

I will not drink one sip of delicious alcohol
I will drink TONS of water
I will run everyday
I will get back in my routine
I will go buy more GU plus some BLOK that Marcia swears by
I will put my needs first
I won't cry when I am alone with my thoughts. Instead I will use that time to pray.
 PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. did I mention PRAY.

We are down to the final four weeks!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dr. Lassen

Mamaw got H a few Halloween gifts....
I melt...seriously every day with Linda is a blessing..We love her to pieces...
"let me write you a prescription"
Mimi Is such a good sport!

Happy Halloweenie

 H was too excited for Halloween....but first...look how much my baby has grown.
1st Halloween
2nd Halloween
3rd Halloween
Oh my word...someone please stop the girl is growing WAY too fast!!
H loved trick or treating!
I came home and H was knocked out on the couch. Papaw wore her out at the park.
She was big time...she was way too grown for the wagon.
 She was a little weary about the scary costumes but she was a trooper. We only went to a couple houses then we went back to the house to give out candy to the 200 kids that were waiting at the house. she loved giving candy out. she kept saying.. "my turn' lol too cute!
Seriously so thankful for my family...#soblessed
Once we ran out of candy we went in the house an attempted to watch scary movies. But H got into her candy and took her clothes off and ran around the house like a crazy person.
 Thanks dad!