Sunday, January 29, 2012

18 Months

18 Months?! WHAT THE HECK?!! Where did the time go?

How did we go from this:

To this....and so fast?

Here are 18 Fun Facts about our Hannah Le'Anne

1. No matter how many times I try to put the crayon/spoon/anything persuade her, I'm 98.3% sure she's going to be a "Righty"

*and yes she perfers the gynormous metal spoon over the much more her size plastic spoon*

2. Good Eats: Hannah has her moment's but for the most part she is a pretty good eater: Her favorites are: banana's, oatmeal, mac and cheese, cheese cubes, pizza, corn..and we can't forget french fries..and my word this girl can put down some ketchup.

3. She has come a long way from 21inches..

4. She has a new best friend...Manny
5. Her slide & tent are her favorite toys (and mine too, we don't have many toys in the house that don't make noise..I mean music)
Any given day...this tent is swinging from side to side...Hannah and Manny RUMBLE in this tent all day long.

6. Hannah LOVES being at home with her Grandma everyday. I love it too! You can not put a price on peace of mind. If I can't be home with Hannah everyday..Grandma is the next best thing.

7. DANCE DANCE and MORE DANCING..Hannah will go to her cd player and play her music all day long..specifically "Color my world crayola"

8. She may only have 8 teeth..but they are clean
9. Her favorite show is Barney
She gets REALLY excited when the song comes on. She sways back and forth and gives hugs and high fives when Barney does and of course ways "bye-bye" at the end.

10. Hannah is no longer afraid of her mimi and papaw'shorse
dog Harvey

11. We love our suckers!! And we don't leave home without them.

12. We finally had our first trip to the firehouse

13. Hannah is very vocal and nosey..both traits that I am POSITIVE that she got from me. Her vocabulary is full of baby talk: mamma, dada, doggie, manny, mimi, tee tee, papaw, baloon..more like boon, duck, thank you, please, no no, cookie, oh boy, and there are more words..we just haven't figure out what they are.

14. Her hair is growing like a wild weed. I LOVE IT!

15. We love our Razorbacks

16. Hannah is not a big fan of the nursery at church...bless her heart

17. Hannah loves to "read" books

18. Hannah is our pride and joy! We love her so much! We are truly blessed.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A trip to the firehouse

On one of our previous/many trips to St.Louis (notice I now refer to it as "St. Louis", NOT "Home" it's official and mentally noted we are "Southerners") we had time to visit my dad at the Firehouse.

Hannah had a ball...running ALL around the station.

She climed in the front seat. She wasn't too sure about the how high she was.

She had fun in Papaw's dirty locker

"Shut the door please"

There were so many buttons for her to push..she was in button heaven.

Fun in the boots!!

Nothing was safe. She wanted to explore the entire station.

Stopped at one of the T.V's to watch a little Barney.

We had so much fun. And of course it made my dad's day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cotton Bowl

Every once in awhile Mike and I get to enjoy a few perks from AT&T. This year we got tickets to the Cotton Bowl!

Mike called me one day at work and said "Babe, do you want to go to the Cotton Bowl?" Right off the bat I said "YES" he then replied with "Do you know what the Cotton Bowl is?" Me: "Nope but I'm in". I'm sure there were some eye rolling going on the other end of the phone.

Woo Pig Sooie!!

I gotta admit, the ride down to Dallas was probably my favorite part. It's been a long time since it's been just Mike and I. *Not that I would change our life in the least bit* It was like old times. It was fun and as always adventurous. Dallas traffic is no joke. At one point I politey excuse our truck from the avoid the sitting traffic.. and totally exited off the highway...NOT AT AN EXIT! but it saved us quite a bit of time and the truck only tipped a little tiny bit..never a dull moment with us.

We had great seats, I didn't want to be a minute late for all of the people watching, I mean the game ;o)

We meet up with some AT&T people, probably 2 of the nicest people in the world.

This screen was amazing! The cowboy stadium is no joke! Super nice.

Loved it! Must go back to Dallas...

oh yeah and the Hogs won!! WOO PIG SOOIE!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 New Years Resolutions

So here we go with the New Years Resolutions. Last year my ONE resolution was to make my bed every steps. I would give myself a passing grade on that one. *as I think to myself, I'm pretty sure my bed wasn't made this morning*
So this year I thought I would step up my game. I know it's cliche to make resolutions but it's never a bad idea to try to better yourself. So here I go.
2012 New Year Resolutions
MUST KEEP RUNNING..I fell off the wagon over the holiday's and it's time to get back on the treadmill.
Running has become so much more than running to me. It clears my head when I have a million things running through it, it keeps me from blowing off the handle when someone has made me upset. It makes me feel better about myself and more important it makes me eat better during the day when I run in the morning.
EAT MORE GREENS is my next resolution. I'm realizing there isn't much point to running if I'm not eating healthy. Running-Junk food= skinny Amie.
NIX the Coffee

I don't know how it happened but I've been drinking coffee more and more latley. I was NEVER a coffee drinker. When I was prego with Hannah I didn't drink any coffee or any caffeine and then with nursing I stayed on the no caffeine wagon. I think once I stopped nursing and had one sleepless night I had a cup of coffee just to get through the day.
Now, I'm in love with it. I love the warmth of holding warm cup of joe, I LOVE LOVE the creamer and how yummy it makes it taste. AND I love to drink it in the mornings at work during "coffee clatch" with my fellow employees. but I HATE how it turns your teeth brown..YUCK
After the craziness of shopping, January becomes the LASSEN MUST SAVE MONEY MONTH. I don't know about you, but I do really well with savings until I step into Target. Gesh...That place is a money hole. I loose all control. I'll miss you Target..

I have a mild case of OCD when it comes to the house being clean. It's bad. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is straighten up, pick up pillows, toys that have been drug out from Hannah's room, pick up kitchen etc. etc. It's bad and it's really bad when you have a wonderful loving husband who is totally clueless about picking up after himself. Love him to death but GESH! Why did God make men so different?
Then one day as I realized I was running around the house constantly picking up and Mike was playing with Hannah I thought why am I doing this? STOP and play with your child..who cares that your house is a mess?
I just have to find a balance between a clean house and a spotless house. It's never "dirty" but when things are put in their place I turn into a cleaning spaz. I'm sure it's really annoying.
I really want to find a balance and do what makes me happy. I only have one life to live..I better make it count.
We are very blessed, God has been so good to us!