Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish the sentence...

I'm joining the link up bandwagon today with Holly and Jake. You're missing out if you don't follow these guys! Hilarious!

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...  the exact same things. I just wouldn't make myself run everyday to burn off the calories.  I'd also be in a nacho, double cheeseburger heaven with Beer. LOTS.OF.BEER

2. On my Prom night... What prom? dumb private school.

3.  When I go to the store, I always buy...bananas and milk. I also always get cash back with my husband's debit card. Does that count?

4. Family functions typically... involves lots of friends & family, lots of food, lots of alcohol and lots of aluminum foil for the ghetto side of the family who always needs to bring a plate home for someone.

5. I think my blog readers... are my friends

6. I'd much rather be..... ten pounds lighter so I can stop all this running nonsense...I kid I kid

7. I have an obsession with.... organizing things, checking FB/instagram, and making sure my house is presentable in case the 2 people we know in the state of Arkansas decides to pop by.

8.  My work friends.... LOVE THEM. Seriously, I would have blown this popsicle stand 5 years ago if it wasn't for them. They are family and totally made the Christmas list.

9. When I created my Facebook account.... I thought MySpace was way cooler. merely for the fact that you could select a song to play on your page.

10. My least favorite word is... moist, spatula, and bra. I can't say bra it always comes out as "brawl"

11. I really don't remember....  most of college

12. Justin Bieber.... Guilty. I have Bieber Fever 


  1. A) Your school didn't have prom? WTH?!
    B) I never thought to get money back when using the hubs card. That's going to change asap. Genius!
    C) I'm dying at the fact that your family brings aluminum foil to functions to bring a plate home. HA!
    D) I cannot say the *p* or *c* words. *P* as in "my kid just *p*@@ped his pants (what am I going to say when potty training starts?!), and *c* as in, "I just made a fresh batch of chocolate chip *c*@@kies." I just call them baked goods.
    E) There is proof of college in the billion and three photos I took. Thank god for those pics.

    1. A.We had Jr/Sr Banquet. I can't even make up the fact that our "banquet" was in a cave. True story!

      B.YES, getting cash back is a must. I mean you need cash for emergency just like you Need. toilet paper. HA cash back just didn't make the grocery list. HA it's a good thing I can always remember to get it!

      c. every family has one
      d.You don't realize how much you really say the "P" word during potty training. we've changed it to Boo Boo, which is equally annoying.
      e. oh the pictures from college, I look so skinny and drunk :)

  2. your school missed out not having prom! it was a night of poor decisions and bad music! thanks for linking with us!