Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving with PaPaw

PaPaw is in town... YEAH!!!
He's mainly here because we are holding his wife hostage, but what ev...He's here
So why not carve us some pumpkins!
H wasnt' too sure about the nasty that was going on inside of the pumpkin..I can't say I blame her
so we took a step back and let the master do his work
"We have pumpkins!"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I ran 10 miles today

I think I've lost my mind. I should have stuck to the plan.
This past week I did really well with my training.
I ran every day and I didn't drink one drop of alcohol.
ok that's a lie.
I drank alcohol just a little tiny bit...
ok that's a lie too i drank it almost everyday
 BUT in moderation everything is ok... right?
I swear I'm not an alcoholic
I have a drink at night for every one's safety  I mean to calm my nerves I do it because it taste good.

So with that being said I drank this week. BUT I also ran everyday.

Friday was rest day, which worked out because we had plans Friday evening. I normally run on Friday because I usually skip at least one run during the week and I use Friday to make it up. BUT not this week. Girlfriend was on it. Ran everyday like a dedicated runner.

Saturday I got up early to run before we headed to the razorback game. It was a good plan in my head until I stepped outside. It was a tad bit nippy. Too cold for my bones. I had 4 shirts on and a hoodie to cover my ears (note to self buy a cute head band that covers my ears).
 I looked like WHO DONE IT.
I'm sure the neighbors thought I was about to rob somebody.

I tried to fight through it...I mean really tried.
I kept telling myself that the half was in December which meant cold temperatures.
So I ran...and I ran...and the cold air felt like needles on my face...I looked down at the garmin and read 1.82.
I was like...eh...good enough and walked my happy ass home.

So I was suppose to run 7 miles Saturday and 3 miles Sunday. The wheels started turning. Why not combine those miles and just pound the pavement.
Hi my name is amie and I know my long runs are usually around 6 miles but today I've lost my mind

Today after church and the pumpkin patch, I was ready and somewhat eager to run. I had done so well this week. Why stop now. So with that in mind I said I was running 10 miles today.

The weather was perfect as in too cold for snakes, I just made a new play list.. list it was a runners dream.

Miles 1-8 were beautiful.
I managed to get myself lost in a near by neighborhood with hills.  Which surprisingly were not terrible.

Miles 8-10. I was contemplating suicide. 
around mile 8 this kid was out raking leaves. Well I didn't see him and he scared the holy day lights out of me. Like I screamed out loud like he was chasing me with a chainsaw. When I jumped I somehow twisted my knee. (apparently 31 is the new 85...seriously I'm getting old) but I kept pushing and pushing...KEEP RUNNING.

I started my pace really slow. Probably slower than I should. I really felt like I could have ran 13.1 today if it wasn't for my knee. The last half mile...was horrible. But I finished it.

I came home and tried to take an Ice bath...minus the ice... I lasted only a few minutes...I really hope I can walk tomorrow.

Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again! I love me some pumpkin patch! We've only tried Motley's Pumpkin Patch but we love it!

They changed it up a little this year. We had to feed the animals

And don't forget petting "bacon"

Aunt Leslei was able to come to visit this weekend.

Slide was her favorite
I can't believe how much she had grown in a year
My sweet girl
and just because we took this picture last year I needed another one for this year
 I melt..love me some of this...

Sometimes Small Towns are the BEST

We all know the culture shock I experience in the move from St. Louis to Benton, AR.
I mean for the love of God I went from this:

To This:
lol...I kid I kid... I love it here!!
Anyways, Benton always does a small town Fall Festival for the kids around Halloween. H loves it and  I love it because it's close and it's FREE...
I just love the small town feel that Benton gives us.
Everyone was so nice and H really enjoyed herself.

BOO at the Zoo

Friday night we took little Hannah Banana to Boo at the Zoo. I am pretty sure I was more excited than Mike and Hannah. Any reason to dress her up in this little costume..I was in!
oh and any reason to hand out with little Riley Roo Rat.. We are also in..
Is that not the cutest little duck you've ever seen. Look she even has a bow!
There was tons of stuff for the kiddo's to do. Rides, Fortune teller, games, bounce houses, etc... The only down fall was little H was a little too short to any of it.
She was able to do the slide with her dad. Every wife should witness their child going down one of these slides with their husband. HILARIOUS! I guess the slide wasn't slick enough. Mike and H bounced most of the way down. She loved it.
She loved the train! Minus the part where the dinosaur jumped out and scared the bajesus out of her.
So we went to the carousel and called it a day.
It was really ok that she was too short to ride most of the rides. she really enjoyed running around her dad more than anything.
Can we say wrapped around his finger daddy's girl

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Husband

So here is the thing about Mike and I...

We aren't like other couples...
We aren't the mushy type, we won't be lovely dovy with each other, not writing love letters to each other. And I can promise you he will never serenade me with a guitar.  We are different in the fact that we crack each other up. (most of the time) We're giving love sandwiches (don't ask) or cracking jokes at each other. I fell in love with his blue eyes and sexy body his personality first.
We are so different in age, in the way we were raised. He's a public school bad guy and I was a private school shelter good girl. (let me adjust my halo)
We are different...
For the love of Pete BOTH of our MOTHERS live with us
Yes true story, My mother relocated temporarily for work and his mother relocated because her and Mike can't cut the chord...I kid...Because we are her favorite..I'm kidding again..It doesn't matter why..

 He is a big time Jokester...Like the time he posted THIS on FB:

A million comedians out of work and he's throwing jokes around.... ugh JERK FACE

or this picture he posted and said it was us:

We've been together six years and I can say he has kept me laughing the entire time. We are very different in the fact that we are two very independent people. We like to do what we like to do and when we want to do it. You will never see us sitting on the same side of the booth at a restaurant or in matching T-shirts at six flags.  We will never take long walks on the beach hand in hand gazing at the stars or into each other's eyes. (do people really do that still)

 This is what you will typically see us doing on the beach:

yeah that's right my two yr old jacked me in my jaw. Thanks to my sweet friend Samantha for capturing that moment.

The reason for this post?

Mike is turning the big 4-0 today

40 and instead of telling him that he's officially an old fart. I'm going to tell him how wonderful he is.
Mike is one of the hardest working men that I know. He works so hard to give us the best life that he can and he does. He is the best dad in the world. I see pictures like this and  melt.

He loves and treats his friends like family. He is my dream come true. I love me some him.

BAHAA..I kid...sure we drive each other crazy at times, but he would be lost without me and I would totally be fine lost without him.

Happy Birthday BABE

Race for the cure


I woke myself up on a Saturday morning at 5am. (CRAZY)
I stumbled around to the shower to wake my sleepy head up. Thankfully I laid all my stuff out last night. Somehow I still managed to wonder around the room like I'm in no mans land.

Had a cup of coffee and a piece of dry toast. I was so afraid I'd get downtown and have to:
 A. use the bathroom
 B. be starving.

I headed downtown around 6am. The temperature was 47 degrees. UM it should have read. FREEZING. It was so cold.

Thankfully a friend let me park in her parking spot. I didn't have to deal with any of the traffic or paralley parking. I zip in and instandly I had to PEE. ugh... I found the porta potty on the way to the start line. I figured it was so early it was clean. I mean the toliet paper still had the wrapper on it. STILL NASTY.

Headed to the start line. No one there. Panic. Am I in the right place? hmm..Wish I had somewhere with me? And wait and become friends with a girl I have never met but she is also waiting and running by herself. We bonded.

I have to have a GU and a stick of gum. It doesn't matter if I'm running 3 miles or 10. I have to have it. I guzzeled my GU and stuck my gum in my mouth at 7am. The people were starting to pack in to the coraal. I thought oh crap. I'm way to close to the front. I don't want to be in any pictures, T.V or give the impression that I'm about to kill this run in less than 20 minnutes. ugh. It was a sea of people.

7:15 I'm wishing I had Marcia with me. I'm starting to get nervous. Why I don't know.
7:25 A sweet lady gets on the loud speaker and says a prayer. She qouted:
Isaiah 40:31:
But those who hope in the Lord will renew their stregth
They will soar on wings like eagles
The will run and NOT grow weary
They will walk and not be faint
 Peace fell over me. How awesome is it that we can say a prayer before we race.
7:30. Garmin set and the gun goes off.

People are cheering. I am running. I realize this is why people sign up for races. The atmosphere is (in the words of Marcia) AMAZEBALLS

We are headed up the (hill) Broadway bridge. I follow the trail of the girls with the cute running skirt (fromLULELEMON...I know becuase I asked and I totally plan on getting one ASAP)

 I feel good. Once we hit the peak of the bridge I look at my pace 7:54. GESH Amie... Slow your roll.

The first mile was easy peasy.

The second mile my pace was 8:23. Still not bad but the hills were getting to me


3rd mile. People were cheering. I think of the verse the lady said during prayer.

May you RUN and not grow weary but soar with eagle wings. ( I apparently didn't memorize the verse)

We turn the corner of Mike's office. I think to myself. That scrub is asleep. He should be out here cheering me on and handing out water with the rest of these guys.

I run. I run fast and pass the group of girls in front of me.

I check my garmin. it says 3.17

I curse. WHAT? Isn't a 5k 3.1. I get distracted

I sprint. to the finish. I see 26:XX on the clock.

Run amie run.

I cross the line.

ummm where is my medal? (my free medal that everyone gets)

Oh thanks. I grab my water and head to my car. I'm in my car and headed home by 8:00am

Things I've learned.
1. 47 degrees is cold. I mean really cold.
2. Learn the code for the car. I had to run with my keys in my sports bra. Which isn't bad. But a little akward when I tried to discreatly dig them out. umm not so descrete.
3. Make Marcia run all races with me.
4. Sign up for the Hot Springs 10k
5.I love running

Monday, October 15, 2012

The more the merrier


Awesome game last night!

I had a pretty productive weekend. Friday I had the afternoon off. I planned on taking H to see the dinosaur exhibit but when I realized it cost a arm and a leg to get into. I went home. I don't mind paying the money when she is older and can last longer than 1 hour. Plus it was nap time and we all know how two year old act when it's nap time. MAKES A GIRL WANT TO DRANK!

I headed home and cleaned out our closets. It was time to go through H's clothes and mine. I am normally not this motivated but my mom was coming Saturday and she needed the closet space. YEP closet space. Why you ask? Oh you know home girl got transferred to ARKANSAS!!!


So we all know the big hoop la and how AT&T Yellow pages got sold. Mom has been with the company 30+ years. So when yellow pages was sold she freaked and then prayed. Mom has put her sweat and tears into that company. Of course they offered a "Thank you for your time but we are done with you" package that she missed by the skin of her teeth. She was so stressed. It's pretty crappy that she has been so loyal to this company and one day they walk in and say oh by the way we sold you to a different company. Mom kept the faith and didn't get discourage. We all know that GOD is our provider not AT&T.

Long story longer, She put in for a job down here and she got it. Yes she put in for jobs in MO but the wail was dry. So of course her next pick was Arkansas.

So we are slightly turning into these people:

But we look more like this version of Mama's family:

lol...I kid...I kid...

Of course all of this is temporary. BUT Mike and I love having family with us. So our family of three has grown to a family of six. I'm sure it's going to get crazy. I'm sure I've just written off any ounce of "quite me time" but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  You only have one family and you only live once.

So I guess every house has to have a MaMaw, a MIMI and a Uncle Neil and don't forget this adorable guy.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today's Motivation

Before I bore talk about my run...can I just say.....



I have to be honest I watched the first half like a true fan. I mean no iPhone and laptop. Mike and I watched it and drank beer (whoops on the beer part) It was a nice indoor date night. Then the score went to 0-7. I couldn't handle it. And we were out of beer. So I dozed off just a little tiny bit on the couch.

I heard...YEAH BUDDY!! and Mike was up and moving. SO I get up and go to bed. At this point it was 11pm. H was having a break down and I was beyond tired...and we were out of beer (damn you dry county) I was deep into my DVR watching TEEN MOM: Amber behind bars (wow...sad..I know) When Mike " my almost 40yr old husband" comes SKIPPING into the bedroom cheering...I could not stop laughing...Then I hear him in the living room... YEAH...Mutha F**kers!"

I died...in tears laughing...

NOTE TO SELF: Get BEER skinny girl COSMO for tomorrows game.

So, I get my lazy butt out of bed this morning totally dreading my run. I just wanted it over. I had to run..I've been shackalacking. PLUS my bestie Marcia texts me last night (as I was mid motion of guzzling beer...she always knows when I'm skipping a run...How does she do that?) so she texts me her time on her awesome run for the day. That girl is killing it. She has come a far way in such a little time.

So I get my happy ass on the treadmill. Instantly I start with the excuses.. my shorts are riding, my ankle hurts...get off and stretch more...what time is it...open the garage door it's too hot.. are there snakes coming in the garage...is Freddy Kruger roaming the streets of Benton...I'd rather be shopping...it that rain..is my hair getting wet..when is mom going to be here...maybe I should call her...how long have I ran so far (.25) .25 that's it? F***. Stay focused Amie

So I tell my mind to shut up and just run...

run...don't look at the time...run...you're strong....You want a beer now? I bet you stop drinking beer don't you...RUN..
OK run faster...
I want to stop, I want to stop...then Shoop comes on..and I sing...loud and with the recommendations of Marcia I start using hand motions... I realize all the people coming to the neighbors yard sale are looking at me dancing in my garage on the dreadmill..oh well...
I'm sure if Freddy Kruger was rooming the streets of Benton...he would pass me by..
Finally done: 6 miles 49:34
Now get off this DREADMILL and go shopping! Today's MOTIVATION

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I"m with you in Spirit

Soo....Last weekend I had planned a trip to St. Louis for St. Louis Glow Run. I was super pumped to be running with my BFF Marcia and we had full intentions on 1. looking cute 2. running without stopping 3. finish that run in under 30 minutes.

Well some times life just gets in the way. And that weekend life was in full force. Therefore, I wasn't able to make the trip to STL. I  was bummed to say the very least. Especially when my friends were posting these cute pictures:

Isn't she cute...check out those Hot PANTS!!

Then I pulled out my stalker skills and found Marcia's time:


I think she blamed her 3 minutes over on: being stuck behind strollers and the walkers. She missed being "corralled" in her pace because she was doing a mini photo shoot. Totally understandable!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Letters

Dear St. Louis Cardinals,
Great JOB! Keep it up! We love baseball in OCTOBER! It breaks up the monotony of football. Please keep winning!

Dear heated seats,
You felt so nice on my back this morning. You make 47 degrees tolerable.

Dear crazy old couple in the Wal-Mart parking lot,
Thank you for taking my shopping cart back to the "cart bin."
Yes, old crazy lady I heard you yell obscenities through my window and YES I heard you yell more sweet somethings as you slammed the cart in the bin. 
I do however apologize for rolling my window down and yelling "DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM?".
That is no way to talk to the elderly, I was raised better than that. BUT you started it! You OLD BITTY!
 FYI I had planned on taking my own cart but I had to put my child in the car first due to the rain..."we" don't like getting our hair wet..duh.
Oh, and I'm sorry your husband got scared and moved his honky tonk truck away from me.
I recommend a quick class on Southern Hospitality or here's an idea...mind your own dang business!

Dear treadmill,
I hated seeing you this morning at 5am too. I am trying to work on our relationship but I just don't like you..at all. I will see you when it gets too cold to run outside.

Dear bacon,
You were delicious last night but we are breaking up.

Dear scale,
Sorry for the words I said this morning to you. Just because I indulged in bacon & beer last night doesn't mean you had to raise my digits. HOW RUDE.

Dear Beer,
I think we should break up...again..

Dear long lost friend Stacey,
I miss you and I'm thinking about you guys. Sorry we keep missing each other. *HUGS*

Dear sweet baby girl,
I love you so much. You give me so much joy. Thank you for asking me if I had my purse and keys before we left the house this morning. You crack me up! It amazes me how much you pick up on the things we say.

Dear almond joy creamer,
I'm so glad we met this past July. I look forward to having you in my coffee every morning.

Dear Mike,
I love you (today...lol..I kid..) Thank you for making me laugh every day, thank you for telling me I look hot and skinny. Thank you for being you. No thank you for sending me nasty pictures of your bathroom adventures. That's inappropriate and I really don't care to see. GROSS

Dear St. Jude Marathon,
See you in 8 weeks!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

If you like to talk to tomatoes....

I have been singing that song all night....

We took Hannah to see Veggie Tales last night. SHE LOVED IT!!!

I'm not sure why I'm the only one not mean muggin in this photo?

Love me some neck hugs...

Of course dancing was her favorite part. (why won't my kid keep shoes on? Born and raised ARKANSAN...ugh)

Of course she made a friend. They were really sweet playing together. Her mom was super sweet too. AND she made me feel a lot better about myself when she also left at intermission. (who takes a 20 minute intermission at a children's function? Someone should have just yelled "20 MINUTES OF CHAOS")

So we went to a near buy  Mexican restaurant and ate our weight in Cheese DIP!

AND mommy had one of these...Isn't it pretty?

It's was so nice to have a night with just the three of us.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So I got off the crazy train...

That was a fast uneventful train ride. What was I smoking trying to run all those miles.? It's good to have goals. 

I made myself a more rasonable monthly running goal.

I'm glad that train ride is over.

The new running/training plan is COUCH-TO-13.1

It's a little more my style. Of course I had to tweak it a bit. Monday's are "Cross Train" days. That's probably not going to happen. Monday is the busiest day of the week. I've changed Monday's to "REST" day.

Today I ran 3.02 miles 27:16 PACE 9:02.

It was the first time in a long time that I ran with no music.

I only ran fast because it was getting dark...and I am dying to finish the last two episodes of Season Once of Homeland.

Monday, October 1, 2012

I hope I never forget these moments...

Can I just say being a Mother really does have its moments.
Great Moments of joy, laughter...
and sometimes tears, cursing, and yelling...but we won't talk about those few moments that make you go into the garage and chug a beer

I never want to forget these moments that I have with Hannah. She really has turned into her own little person. I can't believe how much personality this little 26pd 2 year old really has.

I realize some of these things won't be as funny to (all 3 of my readers) but I don't want to forget these moments:

Me: (asking Mike) Where's Manny?
Hannah: Outside tearing up the flowers. lol..Which he does ALL the time

In target:
MOMMY...I FARTED....*shoot me now*

Driving by target.
Hannah: Mommy I go to target and get  ICEE

As soon as we get in the house Hannah says: "Mama..I put T-Shirt and Shorts on.
girl is obsessed with T-shirts and shorts. I guess she's see us changing when we get home. Hannah HAS to put on a white T-Shirt and her jersey shorts

She'll get her tennis shoes and put them on, stretch and say "I go for a run" lol...too cute

Hannah in the bath tub...splashing like a fish out of water
Hannah: TEA PARTY mama..TEA PARTY...
ME: confused...

In Target. H is done with her ICEE and ready to go
Hannah: Mama I go home
ME: OK sugar we'll leave in just a minute
Hannah: You driving nuts (translation..."You're driving me nuts"....I guess I should stop saying that)

H got a really super cool grocery cart for her birthday. She loves it. she puts her baby in it and pushes it around the house and collects things like a KLEPTO. BUT the sweet  part is she always puts the baby bottle next to her baby and occasionally will stop and feed her baby. so sweet.


What's going on in our life these days

Nothing too exciting to write about these days.

My running has been slacking due to my lack of motivation and my obsession with the Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat Beer. It's my weakness and I feel the need to indulge every night.

That's what potty training will do to you folks...true Hollywood story...

I am happy to say we are 99.9% percent potty trained!!! WE are even leaving the house with no diaper and no accidents!!! ( I hope I didn't just jinx myself)

BUT No more beer after Sunday. (even though I said that last week..I MEAN it this time!)

I am 9 weeks away from St. Jude's 1/2 marathon and it's time to get serious.

I ran 7 miles this  Saturday morning. It sucked big time. The weather was perfect, my music was right on key but I was bored...just plain bored. I need help. My sweet bestie Marcia suggested that I add some hills into my run. WOW...I found some hills and I cursed the entire time. HORRIBLE.

My sweet bestie also got me hooked on the showtime series Homeland. I seriously watched it all night Saturday and ALL day Sunday. Like got up at 6am and started watching it...for reals!

My sweet bestie also sent me the best card this morning: This is why we are friends

I can't wait to run the GLOW RUN this weekend with her.


I'm super pumped! The house is decorated, the pumpkin candles are lit, the windows are open. Our Pumpkindoodle (yes, that's what my family calls H) is going to be a dinosaur. (thank you very much Allie Grace for getting her hooked on Dinosaurs.)

I can't wait for the Pumpkin Patches, Boo at the ZOO, and Taking H trick or treating!

84 days until Christmas folks!! YIKES

ugh...Holidays means lots of good food and drinks...I MUST RESIST!!! IT"S TOO EARLY FOR WINTER WEIGHT!