Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo Bucket

Hannah's feet are going like crazy. She's now in a size 6 . Here she is after she tried on her new pair of TOMS 

Girlfriend LOVES to jump on the bed!

 we had a REALLY warm day  last week and I had some extra canvas laying around the house. I thought we'd take advantage of the warm weather. H loved to paint. *and yes she's naked...paint it hard to get out of clothes*

Hannah loves to brush her teeth.  We picked up a toothbrush with a suction bottom...H thought it was the coolest thing in town.
Don't you love Manny's face..

Hannah has been sleeping very well *ALONE* in her big girl bed

She loves her babies...

I'm all for ethnic babies. BUT this Aunt Jemima baby freaks me out. I have no idea where my MIL found this baby

Hannah has to sleep with a baby every night. It's really sweet and amazing how she cares for her babies. She rocks them, gives them their bottles, and even takes them for walks in the stroller. I really hope she stays a girlie girl.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today is the first day of Lent

Today is the first day of Lent. Although I was raised Christian. My mom has always made a HUGE deal during Lent. We (well mostly them now that we have Hannah. Mike and I have turned into a old married couple) party it up on FAT TUESDAY  but as Lent approaches trust me you will hear
"What are you giving up for Lent?" You know Lent starts next week..What are you giving up?"

Bless her heart, she means well but there hasn't been a Lent that we haven't participated in.

This year I have decided to give up sweets...aka my lifeline.


For all that know me, know that I can basically live on sweets. BUT hey isn't that what Lent is all about.

We prepare for Easter by giving something up in an attempt to share in Christ’s suffering and become closer to God. 

Let's just be honest. He DIED/was CRUCIFIED (just the word crucified makes me cringe...and want to get down on my hands and knees and thank GOD for loving me enough...OK let me stop before I go to church on here) on the cross for our sins. The very least I can do is give up dessert/sweet for 40 days.

When I do get a craving for my sweets, I will think of all that Christ has done for me. And spend that time in prayer. This is also a time to really self check myself and make sure I am making, saying, doing Christ-Like actions and LORD take control of my mouth. Hey we all fall short of the glory of God, I'm the first to admit it. Thankfully we serve a God who is full of GRACE and LOVE.

It’s really important to me that I teach Hannah the meaning behind the actions we do as Christians. I really hope she will also find it important in her heart to participate in Lent.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kicking up the workout

I've officially hit a platue with my running. While running is still my stress reliever/weight loss plan/60 minutes of ME time. It's not bringing home the bacon...(mmm bacon) It's awesome at first. I can loose weight like nothing once I REALLY start running. We'll I guess my body is tired of the same ol running routine.
 Let's face it, I'm working out to be skinny and of course to be  healthy falls in there too. 
It's the honest truth. So on to another work out plan...

P90X aka extreme home fitness

P90x is a box full of CD's that will kick your butt into skinnyness!Check it out

 after oh...3 minutes of the warm up i was thinking... what in the world was I thinking? Treadmill.... Where are you? I could barely walk after my first completed cd. 
The beef cake that  leads the work out Tony Horton... keeps the workout simple and steady. I am seriously huffing and puffing through this thing. I also love that there is a little timer on the bottom corner of the screen so it tells you EXACTLY how many more minutes are left.

Hannah of course is my mini me. What ever I do..she is doing.

My goal is to complete all the CD's. I've been alternating running with the Cardio CD. I swear If I get on the scale in a week and there is no change...I'll will be one ticked off girl!

So of course as soon as I start my "Let's get skinny for my skinny summer clothes and our beach trip" my husband decided to start working out. We'll I don't know about your husband, but when my husband starts a work out plan he drops 20 pounds in no time. ME..I'm eating rice cakes and sucking on ice..running my big bootie off and maybe dropping (and gaining) the same darn 5 pounds. frustrating.

BUT...based on Beef Cake Tony Horton.."Workout with me and you'll be SHOCKED by the results" Come on BABY and SHOCK ME!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A baker in training

Soo... I had a bunch of banana's left over from my "let's live off of smoothie phase"

These banana's were just right for banana bread. So off I got to and find the only banana bread recipe that includes chocolate and rum.
I've always LOVED to bake.  I found my baking passion during Culinary School. All that other stuff was for the birds. I really could care less about menu planning, safe serve..blah blah blah..the best thing that came out of culinary school was my awesome BFF RACHEAL MARSHALL and my new and improved baking skills.

I really hope Hannah develops a love for baking. She was pretty darn excited to get in the kitchen with me tonight. *I'm sure the chocolate chips had nothing to do with it*

We we're all good and dandy until Daddy came home.

Total daddy's girl. She totally lost focus on the baking.

She was in the pantry searching for suckers

She was all over the place BUT.. we still managed to make delicious banana bread and muffins

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! I'm sitting here all dressed up in my sexy black dress, just awating on my Romeo aka Mike to pull up the chariot for our romantic candle light dinner. We'll look into each other's eyes and say how much we love each other as we sip on our much needed glass of wine.... HAHA let me stop now... A girl can dream. What am I doing this Valentine's evening?.. well all dressed up translates into my workout gear.That I should have changed out of after my evening run. My romantic dinner was pizza and a salad (damn diet ruins everything). The closest thing I have to a chariot is my 3 month old boxer who is snoring in my lap as I type this and I'm pretty sure his eyes are the only ones I'm going to be stairing into later. And that much needed glass of wine...well I'm saving it for the next "mommy needs a time out" moment. Valentines day is my absolute favorite holiday. I will always remember coming downstairs in the morning and seeing the kitchen table all decorated with hearts, candies, cards and usually some sort of a gift. My parents especially my dad would always go all out for his girls on Valentines day. It never really hit me until I was in jr. high and I didn't have a boyfriend, and it never really hit me that all the girls were getting stuff from their boyfriends and I got something from my dad. Then I thought I was just lame but now I realize how special that always made me feel. Even to this day I got a "Happy Valentine's" from my dad. He's pretty awesome..just saying So what did my sweet husband do for me for Valentines day? We'll he tried to lure me into Coopelands for dinner. Which if you all know me, going out to dinner these days is no treat for me, it really never was unless we were going with a group of friends. I just don't get the whole, let's wait 45 minutes for a table and spend a butt load of money of a plate of food that I could *attempt* to make at home and we'd be just as satisfied. So we settled for lunch at Vino's. Which was awesome. What a treat to get away from the office and see my husband...AND get treated to Vino's. the only thing missing was a little vino, but a girl can dream. He also surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers.
Hannah was still asleep (in her OWN big girl bed in HER room...big step for us)when I left this morning, so I was more than excited to get home this evening and let her open her Vday gifts.
We just don't have enough Barney these days!
Bag full of goodies.
She got tired of digging and just dumped the whole dang bag out.
Girlfriend went straight for the chocolate.
I even took my psycho no sugar mommy hat off and gave the girl a cupcake...she wanted nothing to do with it. She did however like my detox..all fruit and spinach smoothie...That's my girl

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Orleans

Last weekend Mike and I flew to New Orleans for a fun filled weekend with our awesome friends Tara and Tommy Forrest. We had never been to NOLA and we were pretty pumped for a adult weekend.
We arrived Saturday night, just in time for the Mardi Gras Kick off parade. It was a sight for sure. We found a great location called Pat O'Brien's to watch the parade.

That is were we were introduced to these:
BEST HURRICANE EVER! I'm pretty sure we had one everyday.
Sunday morning we headed to Stanley's to soak up all the residue from the Hurricane's.

Mike and I went straight for the "Hungover Food" and let me tell you, it was by far the BEST burger.
I really don't remember 100% of everyday. It's pretty blurry. I blame it on the hurricanes and the "Hand Granades"
Mike and I fell in love with NOLA. If you can get passed the horrible smell in the morning, it really is a romantic place. The old buildings are just beautiful.
We were the early risers out of the group. Most mornings Mike and I would walk around, grab a drink and somehow we would always end up with a drink in our hand and at the casino. I was ok, becuase Mike always seems to win in the casino. I however hate it, but I can pretty much do anything with a drink in my hand.
The food in NOLA is out of this world. I can't explain it. We'd eat, drink and shop...then repeat.
The Gumpo Pot had by far the best red beans and rice. YUM
Louisana Pizza Kitchen was a cute little restuarant by the French Market. Great pizza and Beer. (and after googling the name...aparently there is some serious history going on in their cooler)
Lafittes it the coolest bar. They have "no electricity" in the place. Just candles. I use the word NO lightly...I did see a credit card machine and a T.V.
Tommy purposed to Tara here previously, so we had to visit this romantic place.

So I totally forgot my camera and had to go off of memory for this trip. Mike and I both said that we have to return to NOLA. It was just too much fun and I qoute from Mike "this is the best trip ever babe"