Monday, March 31, 2014

Play Ball

I’m not even kidding when I say M woke up with a big cheesy smile this morning. Claiming “Today is the best day of the year”

That’s right folks. Today the St. Louis Cardinals play…

Which means, M will be skipping out of work early and “work from home” to watch the game. It also means I will come home to the sound of baseball in the back ground from the TV.

Best sound ever…

Monday, March 24, 2014


We had a weekend full of cleaning, playing outside, shopping (of course) dinner and laughs with friends. Let’s focus on the shopping shall we?

My biggest accomplishment this weekend was shoes…. For sweet H. Girlfriend is super picky about every article that she wears. #shootme.

Saturday morning we headed to our favorite store The Toggery. I was mentally prepared for a shit show. My water cup may or may not of had vino in it. Either way I was mentally prepared to walk into the store and come out with wounds. We stretched, said a prayer, swigged on wine and walked in.

Of course we were greeted by this sweet lady, Joan. I wanted to warn her to run but of course she was all... Oh honey I’m used to this.

We pick sandals, we tried them on H said “nah, I don’t like those”
We tried Toms H said “Nah, too itchy”
We tried Keds, H said “no thanks, those are for babies”
We tried Keens, H said “No, those are for boys”
We tried sparkly Puma H said “I look like Barbie, let’s get these” I said, sweetie those are two sides too big… The tears start and I look at Joan and say “you can totally help someone else; I realize we have exceeded your limit of customer service."

Then I looked H and promise her a pony and told her to pick out her FAVORITE shoes, shoes that will make her run like Poison Ivy (yes, poison ivy… Her new obsession) she said… THESE…

I look at Joan and before I knew it she had H’s size and quickly put them on her feet.
I swear I heard “We are the Champions come on over the loud speaker”

I may or may not have busted out in a victory dance…

They were perfect. H put them on and ran as fast as she could around the store. Yelling “Look mamma, I’m fast”

This was a victory. She hasn’t taken them off, and now I’m no longer the mom that send her child to school in flip flops every day.

I’m thinking about writing New Balance a letter thanking them, and of course Ms. Joan... is on our will.

Did you have any victories this weekend?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

11 Q & As

3 post in one day?! This girl is on fire…queue Alicia Key voice
I’m attempting to look super busy in my office so no one bother me… so far its working.

My sweet, long lost blogging buddy Desiree @ Macke Monologues, nominated me for Liebster Award. Isn't she sweet..I love me some Desiree. I never miss a post. If you ever need a recipe or running inspiration she is your girl. She makes running look like a walk in the park. BONUS she posts pictures of her adorable son… sends you right into baby fever.

On to the good stuff

1.What is the one book you believe everyone must read?

I can’t decide on just one. I think everyone should read Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo and The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.

2.If there were 25 hours in a day, what would you do with that extra 60 minutes?

I would like to say I’d do something productive like run or do house work, but it would probably be spend snuggled up with my husband, my 3 year old and my boxer.

3.To date, what blog post of yours is your favorite, and why?

Hmm, That’s a hard one.. But probably this ONE. EVERY time I read it I get tears in my eyes. In a strange way it helps me remember that life can change in a second and to cherish each moment with the ones you love.

4.What is one thing you would love to tell your 16-year old self?

Oh lard… so many things. You don’t know it all. 2. Turn your radio down 3. You will miss high school sports so cherish them.

5.As moms it is sometimes difficult to carve out 'me' time. What is one thing you love to do just for you?
I’m only work 4 days a week. Usually on my week day off I keep H at home. Most days, but occasionally I take her to school and I get the house to myself. Usually I spend the day cleaning but when I really need to treat myself, I spend it alone with a glass of wine.

6.Where is your dream vacation destination?
I really want to go see the world… lol... I would love to go to Hawaii, see the Northern Lights, or CA and enjoy wine country

7.What is the best mommy moment you've experienced thus far?
There is no greater feeling than when H walks up to me and says “I love you mamma” I get weak in the knees.

8.A guilty pleasure:
Wine, Reality T.V, Oreo’s, mac n cheese, shopping, the list goes on.

9.Favorite app:
Songza and the Tip app. I’m terrible at figuring out tips…

10.What is something your readers may not know about you?
I’m a lefty.

11.Share a favorite picture of your little one(s) with YOU in the picture, too:

I miss you summer...

The Daily Tay

I can’t wait for summer because…

I need sunshine in my life. These gloomy days are for the birds. Life has a little more pep when the sun is shining.

I need a day at the pool in my life again

I want to wear shorts and sun dresses and tank tops… my summer wardrobe is ten times better than my winter wardrobe.

Because I long for the summer nights sitting on the deck drinking with friends

I miss seeing lighting bugs

Because I get just as excited as H when we hear the ice cream truck

Because every July we throw a huge party at my parents

Because my yard desperately needs sunshine and some pretty flowers and humming bird feeders

My skin is over due to be kissed by the sun

Can we say “SNOW CONES?”

Because nothing makes me happier than being at Busch Stadium watching the cardinals play


Last weekend, me, my main squeeze and the bambino skipped out on work and headed to Dallas. Have you been? We’ve been a few times. I LOVE Dallas.

Side note: Our options of being relocation has always been Dallas or back home to STL.
So naturally when we go to Dallas, I like to pretend I live there, while I scoured the streets for the closest Nordstrom Rack and Wine Bars.

There is so much to do in Dallas. You must try it.

I digress… M had a new route to take that would “miss all of the Dallas traffic” I was a good wife and zipped my know it all lips and let him take over. He was right, we missed the Dallas traffic but we added 2hrs to our drive. READ 2 hours more of listening to the Frozen Soundtrack. I can now say we ALL know every word to every song on the CD. Yes we added 2 more hours but it was fun #that’salie. They actually live in South Lake, so not his fault it took longer than usual.

I forgot all the stress that came along with planning the first birthday party. I have to give it to my friend, the morning of the party the caterer/food truck cancelled AND the bounce house guy cancelled… (Due to weather…which it rained that’s it… I was shocked) It was enough to send me straight to the bar but not this girl. She handled it with grace. I’m thinking about hiring her to plan all of H’s party from here on out. This mamma knows how to throw a party.

I think the hardest part was keeping H and me from this table of sin desert table.

Hello Kitty made an appearance.

This is M friend from high school (it was his daughter’s birthday)… we laughed at how things have changed. St. Patricks’ day usually was spend stumbling around an Irish bar with unlimited green beer… lol now these guys are dancing to “what does the Fox say, with hello Kitty”
The face painting was a hit as well.

Once the kiddo’s went into their sugar induce coma the adults were able to finally relax. It was so nice visiting with friends. It’s always a great time in Dallas

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I’m sure you already know this.

10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon: SOURCE

1.The Average Human Life is Relatively Short
My dad always says “The older you get the faster time goes” some days I wish I could slow time down.

2.You live the life you create for yourself
Remember it’s better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than the top of the one you don’t. #foodforthought

3.Being Busy Does Not Mean Being Productive
Oh my word, this is so true…

4.Some Kind of Failure always occurs before success
I tell myself this all the time when I have a bad race

5.Thinking and Doing are two very different things
Can we just reflect on my “to do list” I sometimes leave out the “do” part of the list.

6.You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive.
I’m normally a really forgiving person. I always ask myself the important question when I’m in a tiff with someone (of course after I’ve finished cursing them out in my head) 1. Will this matter in one month?! Usually the answer is no. The forgetting is where I struggle.

7.Some People are simply the wrong match for you
I know a lot of people automatically go to “Dating” when reading this. Since I have that taken care off, I think this relates to me in the work place. I’m always nice to everyone. That’s how I was raised. Just because person A. doesn’t like person B because of XYZ doesn’t mean I have to not like person A. BUT let’s be honest sometimes you just don’t gel with people. This is my struggle at work. We are just so different but that’s ok. I’m learning just because we are different it’s not ok to put your head phones on and pretend not to hear them when they talk to you all damn day!

8.It’s not other peoples job to love you; it’s yours
This is so true… Small story…
During one of my ½ Mary’s I remember thinking “where are the people cheering for us” Why is no one cheering for the runners?. Yes, these are the things that run through my mind while I pound the pavement. Then I thought to myself…um… if you want encouragement, you better start cheering your own damn self on. So that’s what I did. I’m sure people thought I escaped from the Looney bin but this girl was cheering her ass on. Whether you are cheering yourself on or showing yourself some love. Do it!

9.What you own is not who you are.
Another good one. It’s so easy to get caught up with what everyone has. Social media isn’t helping this get any better. I mean people are constantly flashing every single detail of their life on the internet. It’s easy to forget that our material things do not define us.

10.Everything Changes Every Second.
Embrace change… we can’t stop it… we can’t control it…we can only adapt to it.

What's going on these days....

Top of the morning to you folks.

I have to apologize for being M.I.A lately. My life is just boring with a capital B these days. Unless you want to hear about frozen, Mickey Mouse club or how many miles I ran today…I got nothing.

Here’s what’s going on in our world:

I have Nashville Rock n Roll Marathon April 26th. Training is finally up to par. Can we just reflect on how hard it is to get up at 3:40am to run on the dang treadmill? Thank the man above for Spark and Argentine Extreme and yes… I mixed them. #it’sagoodtime

The bambino:
Sweet “baby” girl is growing so fast. Girlfriend now likes to get her hair straighten. (Totally gave M a heart attack he thinks she looks too old) She is showing her sweet side more and more these days. She’s learning about Liquid and Solids. So every night we have to point to 403,430 things and she will yell “liquid” “Solid” it’s so fun watching her little brain fill with knowledge. P.S. I don’t know who is more excited about Frozen coming out, me or her. We are totally these people:

I just love me some him. We are headed to Dallas this weekend for a little get away. You know me, I’ve packed our weekend with “Must Do’s” including shopping, fine dining, Zoo, too bad the Rangers are out of town… What else? Any readers from Dallas?
I had a little ah ha moment yesterday. I was packing and I realized my clothes were getting a smidge tight. It’s time to start eating to live and not living to eat (or what the hell ever that saying is) I gave up sweets for Lent and that is going well. But it’s time to stop cutting corners, like eating off of H’s plate, or just finishing the last of dinner so I can wash the dish, or sticking my sausage fingers in the cheese-it box. Summer will be here before you know it and I’m too vain to look chunky I have some cute clothes to wear.

Friday, March 7, 2014

February Favorites

February obsession list… a few days late…

1.Cuties. Love them. I carry them with me where ever I go. They are great for when you need a little something to keep you from eating the entire bag of Doritos. Which I don’t know how those things keep ending up in my pantry.

2.Since I am back on the running train, I’ve been reunited with my Argentine Extreme. It’s great if you are looking for a pre work out enhancement. It doesn’t give you the jitters, easy on the stomach and gives you just enough boosts to finish your miles. Love it. Can’t run without it.

3.Manny our 3 year old boxer. I’m slowly becoming more and more obsessed with my dog. Example: when I leave the house in the morning and Manny is still asleep. I cover him with a blanket. He’s just so darn cute.

4.This do hicky thing. I don’t know the real name. Maybe soap wand. I saw it at a friend’s house and since I am all “monkey see monkey do”, I went out and bought one. I love it. It’s great for washing dishes. Dish clothes gross me out but I still use them to wipe the counters. GO get one, you will love it.

5.The Frozen Soundtrack. Specifically track #10. This thing is playing none stop in our house and let’s not forget in the car. H is obsessed with it. Can’t wait for the movie to come out March 18th. Yes, I just said that.
6.Yoplait Greek Blended blueberry yogurt. YUM. This has been my go to for breakfast. It delicious. Probably because it has 18grams of sugar but that is neither here nor there.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Preparing myself for Easter. Lent.

Lent has always been very special to me and my family. My parents always encouraged us to give something up.

Each year I think “Oh I’ll give up sweets” I can afford to lose a few pounds. This year I thought the same thing but a little guilt set in. Where are my motives? Where is the dedication in that sacrifice?

Am I alone here? Does anyone else give up something selfishly? Or give up Soda and it’s been 14 years since they’ve had a soda.

A friend of mine posted this on FB. And she nailed it on the head.

This will be the only thing I say about Lent...this year. Lent is not a season of sacrifice, lent is a season of preparation. As Christians, we pattern the season of Lent after the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness. It was the 40 days that led up to His crucifixion. Jesus didn't give up food just to give up eating. He gave up eating to give more time to study the Scriptures to better PREPARE for the next phase of his ministry. So as we embark on this Lenten season, don't simply see it as a call to "give up" something, but use these 40 days to prepare yourself for the next leg of your ministry (ie. life). Ask yourself the question: Will this sacrifice better prepare me for what God's called me to do or am I doing this for show? Will it give me time to seek out what's being called of me or will I just fill that time with another thing? I pray you all success in your season of preparation! ‪#‎happylenting‬ ‪#‎notjustsacrifice‬ ‪#‎itsoktoeatfriedfoods‬ ‪#‎everythinginmoderation‬ ‪#‎noyourenotsupposedtotell

Right… all aboard the conviction train.

So this year for lent, I am:

No cursing. Clean up my sailor mouth (it’s well overdue)
Do one good deed a day
Be more diligent about saying my prayers at night
Sweets. Because let’s be honest it is a sacrifice for my not to eat sweets for 40 days.

What about you? Do you give up anything for Lent?