Wednesday, July 31, 2013

She's Three going on 13

Sweet Sassy Hannah Le'Anne

How did you get to be so big?! where does the time go? I really have to make myself stop and enjoy this moment. I know before I know it she'll be driving and in college before I know it.

Here is H at 3

  • Weighing in at a whooping 30 pounds! Finally!

  • She LOVES going to school

  • Her BFF are : Owen and Sawyer. She says the girls have too much drama. Ha, I kid

  • Bed time 9pm. Thank you baby Jesus.

  • See that dress in that picture. that is referred to as her "party dress" girlfriend LOVES this $40+ matilda Jane dress. I used to cringe when she drank milk with this dress on. Now we wear it ALL the time. Sleeps in it, waits for it to come out of the dryer.  That thing gets washed every night. Some days I'm just not up for the battle.

  • We are told by her teacher that she is very smart. Of course we think so, but we are very proud of her. She know most of her colors, can count to 12, knows her ABC's and speaks some Spanish but I have no idea what she's saying because I dropped Spanish as soon as I was told it wasn't a requirement.

  • Her new phrase is: "You're driving me nuts" it was cute the first time, we had to really hide our laughing. Now we are teaching her to be nice with her words.

  • Favorite song: I promise I am not lying. She will burst out "Everyone hurts sometimes"
It sounds just like:
  • But when we ask her where she heard that song, she says from Doc McStuffins. I sure hope, otherwise I need to have a talk with M and his music selection.
  • Hannah is still a Daddy's girl. Can we say wrapped around finger. All she has to say is "Please just for a little bit" he melts like butter.
  • Favorite movie as of know... BARBIE. I swear it looks like the Barbie truck blew it's load in my house. I swear I was only semi into Barbie when I was like 8. kid's start so young these days.
  • H's eat well. still loves her banana's veggies and would prefer milk over any other drink. She does love her sweets. She gets that from her mamma.
  • H has a very soft sweet side to her. She still says "I want to hug you" and that means I want you to pick me up. She's always said hug and it's too sweet to correct her.
  • She hates any thing tight. She won't wear shorts, pants or most skirts. only dresses. She also refuses to wear any shoes except for flip flops. yeah our mornings are real fun. oh and she hated getting her hair brushed. Please tell me they grow out of this stage fast.
  • She is truly our pride and joy.

Hannah's Birthday Take Two

You know living in a different state than the rest of your family really has its benefits.

 Like for instance:

No Aunt Betty we can not make your cookies with Santa, we are six hours away or No, (insert friends name) we are not able to help you move...we are six hours away. I kid I kid, we are totally up for cookies for Santa. Have you ever been to a retirement home? They serve booze!

I digress

One of the major down falls of living six hours away with the ONLY grandchild, it birthdays.  We normally make the trip to STL for H's birthday but this year I decided it would be a good idea to throw two birthday parties. one in AR and one in MO.

Who was riding safety when I made that decision? I must have been out of my mind.

I will be happy to announce that M didn't serve me my walking papers and we lived through the LR birthday party, a 6 hour drive to STL, a STL party and he's even ok with me totally leaving him the next two weekends for a girls weekend. #WINNING

So back to STL.

We loaded the car Friday after work and set out for STL. M took the first shift, while I sat and  watched movies played with H in the back seat. Next thing I knew we were at my parents doorstep. H and I were all bright eyed and bushy tailed and M somewhat resembled Shrek, a very tired Shrek. We made it to STL around 1am.

since I slept 5 out of the 6 hour drive I was wired for sound. I couldn't go to sleep.  Next thing I knew it was 6am. I jumped up and immediately put my running clothes on. My parents live less than a mile from Tower Grove Park. This park is beautiful (we'll minus the night life, occasional fights and random homeless people that like to hang in the bushes) just don't go there after dark and you are good.

So I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement. it was 70 outside. 70. I couldn't believe it. LR weather has been set on HELL for the last month. I was happy as a clam.

I headed straight to my now local sole sista's house and woke her ass up, along with a few of her neighbors. I couldn't remember her house number. Ol' girl just moved and I had to see her house. It's beautiful by the way. AND I'm pretty sure her new boyfriend thinks I'm a few fries short of a happy meal.

Off we went for a quick run with the hounds. Running in my old neighborhood with my bestie really give me a good home feeling. pure happiness.

I had 503,232 things to do before the birthday party started at 2:00pm. Pick up cake, balloons, decorate, bathe H. cook, drink a glass of wine etc etc.  oh did I mention I thought it would be a great idea to take H's 3yr old pictures before her party at the Botanical Gardens.

again, who was riding safety when I made these decisions?

H's pictures turned out wonderful. I'm actually really glad I had them done.

By the time 1:30 rolled around. H was dressed, cake and balloons were picked up, house was semi decorated and I had my happy ass on the back porch with a glass of wine.

I love H's STL party. It's really a "Mike and Amie are in town everyone come over and bring your kids" it's great. we sit and laugh with all of our friends and family.

H had a great time. and by had a great time I mean she passed out super early and slept like a ROCK.

And, I have no pictures because my super awesome friend who is a photographer was in charge of all that. So I'll have to update those later.

All in all it was a great time. Next year, I'm thinking one birthday party will be plenty.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

Why did I think I could give up coffee this week? Not a good idea. Yesterday was ok. Today is a different story. I’m sipping on hot tea. That’s better than coffee right? But oh how I miss my Almond joy creamer…
At what age do women feel the need to douse themselves in their perfume? I mean a little goes a long way. I’m just noticing this more and more at my new job. You shouldn’t smell someone from down the hall.. unless it’s Liev Schreiber, I don’t mind smelling his sweet ass all the way down the hall… be still my heart
Ray Donavan man... that is a sexy man. M and I watch Ray Donavan. I try to be a lady (ha) and hold myself to only a few, “man that is an attractive man” comments but I just get lost in those eyes. I really don’t even know what the show is about. Does anyone really? It’s all over the place.

  It sure has some good eye candy though.

I mean come on...he does look like a perching bird a little tiny bit....BUT those eyes...

Hi my name is Amie and I’m addicted to Cheetos and their Mexican cousin Jalapeno Cheetos. I need help.
Remember that bet I had with myself to lose ten pounds before my birthday?! Guess how many I lost….SIX POUNDS! Eh, it’s not ten but I’ll take it.
I’ve been running on the sweaty hot treadmill lately and I love it.
I need a new running list? Who wants to share?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hannah's LR Party

So, we've been in LR for four years. H is 3. She's never had a LR birthday party. We've always had them in STL. The STL parties usually turn into a Mike and Amie are in town, everyone come over and party.
Proof is in the Post. H's 1st birthday party recap HERE and her 2nd birthday party HERE
I must have been crazy, planning a birthday party is hard when it's at your house.  Especially two parties. H's Bday is July 29. Just in time for my birthday hangover to be over.  Unfortunately the only free weekend to have the parties were back to back. Yep, round two next weekend.
I'm going to go ahead and apologize for the excessive photo's.
When I asked H what kind of birthday party she wanted, of course she said "Caliou" Just when I think she's over Caliou, she pipes right up with "Mamma, can I watch Caliou"
Thankfully there isn't a lot of Caliou party supplies. I mean, I looked for 2.5 seconds and couldn't find one thing. So we moved on to the next option.
PLAY-DOH party!
I immediately went to pinning all things play- doh on pinterest.
I found ModernBeautiful on Etsy.

I was totally impressed with the invites.

My plan was to make play doh and send everyone home with homemade play doh, but I'll just be honest. I ran out of time and energy and went with the store bought some.
warning, here comes the photo overload.
Please excuse Manny, he take's his "watching for guest" job very serious.
I got the gift bag idea from pinterest. The kids LOVE taking a balloon home.

H has sat in the little red rocking chair every year to open her Bday gifts...I hope one day she'll use it on her kids.

Play Doh table. The kids had a fun playing but I have to be honest. Once the bounce house showed up... They were like play doh what?


I can't believe she's three!
Happy Birthday baby girl.

It's my Birthday

On July 18 I turned 32. wow....That was hard to

The night before, I went to Bar Louis with some friends, I was a little sluggish when I woke up. So when I got this text from my bestie, It put a little pep in my step.

Every year I say I'm going to take my birthday off and just pamper myself. That never happens. Plus the word on the street said there would be cake at work...

So, I took my happy butt when into work.

Thankfully I did...

These guys were waiting for me.

I always tell M not to get me flowers, while they are beautiful. I just can't get over the price tag.

I couldn't help but laugh at the card. I'm sure the delivery guy thought I had a little Brother Husband action going on.

After work I met up with some friends for happy hour because my liver was running low on booze.
We went to a hole in the wall bar then headed out to one of the cool college kid spots. It was fun but it all came to a screeching halt when someone said I looked hot for a married 32 yr old. Really?! He just should have stopped after the word hot.
It was a fun night, but I knew M would be home from Jonesboro by 9. I wanted nothing more than to be home in my comfy clothes with him.

Feather's Ruffled/ Dinner Date

Monday morning. (Hannah refuses to get dressed=Mornings are the worst part of the day)
As my sweet husband and I battle (our soon to be) 3 yr old to get ready for school he decided to tell me he will be out of town this week.
The look on my face was priceless.  I normally don’t mind M going out of town but can someone please teach my husband a little thing about timing.
Let me set the scene:
M has hidden my shower cap. Like we are 5 yrs old.
I can’t find that dang thing and I never remember to look for it until it’s time to get in the shower. 
Hiding my shower cap is just low.
First Feather ruffled.
Then, we’ve been hiding this rubber snake around the house scarring each other… (it’s supper childless, but it’s hilarious to hear him scream…like when it was in the shower…bah! Point for Amie!)
We’ll Joke McJokerson stuck that snake in my make-up drawer and scared the living daylights out of me.
Second Feather ruffled.
Then, he tells me he’s going to Jonesboro this week.
Third feather ruffled…and did I mention it’s not even 6:30am yet.
So, I just quietly said… “I’ll handled it” Translation: I really want to go off on you but I don’t have the energy, plus I can really use this to my advantage.
Tuesday,  I get a text during the day, asking I wanted to go on a date with him.
Of course my first answer was um “you know it’s Tuesday right?” (BEAUTY SHOP DAY) He said we’ll go afterwards.
I forgot what it was like to have (clean relaxed hair) to go on a date with my husband.
We went to Bonefish

My friend, E raved about the BAMBAM fish. which I now realize is called BANG BANG shrimp..
She was not lying. That stuff was finger licking good.
And their watermelon Martini’s. Sinful.

It was nice to sit down and have a meal with M and it help simmer down my ruffled feathers. Great start to my birthday week!

Big Brother

Does anyone else watch BB ? good lord! DRAMA!
Here is my two cents.
AARYN: you may be pretty but your personality makes you uglier than Norbert’s girlfriend. Seriously.. You need to lock it up. You look like an idiot. Oh and have fun in the unemployment line, cause you are fired.
Howard: Hey, we love that you love the Lord. We all do. But give it a rest. Oh and you got busted. Ha, Doesn’t the bible say Thou shalt not lie.
McRae: Can you please do something with that mop on your head. It’s distracting. I think you’re playing a good game but not good enough. You lost me when you called Amanda your queen. GAG me with a wooden spoon.
Amanda: LOVE EVERYTHING about you. Love when you went off on the mean girls…and DID not spill your wine while doing it. That is a talent that many work hard to achieve. Like myself. Cheers!
Alyssa: Eh, sometimes I find you annoying. You’re right up there with people who drive miles with their blinker on. BUT you managed to win VP every week. Does your (more) annoying sister give out  blow jobs or something. How does she do it?  BUT you are playing the game very well might I add.  It seems like you are not afraid to make waves. BUT eventually you have to go.
I'm loving this site HERE

Finish The Sentence

I'm linking up with Jake and Holly for
yes, I know...a day late a dollar short...story of my life lately

If I had one extra hour in the day.. I'd spend it alone,  with a glass of wine on the couch watching reality T.V and I'd call it "Mommy's quite time"
I wish my name had the word "Queen" in front of it. Then I would NEVER have to do laundry again.
I think anything chevron is adorable on anything, rugs, babies,  you name it. Love it.
My last nightmare  was this morning when my child refused to get dressed for school. Girlfriend wants to be wild and free.
Sometimes... I go a little overboard with pictures. I love them. I want H to be able to look back and see her memories.
My last meal on earth would be nachos, beer, grilled cheese, cake, cheese pizza and Oreo's. BUT I'm sure if I knew it was my last meal I wouldn't have time to eat anything because I'd be too busy in prayer asking for forgiveness of my sins. ha...I kid. I'd eat while I prayed.
I would much rather pick up  dog poo from the yard than do laundry.
Mayonnaise is delicious on a fried bologna sandwich with cheese.
Ten years ago I didn't think I would be living in AR six hours  away from  friends, family and the freedom of buying booze on Sunday.
Selfishly, I'm totally OK that M and I are leaving H with my parents while we go to Destin for a week. We deserve a week alone.
My favorite show right now is BIG BROTHER. It's like watching a train wreck. I can't look away.
And George Zimmerman, here is my two cents. Take out all the media bull, take out race, take out the crazy people who are out in the streets (and not at work) starting a riots and look at the facts. Was there enough evidence to prove him guilty.  No. is it right? Nope. but there is one God. And he will face judgment one day. Can we please move on folks.

Busy Week

It’s been awhile my friends….
I’ve been quite the social butterfly these last two week.
Monday- was payroll Monday. Shoot me now. I had to work late, like really late because the  time clocks were down and no one could figure out their "worked time" so we had to do it all manual. Let us reflect on my math skills….ZERO. I wanted to come home and chug multiple ice cold bud lights but I refrained.
Tuesday- Beauty shop day! Duh… I love Tuesdays, I’ve become pretty close to my beautician. So it’s more of an social hour, you know the kind that makes you step out of the beauty shop full of gossip, swinging your hair white girl style. Yep! And that is why I don’t miss a Tuesday.
Wednesday- I got a call from a friend. She decided to…let’s see how do I say this… part ways from her  DBAG, husband …. So proud of her, for standing up for what she deserves. SO what does a girl do?…She gets the biggest bottle of wine, drops by the bakery and shows up at her house for booze, cupcakes and CA*** bashing. Oh the life of a girl.
Thursday- BUNCO. I love Bunco. It’s a bunch of women boozing, eating and throwing dice. AND leaving with a prize. WINNING. (and yes, I do realize going to Bunco ages me) but hey, I’m 25 and I look dang good. Ok 32…
Friday- I get a lovely text from my husband:

  HA, bless his heart he missed me.

So we had a low key night. H went to bed early so we had a home date, which I love.

We watched Sinister. Help me Jesus. He watched it, I plugged my ears and closed my eyes for 98% of the movie. I guess being scared is not for the old. I can’t have my blood pressure raising like that. Too dangerous.
I did get a few runs in here and there. And by few I mean maybe 2 long runs. BUT I’ve been watching what I’ve been putting in my pie hole, walking to my building instead of taking the shuttle and walking up and down 7 flights of stairs daily.

You know instead of heading to the cafeteria for fresh baked cookies. I hit the stairs.
This week, I told myself I was not planning stuff during the week. H’s party is on Saturday and I had major stuff to do. Like clean out the pantry, shampoo the carpets, use the magic eraser on EVERYTHING in the house. Yes, I was a fanatic.
Did I abide by that… we’ll no.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 1 of the two week challenge

So, This morning I got my sleep deprived self up  at 5am for a fast short run.

 I do have to say, I miss morning runs. I just didn't think I could wing the 5am wake up calls. Plus, I've been doing my runs at  night after dinner, which means I've got WAY too much energy at 9pm to go to sleep. So needless to say, I was hitting the snooze button in the morning.

AND not to toot my own horn, but this girl walked to the office instead of taking the office. Every little bit helps. I bet it's just over 1/2 a mile one way but I was glistening by the time I got to the door. Dang morning humidity.

I also ate good. No sweets. BUT I did indulge in a fun size pack of cheez-its and a DR Pepper. BUT to my defense it was payroll Monday, the time clocks were down, my phone didn't stop ringing all day. People were on my reserve nerve, so I drank my Dr. Pepper and drank that shit like it was a long island iced tea.

And as much as I hate it, I had healthy dinner with NO wine tonight...Did I mention M came home with Taco Bueno...talking about HE FORGOT I was dieting...Men

I also hit the road tonight for a little sweat session and some hills.

6 miles done today. BOOM.

oh and in case you missed it  on the National News! My Bestie decided that she knows more than her screwy doctor and she's running ZOOMA! Yep Cia, I just called you out. I can't say I blame you!

We shall see, girlfriend is just as hard headed as me and will never miss the chance for a PR. I can't say I blame her. I'd do the same thing.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Two Week Challenge

It's JULY...Which means this sweet mocha turns another year old. I can't believe I'll be 25 for the 7th time. Where does the time go?

I have to say I am truly blessed to have a hard working husband, a beautiful healthy daughter, good health, etc.

But something will always sting about my birthday. Last year on  July 18th, L told me she had cancer. I really don't think she meant to tell me, but it just came out. We ALWAYS had coffee  outside in the mornings. Watched the hummingbirds, I will always miss that. July 18th was no different, and even though I was just her daughter in law that morning I was more. Linda just blurted everything out to me.  I just sat there big eyed and crying. I had no idea what to say, what to do. I'm pretty sure I asked her (who was in her late 60's) if she wanted to go to Vegas and get crazy...Ha, I told you I didn't know what to say. Ha, she of course just laughed it off...

Little did I know she would pass 6 months later.

I try not to dwell on July 18th as the day L told me she was sick but I can't help but think about it. L lived a good life, we miss her dearly. BUT she is in a much better place. I know she is watching down on us. I don't even put it pass her to "mess with us" like the time H's tricycle just rolled off the porch by itself. Linda and were close enough to joke about when she was gone. She said she'd always be there with us, watching H grow. And I know she is. We miss her, and I know M misses her. He gets really sad around holidays. I can't even imagine what it's like to loose both parents.

I'll just love him through this.

anyway I digress...

My bday is less than 2 weeks away, girlfriend needs to lose 10 pounds before her dirty 30...ok...dirty thirty two.

I can do it right?...

Put your mind to it go for it...get down and break a sweat... Jessie Soprano style..

No carbs, No sugar, No booze during the week...It's time to get serious

I have Zooma in less than a month...which my sole sista can't run with me... Not going to lie, totally freaked me out! I'm so sad that she can't run with me.

Plus M and I are going to Destin in September.....without H.

Acting like we're in college
No responsibilities
Celebrating wedding anniversary

Girlfriend need to get it together. CAN'T.WAIT for a week alone with this guy!


Hannah took dance lessons for MKDS this school year. I'm not big on Dance moms but I though it was good to get out and meet new people. Plus H's BFF EG was taking the class, who was taught by EG's KK translation grandma, so...I knew H would be in good hands. Plus at the time H loved being in her tap shoes and tutu's. Little did I know that phase would end and it would take an entire bag of skittles to make that girl keep her ($85.00) dance recital costume on. #nextyearitssoccer

Dance recital day went off on high note... She got up...of course we didn't get her dressed until we got to the stadium and by "got to the stadium" I mean, I could pawn her off to one of the cutesy 18 yr old girl that H adored and would do anything including putting her dance recital costume on.

I can't say I blame her, there was an abundance of Tulle going on in that outfit. H kept saying it was itchy. poor baby, I know it was.

But she held on like a trooper. She was in good spirits. Of course I was in countdown mode. 5 minutes until Showtime, that means 20minutes and this thing is over, H is out of that itchy mess and we are on our way home....

3 minutes till show time...

H: Mamma...I need to go potty...


we scurry to the bathroom, potty, readjust her Tulle, so the itchy spots won't itch, bribe  chica with skittles just in time for show time.

I handed her off and left for the auditorium. To find M, who I totally deserted. Whoops.

We found each other and sat just as the lights went down.

The tiny two's was the first act.

H came out so proud, and so big. The tears just welled up in my eyes.

H is such a leader, always has been. I know she was next to EG, just so EG wouldn't freak and stay out on the stage. H did every move, smiled and sang so loud.

I couldn't believe that was my baby. So big and so independent.

I was totally trying to hold the tears back, but I just couldn't. It's hard watching your baby grow up.

She did great, and we did just like any other proud parent. After her song, we grabbed her and left. They were smart when they put two year olds first.

We headed to find Daddy, and H was all smiles until...she realized she still had the costume on...

yep, She's two...Bless her heart...

She wanted her daddy...

Can I just say how unfair it is that she's a daddy's girl?! I mean really, I gained the weight, I have the stretch marks and she's a DADDY'S GIRL!! so justice

I digress...
first things first...
H dumped the Tulle and got comfortable...

Came home and passed out for two hours!

I'll take it!!

It all started with a banana


The other night, M and I thought we'd watch a movie in our room... you know all romantic like. We'll we couldn't find the dang remote for the T.V. We looked everywhere. I'm not sure if you've meet our little H.

Don't let the cuteness fool you...she's pretty much the female version of Dennis the Menace
She's know to hide, keys, cell phones, remotes you name it. Nothing is safe.
So we asked H a million times. Where did you put the remote? Nothing, girlfriend all of a sudden developed dementia. I had the bright idea to pull the bed out and look to see if it had fallen behind the bed.
Oh lawrd, I was so not ready to see what was behind the bed!
H, aka Dennis the Menace, had stuck a banana behind the bed. Yep, there my eyes laid on a brown mushy banana stuck to the wall. I immediately started gagging and yelled for M. of course the first words out  his mouth was...we'll at least it wasn't my side of the bed. Really?
Then he proceeded with "How did you not smell that?" you smell everything.
omg, I have nightmares about food being stuck behind things and ants coming in the house...I mean we've all seen arachnophobia...and we know I have a head full of THICK BLACK HAIR!!! Bugs love that shit!
I couldn't wait to get every inch of our bedroom clean. I was a cleaning maniac. I pulled out the Kirby and all 405 of it's attachments and went to town  I'm telling you, if it wasn't attached to something it was getting thrown out.
so now we have a no eating in bedrooms rule, a clean bedroom and now mama can sleep without having spaz attacks of Ants building villages in her hair.
I thought, I'd add a little color to the love shack. This quilt was Linda's. I absolutely love
So after I busted the quilt out the need to head on over to hobby lobby for a few little colorful items to make our clean non-rotten banana room pop.

I found this picture at Hobby Lobby, originally $59.99 but lord knows I didn't pay that. It was one  sale for 40% off, BUT it had a little damage on the back so the sweet lady gave it to me for $20.00! it never hurts to ask!
Plus it goes perfect with these little guys...

So now I sit with a spotless colorful bedroom free of ants and bananas...
Mama can sleep now!