Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

Why did I think I could give up coffee this week? Not a good idea. Yesterday was ok. Today is a different story. I’m sipping on hot tea. That’s better than coffee right? But oh how I miss my Almond joy creamer…
At what age do women feel the need to douse themselves in their perfume? I mean a little goes a long way. I’m just noticing this more and more at my new job. You shouldn’t smell someone from down the hall.. unless it’s Liev Schreiber, I don’t mind smelling his sweet ass all the way down the hall… be still my heart
Ray Donavan man... that is a sexy man. M and I watch Ray Donavan. I try to be a lady (ha) and hold myself to only a few, “man that is an attractive man” comments but I just get lost in those eyes. I really don’t even know what the show is about. Does anyone really? It’s all over the place.

  It sure has some good eye candy though.

I mean come on...he does look like a perching bird a little tiny bit....BUT those eyes...

Hi my name is Amie and I’m addicted to Cheetos and their Mexican cousin Jalapeno Cheetos. I need help.
Remember that bet I had with myself to lose ten pounds before my birthday?! Guess how many I lost….SIX POUNDS! Eh, it’s not ten but I’ll take it.
I’ve been running on the sweaty hot treadmill lately and I love it.
I need a new running list? Who wants to share?


  1. Please explain why you would want to give up coffee?? Crazy talk.
    Woohoo for 6 lbs kicked to the curb.
    And, loving the treadmill?? What. the. eff??

  2. It must have been a phase! My ass was in the starbucks line at 6:30 this morning! Caffinated Amie is BACK!