Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feather's Ruffled/ Dinner Date

Monday morning. (Hannah refuses to get dressed=Mornings are the worst part of the day)
As my sweet husband and I battle (our soon to be) 3 yr old to get ready for school he decided to tell me he will be out of town this week.
The look on my face was priceless.  I normally don’t mind M going out of town but can someone please teach my husband a little thing about timing.
Let me set the scene:
M has hidden my shower cap. Like we are 5 yrs old.
I can’t find that dang thing and I never remember to look for it until it’s time to get in the shower. 
Hiding my shower cap is just low.
First Feather ruffled.
Then, we’ve been hiding this rubber snake around the house scarring each other… (it’s supper childless, but it’s hilarious to hear him scream…like when it was in the shower…bah! Point for Amie!)
We’ll Joke McJokerson stuck that snake in my make-up drawer and scared the living daylights out of me.
Second Feather ruffled.
Then, he tells me he’s going to Jonesboro this week.
Third feather ruffled…and did I mention it’s not even 6:30am yet.
So, I just quietly said… “I’ll handled it” Translation: I really want to go off on you but I don’t have the energy, plus I can really use this to my advantage.
Tuesday,  I get a text during the day, asking I wanted to go on a date with him.
Of course my first answer was um “you know it’s Tuesday right?” (BEAUTY SHOP DAY) He said we’ll go afterwards.
I forgot what it was like to have (clean relaxed hair) to go on a date with my husband.
We went to Bonefish

My friend, E raved about the BAMBAM fish. which I now realize is called BANG BANG shrimp..
She was not lying. That stuff was finger licking good.
And their watermelon Martini’s. Sinful.

It was nice to sit down and have a meal with M and it help simmer down my ruffled feathers. Great start to my birthday week!

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  1. The fake snake idea is hilarious, and one I may have to copy. Hubs is petrified of snakes, and I could see this being fun for me. :)