Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I can never make up my mind

Can someone make up my mind? I have all these random thoughts going on today.

The plan: spend this week in STL with friends and family. Black Friday shop in STL, head back to LR spend the weekend putting up the Christmas tree. (which by the way, I am so excited to put the tree up, I would have put it up last week, but M has this thing about celebrating holidays one at a time and in order..blah blah blah)

What really happened: Because H is still fighting nasty cough, the nasty weather and the fact that M can't make the STL trip. I decided to spend this week at home. Possibly hosting a Friendsgiving. It's really a win win for everyone.

So that my friends is the only decision I have made so far. (After bugging the shit out of M asking "should I stay? Should I go?" I don't know why I make things so hard)

These are the other 302,342 random thoughts/decisions running through my head

Is it too early to send out Christmas cards?

Should I buy a real tree or a fake tree for H's room? Fake small tree is the way to go right? although how fun would it be to go cut a tree down?

Do I REALLY have to run 20miles on the treadmill today? ugh, I know the answer to that. It's rainy outside and this girl does not do rain.

How the hell do I cook this Tortilla soup everyone is talking about?
Note to self: look on pinterest for a recipe

I'm pretty sure I know how to work the fireplace. It's  perfect day for a fire. BUT just in case, maybe H should wait outside. And maybe I should have my phone with me just in case.. Do we have  a fire extinguisher ?

Should H's big gift be a power wheel or bike? I think bike. She's not really old enough to REALLY appreciate a power wheel.

whew, all of these random thoughts are making me exhausted. I think I'll go take a nap.


  1. 20 miles on the treadmill!?! Dang lady! I also can be very indecisive...but luckily my husband is more so than me so it forces me to make decisions...haha! :) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Instead of making decisions, I take a nap. It's just too much pressure!

  3. Oh my gosh, you're freaking hilarious.
    Get a fake tree for H's room- do a real one somewhere else.
    After your run grab a big ol' glass of wine and try to relax a little!

    1. I went fake on both of our tree's. Mommy fail! but at least their up...and I'll spray some of that "fancy dollar store makes it smell like a real tree" spray on it! H will never know the difference. HA! Hope you had a great holiday.