Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Hangover

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. After changing my mind 302,423 I loaded up the escape and headed to STL for the week. I am so glad I did. We enjoyed our time with friends and family.

Since I’ve been “out of pocket” for 8 days, my desk at work looks like a construction zone so I’ll keep this post short and sweet think of it as me as a little appetizer. You know “get your pallet a little wet and wanting more” #yesineedhelp

Here’s what’s coming later:

Turkey Trot Recap

My awesome black Friday finds

Fortune Teller (never a dull moment with YEARTWENTYNINE)

The weather for this Saturday’s Marathon HINT: SNOW AND 34 DEGREE’S

Cheers to MONDAY!


  1. Your desk (ie. construction zone) sounds about like my ENTIRE house.
    On Saturday I'll be cheering you on from LA!!

    1. Thanks friend! I'm sure it will be a lot warmer in LA