Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mixed Feelings @ St. Jude

Most of you know I was schedule to run my first marathon December 7th. I had mixed feelings from the moment I signed up. My sole sister and I went to sign up for the half mary but to our dismay it sold out faster than Tickle Me Elmo on black Friday.

We thought, this must be a sign. We must do the full marathon. We can totally do it. Like the eager beavers, probably already into the wine, we signed up. #mixed feelings

Jump ahead a few months and my sole sister injury's herself in a race. NO problem, she'll heal in plenty of time #mixed feelings

That just didn't happened, there was no chance in hell she could run. It just wasn't worth her risking the chance of her re injuring herself. So I TOLD myself I can do this on my own #mixed feelings

Then mother nature got herself a big ol attitude and effed everything up.

snow, sleet, ice, freezing temperatures you name it. I would watch the weather day and night. The plan was for M and I to make a weekend of it head to Memphis on Friday and stay the weekend. When the weather hit Thursday, M's job put him on "state of emergency" Which meant I could go but M had to stay. you guessed it #mixedfeelings.

My choice was to drive to Memphis Friday night (during the ice storm) bunk at a friends house and get up and race OR get up Saturday morning drive 2 hours at 4am on roads that were covered in ice.

Driving during/after an ice storm is enough to send me into a major anxiety attack. I can't do it. it makes me so nervous. Not to mention, no way to mentally prepare for a marathon.

Of course M was totally against me going. not to mention the weather but running in 32 degree weather is just not good READ: WE don't do well in cold temps.

I monitored/stalked St. Jude's website and no news, race still on. There were tons of people commenting that they wouldn't be able to make the race due to the weather conditions.

Finally this came:

Mixed feelings and a sigh of relief. CANCELED.

Then this picture was posted on their FB page. That is the finish line. Sheet of ice. #umnothanks

yes, I spent months training
yes, I spent the registration fee knowing there was no refund
yes, this sucked.

There were TONS of disappointed feedback on the website about them making the decision to cancel.I refused to acknowledge their selfish behavior. What I do want to acknowledge is the positive response to those comments: * get your tissue*

As a St. Jude parent, thank you all for your efforts to raise money for St. Jude. This is a picture of my 19 year old son who died 11 months ago after battling brain cancer for over 3 years. St. Jude doctors worked very hard to save his life. THIS IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT--We need these fundraising events to cure every child. The weather situation is unfortunate, but not being able to run a race is nothing compared to losing a child. Please continue to support St. Jude.

Speaking as a mother of a child whom has had cancer, and thank the good Lord above beat it this far, I would like to say thank you to each and everyone of you who were signed up to race. There is a wonderful group if people that were planning to run as "Team Lyla" in honor of our beautiful daughter. That being said I am very grateful to the staff of St Jude's for making this difficult decision bc I would hate for anyone of you special sweet sweet souls to be hurt while doing something so incredibly honorable! Peace and love and most of all a complete CURE to all of you!

My daughter is a St. Jude Survivor, her best friend lost a sister a few years again to cancer, Thanks to St Jude she had a few years longer than she would have had . We drove in last night so I could run my first 1/2 Marathon in honor of my daughter Ashlie and in memory of Katie. We have had a blast all day, we will be back next year, on that note, I'm gonna run tomorrow anyway,

This is what it's all about. The kids. Tons of people were asking that there metal be given to a child at St. Jude. They are the REAL hero's. St. Jude offered tons of alternatives to those who wish. You could have your registration back or use it towards an upcoming race. They also gave us the opportunity to sign up first for next years race. Discounts were offered for rooms, restaurants and local events. I feel like St. Jude went above and beyond to be accommodating to those how made the trip to Memphis.

I'm choosing for St. Jude's to keep my registration. Not because it's the right thing to do, but because the children are what's important. We should never forget the reason behind this race. It's not the T-Shirt, it's not the girls weekend, it's not the medal or getting a PR. It's to help these children see one more day.

Let's remember what's important during this holiday season. Some people are spending their holiday in the hospital watching a love one suffer. We have a lot to be thankful for. Now go tell someone you love them.

be blessed.



  1. That's awesome, Amie. I was thinking what a bummer it must have been for you to do all that training and then have it be cancelled but you have the absolute right perspective. Good for you! XO

  2. You weren't kidding about the tissue…
    Fabulous post.