Wednesday, December 4, 2013

About this stuff

SNOW: a little hidden fact about this girl. I lived in Maine for a few years as a kid. Totally remember building snow igloos with my dad and sister. They were so big we were able to get into them. I have a lot of great memories of us playing in the snow. Then we move to STL. They get snow but nothing like Maine. When we moved to LR, it “Snowed” and literally I put my windshield wipers on and the snow was gone. No need for a scraper. One thing that is different here in the SOUTH. When people hear the word “Snow” they FREAK and run to Kroger’s and buy bread, milk and eggs (even if they have never bought milk, bread or eggs)

So as of today, everyone is in freak mode because snow is predicted for Thursday evening into Friday morning. This girl is supposed to drive 2 hours north to Memphis for her first marathon. (Alone, now because M’s job has already declared it “State of emergency” on Tuesday for snow that is supposed to be here Friday) Craziness.

On the bright side it's supposed to be 34 on Saturday in Memphis. That's perfect running weather #saidbynooneever

I’m hoping this is all just everyone freaking out and we really just get a light dusting.

HOMELAND: Do you watch it? If not you should. Things are FINALLY getting juicy. Brody is back and shit went down last episode. When are they going to address the fact that Carrie is pregnant? That’s annoying me.

Black Friday Shopping: I was one of the few crazy people that went black Friday shopping last week. I cleaned up on some deals.
I needed a new camera bad. I found this one at a great price. It's still in the box, but I'm totally in love with it.

Every girl needs a princess bike. I got the last one! I was totally prepare to beg, plead and show my ta ta's to get this bike.

I wasn't sure if I was the only cool one who puts Holiday sheets on her bed during the Holiday but I found THESE and fell in love. They are so comfy and make it so hard to get out of bed in the morning.

I found some other things that we NEEDED, like the SONICARE toothbrush, crayons, five dollar barbies etc etc.

I really think Target had the best deals. I did a little damage at Old Navy. 50% off everything. Can't beat that. I tried KOHLS, I litterally walked in and walked right out. The lines were too dang long.

What deals did you find?

Fortune Teller: Last week when I was in STL I got a text:

Marcia: “At the Fortune Teller on Cherokee Street. Come out for a drink if you’re up for it.”Of course I had to go. I’m always up for a drink.
Fortune teller, I wasn’t so sure about it. Dad always said “When in doubt don’t” I felt a little convicted like I was cheating on Jesus or something. It was all done in fun. I took everything he said with a grain of salt. Quite honestly I couldn’t concentrate on anything he said. His shirt was way too tight and he was doing a lot of mumbling and his hands look really sweaty.

He did say my “reading” was a little complicated. I laughed. To his face. I guess that was rude. Whoops. Blame on the alcohol.


  1. I love when people who don't usually get snow go batshit crazy… Like the next apocalypse is about to happen! I will say, it's only 60 degrees here and people are bundled up like they're at the top of Everest (I may or may not be one of those people - I think we're acclimated).
    I've always wanted to go to a fortune teller. It's like going to the movies - entertainment - you don't actually believe what you see/hear (but keep clear of those sweaty hands, ew).

  2. I hope you get to Memphis safely!