Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So I fell off the "Workout" Horse

Man, I was doing so well. Working out everyday, doing the 30day shred, running, attempting to run with the jogging stroller... Then BAM...home girl fell off the horse. (3 days in a row)

I blame it on my lack of self control and my love of alcohol. I mean REALLY why does Alcohol have to be taste so yummy, and it gives my fingers a tingling feeling... ugh.

 I once heard a quote from Klhoe Kardashian " A moment on your lips is a lifetime on your hips"...ugh..

So long story longer, we went to the race track on Saturday (first fall off the horse), DRANK..and ate a DELICIOUS corn beef sandwich..went home and sat our happy slightly intoxicated self on the couch, which bled into Sunday(second fall off the horse). We were totally DAN and ROSEANNE. it was bad. and I ate bad.

THEN Monday(third fall off the horse), I went to MIMI'S and could not resist the chicken pot pie. Tuesday wasn't so bad and I managed to get a run in last night. but when I got on the scale this morning. I flipped the scale off. MULTIPLE times. ALL that hard work and now I'm back to ugly number that I started. UGH. I was so mad and disappointed in myself.

So today didnt' start off well. I had all the intentions on running this morning but since I ran last night, I had WAY too much energy and couldn't fall asleep. Seriously I was up until 12AM. which meant that 5am run was only a dream. I had a little "tickle" in my throat but managed to get through the day. I mean I was nursing it. Sipping hot tea and popping cough drops most of the day. BUT I did get my food intake in check. I WAS STARVING most of the day.

So by 4pm I had pretty much diagnosed myself with strep throat. I had Hannah's gymnastics class (which amazing I felt OK during the entire time) and when we got home I realized I was WAY to sick for a 5 mile run. YEP too sick. The only thing I could do to save  my dying(yep I was about to be the first person to die from strep throat) soul was take a bath and take some NYQUIL.

 Mike was being so supportive.

"Oh just go run, you'll feel better" This is after I sulked about eating so bad for days.
"Oh you look skinny, you probably just gained muscle"  (blah blah blah)

I was all pity party mode and decided the bath would cure my soul...but not before raiding the fridge..for a slice of pizza? REALLY AMIE?!!

Seriously I jumped in the tub and ate a slice of pizza. like I was a kid at fat camp sneaking a piece of pizza. (I was hungry..)

The pizza just made things worse, umm.... here's an idea...If you want to loose weight..try a little self control..duh...

So as I sat in the bath tub (for all of 7 minutes of me time) H and Manny come barging in..

Here she is trying to add more bubbles..

Oh and here she is throwing baby in...


At this point my nerves were through the roof.. MAD that I ate bad, MAD that the scale went up and not down, MAD that I couldn't take a bath in peace and MAD that I ate that dang delicious piece of pizza so what did I do?!

Got my MAD azz on the treadmill and ran...

5 miles in 43:49. Not the best but I'm proud of myself for leaving the pity party and running. oh and burning off that pizza ;o)


  1. Good work Amie!!! I have fallen off the horse too...especially with jeremy and this whole tonsil debacle! but tomorrow is a new day!

    1. Thanks girl! How's jeremy doing by the way?

  2. 5 miles in 43 minutes is awesome!

  3. Thanks Laura. How are you feeling these days?

  4. A 3-day fall off? Girl...I've had like a 3 WEEK fall off!! LOL