Sunday, April 1, 2012


We've had a few project going on in the Lassen Home and I can finally say that most of them are done.

1. I was geared up for Easter and wanted Hannah to have the BEST and cutest Easter Basket. I've been eyeing THESE bad boys for months, BUT I couldn't justify the price. YES they are adorable, but not $34.00 adorable. So I took my happy self to JOANN'S and bought some fabric and the rest was history. So I started with THIS:

 and with a little bit of THIS:


I really can't take credit for anything but buying the fabric. I had all the intentions on learning how to use the sewing machine, BUT when I got on that thing, it went CRAZY. Thread got all jacked up and crooked. So my handy MIL stepped right in and made it look like a breeze.

Too cute!! and so empty. I'm totally waiting for all the EASTER candy to go on sale this weekend. Why pay full price?

2. I never said I had a green thumb. Last year I had a little success with the garden. So this year when we planted our "Harvest" (I feel so FARMER-ISH) I realized how horrible the garden looked and decided to give it a little make-over.

So we went from THIS:

This is actually a little better than what it look like. I just forgot to take a picture before I put primer on it.
to THIS:

3. So I've never been a big car person. As long as it got me to point A to point B I didn't care what I drove. Shoot I'll drive a Hoopty if it meant no car payment. I was fond of my 2005 Ford Escape. "Black Beauty", She was a beauty and treated me so well. UNTIL I paid her a** off and rear ended a tank..Black Beauty laid down like a dead horse and I was WITHOUT a car. BUT thankfully Mike's car was paid off and HE got a new car and a new car payment. So I drove the ol' Silver Bullet.


I really had no problems with this car. We did have a love/hate relationship when I was 8 months pregnant. It was a sight I'm sure to see my big preggo a** try to get out of that car. But I got use to it and it was PAID for. But my Silver Bullet days are over. My wonderful now driving 16yr old (YIKES) stepson Devin was promised this car since day one. And now that he's 16 (YIKES) it's his. so now I have THIS:

Meet "RED ROCKET" ( I don't know why we name our cars but we do) She's a 2011 Ford Escape Limited Edition. Which meant NOTHING to me. BUT I was VERY excited for:

I love that the radio has controls on the steering wheel.
It's been real sweet NOT having a car payment but I guess this day was coming sooner than later.


  1. We recently bought an SUV too. We don't drive it. One I can walk to work and 2 Chicago has the most expensive gas prices in the US. I agreer living without a car payment is nice.

  2. Cute new car! And your craftiness is disgusting/inspiring. :)