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April 10, 2006- (My Version)

 I was at work and my  friend E called me:" When you get off work, we're going down town."

A little History:
 This was no normal day in St. Louis. This was OPENING DAY for the ST. Louis Cardinals. EVERYONE was downtown. It didn't matter if you had tickets to the game or not, YOU were downtown enjoying the festivities.

ME: Oh, I don't know.. I just want to go home and do nothing. (I was finishing college at this point and working 3 jobs and trying to maintain a social life.aka going out so much during the week, by the time Friday hit I was BEAT)

E: OH come on, you're off tomorrow

ME: Twisting my arm for all of 3 seconds OK.. I'll go

So I get off work, and throw on a what appeared to be a clean Cardinals shirt and slapped on a hat. I don't think I even put make up on and I KNOW I didn't shower or shave my leg. Which at that time of my life I was single and having the time of my life with my other single friends. SO a night out meant to put our best on maybe run to the mall and by a new shirt (because there was NO time for doing laundry during the week) shave our legs and go!

So E comes by my place and we head down to the game, but not before stopping at our favorite place Paddy O's we walk in and I kid you not. Mike was standing at the front entrance. LOOKING AMAZING.  I don't know why but he stood out to me. It may or may not have to do with the fact that he was the only person( in the city of St. Louis I'm sure) with a GREEN shirt on in the stream of ALL RED. I mean who really wears GREEN to a Cardinal's game? anyway, he stuck out. He was tan, blond hair and BLUE eyes. He totally met my criteria of TWS except for the S part. Mike was in no shape or form skinny. His arms were so buff and amazing (OK sorry but they were)

So of course I walk right by him and not say a word. I would never approach a guy that early in the night (with NO alcohol in my system).

I remember that night being SO fun, at that point more of my friends showed up to Paddy O's and we danced and dance... to this day if  I hear the songSIGNED SEALED DELIVERED.it brings me back to that day. aaahh memories... anyway long story longer

We were having a ball and I totally forgot about Mike.



Yep,  N (Mike's BFF) aka "The Principle was in Mike's words " WAS OUT" and he jack slapped me in my HINEY and let me tell you, If I haven't had a few drinks in me, I would have totally made a scene BUT I refrained and politely asked Mike to ask his friend to stop slapping me in my arse.

At that point in time Mike attached himself to my hip (and hasn't left for 6 faithful years)

We had a ball that night. The best part of it all, was when I left Mike that night. Within the first 5 minutes he sent me a text ( I really wish I would have written it down) It was along the lines of " I had a great time tonight, you are so beautiful and I can't wait to see you Friday (our first official date)

His Versions:

"well I was extremely intoxicated I was at Paddy O's  a little angel with a hat flew in front of me"

MIKE: No Wait...

We Met, We Danced,  I said come talk to me while I pee and I peed on him, I'm pretty sure THAT version is wrong

MIKE: No Wait...
I was out all day at opening day with my friends, I waved at a girl (behind me) and Amie thought I was waving at her. But I was cute so it didn't matter.

ME:  you're such a Romeo. I'm deleting this post

MIKE: BABE, I was voted 1991 Most Funniest Person. It's in the year book, Look it up. I don't think You appreciate my humor

ME: It's 2012 LET IT GO!!

lol..Well what can I say, It's been good, NEVER in my life did I think that day I would meet my husband, be married 3 years later and live in Arkansas with a child.

I prayed for Mike before I even met him (and pray even more now that we have met lol) I consider myself pretty dang Blessed.

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