Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh you know... A Little bit of this

Sooo...I just couldn't resist opening day. PLUS I was OVERDUE for a girls weekend. Hannah and I put our Cardinal GEAR and HER ANTI CUBS gear on and headed to St. Louis.

Hannah did REALLY well on the airplane.

I'm not big on flying, When I fly I  find an elder lady that looks like she'd be comforting if the plane would go down OR who wouldn't mind if I grabbed her sweet little arm during turbulence. (YES, I have grabbed my complete strangers arm during turbulence)

Well now when I fly with Hannah I try to find a sweet old lady, hoping she likes children and hoping Hannah's cuteness would out weigh her loudness. because WE ARE LOUD on a plane.

BUT Hannah did well. We found a sweet lady who had 5 granddaughters and thought Hannah was a sweet as pie. I brought our travel DVD player and played RIO (Shock Shock)

BUT I do have to add a little side note:
So H and the random old lady were watching RIO and this snotty stewardest said  "Do you have ear phones for her to listen?"
Me: being so shy said "Ear Phones for my 1.5 year old? NO, I don't.
She said: OH you really need head phones, there are people trying to sleep...
1. The volume was super low, duh, I know people are sleeping
2. If you make me turn RIO off, NO ONE will be sleeping on this plane. GIRLFRIEND LOVES her RIO.
REALLY? Lady, you obviously do not have kids. GET A CLUE.

We were more than ready for the CARDINALS vs. CUBS game (too bad they lost...)

I love these girls. Seriously I couldn't ask for better friends!!

H got to hang out with MIMI, PAPAW, TEE TEE, Zahria and her GIGI that night.

oh and my parent's OVER SIZED 160 pound BULL MASTIFF HARVEY

We had fun, but I was excited to get home to Mike.

Here are more random airport pictures on the way home. H slept the ENTIRE flight and so did mama

Suckers make traveling easy!

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