Thursday, January 24, 2013


So, many moons ago. Let's just say 7ish. ok I lied like 8yrs ago.

I had a root canal. (and that my friends was the last time I've been to the dentist)

I really don't remember much. All I remember is laying out with my friend Emily before my appointment (yes I lay out. this black girl has to WORK for her tan)
oh those were the days, we laid out, drank, got our tan on...
 I casually looked at the time on my cellphone, toweled off and went to my dentist appointment smelling like sun tan oil.  #backtoreality

I digress.

So  I go for the root canal. No biggy. I took every and all sedatives that they offered. Plus I was probably still buzzing from my layout drink. As I got off the chair the dentist said "don't forgot to make an appointment to get that tooth capped."

yeah that didn't happen.

I've been sporting this tooth with a huge hole in it for years. It was all fine and dandy until the thing started child birth hurting without an epidural.

So I take my happy root canal tooth to the dentist and he started the process . today. at 9am. it's now 6pm and I feel like I'm having labor contractions in my mouth.

I know I don't do well with pain. Actually my pain tolerance is at a negative 1.5 on a good day.

IT WAS HORRIBLE. He sat me in that rocket chair, hooked me up to the laughing gas (THANKYOUVERYMUCH) and went to work. There was water and drilling, and things flying everywhere , IT WAS AWFUL!

He kicked the gas up 2x THANKYOUVERYMUCHAGAIN

now my mouth hurts. bad. and my husband is in STL so I have no one to whine too.

I just downed a vodka lemonade with a aleve, hopefully my face will go numb.

This  is for the birds.

No run today.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I can't tell you how blessed I am to have H. She is my pride and joy, the pepper to my salt and I'll just stop there.

I am reminded daily how quick life can change.

 I am making it a personal goal to stop and smell the roses. I don't want to take one minute for granted. H is growing so fast. When did she get to be so grown?!

Hannah Le'Anne at 2.5 years old.

1. Laughing: this girl laughs all day long and she keeps us laughing all day long.
2. She still is yet to break 30 pounds but she's eating better and better. She's really good about eating her fruit and veggie's. But she is my child. She loves her sweets. Black licorice and she often asks for cupcakes. Which is very random. I usually eat all those before she knows their in the house...I kid I kid
3. She still loves dance. She is getting better and better at following directions and waiting her turn.

They sing  "Say to the Lord I love you" I swear I tear up. it's so sweet.

4. She has some funny sayings these days the girl is like a sponge:

*She'll grab her purse and say "Well...I better get going"
*Hannah to me: "Mamma, I love your house,
 Me: I said H this is your house too.
 Hannah: "Mamma, I love my house"

she can't say "Jesus" it comes out like "Cheese-us"

5. She also has some not so good habits. Like this (and yes I plan on showing this at her wedding)

ALL day long that finger is up her nose! She's not even digging for gold. She just sticks her finger up her nose.

This is also a new one.

She does get in trouble for this one. Look at the intensity in her eyes. She did this because we wouldn't let her watch Bubble Guppies. Don't mess with Bubble Guppies or you'll get this look.

I just don't know where she gets the sassy from :)

What motivates you?

I need some serious motivation.

I can't get a good work out in to save my life. It's bad. Like real bad. I'm stuck in the "I'll start Monday" cycle.

My treadmill is finally put back together. M can live another day with his toilet free toothbrush.

Last night I changed into my gear, got on the treadmill and walked oh I don't know 6 minutes. Got off poured myself a glass of wine and took a bubble bath.

REALLY AMIE? Who does that?

I keep telling myself, I'll start fresh Feb 1. until then I'll be "Fatty McFatterson"

Speaking of fatty, we've been eating out. Any normal person would order a salad and drink water. but I seem to be drinking like it's the only way to get to heaven. I think I'm all cute and funny pounding the margarita's until I step on the scale in the morning.

I just cant get motivated. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's because it gets dark at 5pm. Maybe I got 103,540 things to do when I get home. Maybe I'm using excuses.

I need help, I'm starting to put winter weight on. I can feel it in my jeans. I can tell I'm just in a funk. I need to tunnel this energy somewhere before M serves me my papers.

What motivates you?

Swimsuits? Vacation?

This is pretty high on my list, along with not having to suck my "fun gut" in.

I ventured to my favorite blogs and found some motivation today. I packed my running clothes and plan on running during my lunch break. It's suppose to be 60 today! I'm going to run like I stole something...mainly because the neighborhood I work in is a little on the shady side.

I'm also going to make an inspirational board to stare at while I am on the dreadmill. Maybe that will keep me distracted and on the dreadmill longer than 6 minutes.

Happy Running

Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy MLK/Inauguration day!!

How shall I spend my day? hmmm? How about on the couch with a cup of wine, running errands, cleaning hanging with my girl.

I almost sent her to the sitter, then Mommy guilt set in. It's would be different if I had something to do but I don't. Plus there is something about being here alone that is starting to freak  with my imagination. Note to self: STOP WATCHING ID CHANNEL.

So today H and I will be celebration MLK and NOT watching the inauguration by oh I don't, lunch, and ice cream. Then when she's all jacked up on sugar we'll head over to dance class tonight.

Yesterday, M and I actually went out ALONE for lunch, drinks and a movie. We tried this new restaurant called Local Lime The margarita's and the guacamole was to DIE for. nom nom. Then we went and saw: Dark Thirty Zero or whatever the hell it's called. M's pick not mine.

It was just ok in my book.

So my lovely husband thought he should move my treadmill in the house from the garage...that was  7 days ago.

Well, the dang thing wouldn't fit through the bedroom door.
So M started taking it apart. Piece by Piece

 GASP, I instantly started hyperventilating but I couldn't let M see the doubt in my eyes as he started taking my treadmill apart.

I just kept saying, "let's just leave in the garage", "it's ok, I sort of love it in the garage" When I wanted to yell "STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE!" "Put that wrench down and put my treadmill back together and put it BACK in the garage"

Taking a girl's treadmill apart when she is training is grounds for separation.

So now my treadmill is back in the 2 pieces... I swear if that thing isn't put back together. M's toothbrush will be dipped in the toilet.

God love 'em

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Musings

I've been waiting a month of Monday's to steal this title from Marty (did anyone else know this is her nickname?) But I didn't have anything to ramble about. and apparently I still don't. womp womp

We've been sick in the Lassen house. Puke, snot, coughing, germs the whole nine yards. Its been a real treat.
Now that I have Lysol the house, open some window's thank you Friday 70 degree weather
We are well and back to our regular scheduled program.

Sick means no running, which means I was all Shaniqua these last few days.

Whose idea was it to run the LR Marathon in March? Training in the winter BLOWS. I did put my big girl panties on and went for a run with M last night. It was FREEZING. I ran just shy of 4.5 miles. I couldn't feel my legs or any part of my face. More importantly I ran out of places to wipe my forever runny nose.  So I took my snot nose self home.(TMI?)

So, I'm loving all the new trash T.V shows: Shameless, Girls, Deception and my new all time fave Vanderpump Rules Don't judge

and just because she's so dang cute and growing too dang fast... I leave you with my pride and joy!

sing it girl! We like to say "she's making a joyful noise unto the Lord" She can't help that she can't carry a tune in a bucket. She gets that from me!


Oh side adorable convo: Me to H "Where is MaMaw?" H: "With Chese-us" a.k.a Jesus
Love me some her.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Just the three of us

Seven days of no house guest equals seven days of Mike and I pretending we're on our honeymoon no one screaming  because their show was interrupted to record the new episode of Honey Boo Boo!

Don't get me wrong, we love having N and Mimi with us. N is like a brother to M. And he buys nice gifts, takes out the trash, picks up dinner AND I don't have to rub his feet to return the favor. 
MIMI can stay because she's MIMI...duh. I owe that women my life.  She's wonderful and not to mention my wardrobe doubled when she got here.

I'm not going to lie, it was nice being just the two of us. For like 2.5 I kid we had fun. We ate dinner together, watched movies, shopped and even thought about throwing a party before they came home. It was nice, it was very nice.

M seems to be doing better and better each day. Of course there are some odds and ends that he has to tie up and thankfully everyone is working together without drama. I can't believe it's been one month. Time surely heels all wounds. H keeps asking for her. Of course we say she's with Jesus. And usually H's say "oh ok" but lately she's been saying "no, she's at the hospital" which usually ignites the water works for me. So, my plan today is to find a book. I still feel that she's a little too young but I know she feels and realizes that L is missing.

ok enough of that.

This weekend my wonderful husband took H to her very first movie. I was so torn.  I really wanted to go but I had plans to have drinks with a friend of mine for her birthday. I'm a sucker for drinks and girl talk. M assured me he'd be fine and he would take pictures.

M said H did awesome! She sat in her lap the entire time eyeballs glued to the screen! I'm sure it had nothing to do with the COKE or the Twizzlers or the BUTTER POPCORN.

So sweet. He is such a good daddy.

So, since things were going a-ok with those two. I took it upon myself to go see THIS IS 40 after drinks.