Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy MLK/Inauguration day!!

How shall I spend my day? hmmm? How about on the couch with a cup of wine, running errands, cleaning hanging with my girl.

I almost sent her to the sitter, then Mommy guilt set in. It's would be different if I had something to do but I don't. Plus there is something about being here alone that is starting to freak  with my imagination. Note to self: STOP WATCHING ID CHANNEL.

So today H and I will be celebration MLK and NOT watching the inauguration by oh I don't, lunch, and ice cream. Then when she's all jacked up on sugar we'll head over to dance class tonight.

Yesterday, M and I actually went out ALONE for lunch, drinks and a movie. We tried this new restaurant called Local Lime The margarita's and the guacamole was to DIE for. nom nom. Then we went and saw: Dark Thirty Zero or whatever the hell it's called. M's pick not mine.

It was just ok in my book.

So my lovely husband thought he should move my treadmill in the house from the garage...that was  7 days ago.

Well, the dang thing wouldn't fit through the bedroom door.
So M started taking it apart. Piece by Piece

 GASP, I instantly started hyperventilating but I couldn't let M see the doubt in my eyes as he started taking my treadmill apart.

I just kept saying, "let's just leave in the garage", "it's ok, I sort of love it in the garage" When I wanted to yell "STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE!" "Put that wrench down and put my treadmill back together and put it BACK in the garage"

Taking a girl's treadmill apart when she is training is grounds for separation.

So now my treadmill is back in the 2 pieces... I swear if that thing isn't put back together. M's toothbrush will be dipped in the toilet.

God love 'em

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