Thursday, January 24, 2013


So, many moons ago. Let's just say 7ish. ok I lied like 8yrs ago.

I had a root canal. (and that my friends was the last time I've been to the dentist)

I really don't remember much. All I remember is laying out with my friend Emily before my appointment (yes I lay out. this black girl has to WORK for her tan)
oh those were the days, we laid out, drank, got our tan on...
 I casually looked at the time on my cellphone, toweled off and went to my dentist appointment smelling like sun tan oil.  #backtoreality

I digress.

So  I go for the root canal. No biggy. I took every and all sedatives that they offered. Plus I was probably still buzzing from my layout drink. As I got off the chair the dentist said "don't forgot to make an appointment to get that tooth capped."

yeah that didn't happen.

I've been sporting this tooth with a huge hole in it for years. It was all fine and dandy until the thing started child birth hurting without an epidural.

So I take my happy root canal tooth to the dentist and he started the process . today. at 9am. it's now 6pm and I feel like I'm having labor contractions in my mouth.

I know I don't do well with pain. Actually my pain tolerance is at a negative 1.5 on a good day.

IT WAS HORRIBLE. He sat me in that rocket chair, hooked me up to the laughing gas (THANKYOUVERYMUCH) and went to work. There was water and drilling, and things flying everywhere , IT WAS AWFUL!

He kicked the gas up 2x THANKYOUVERYMUCHAGAIN

now my mouth hurts. bad. and my husband is in STL so I have no one to whine too.

I just downed a vodka lemonade with a aleve, hopefully my face will go numb.

This  is for the birds.

No run today.

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