Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We are "BIG TIME" at the park these days!

Hannah and I took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL (80 degree / I can't believe I have my air on already) WEATHER and took a long run yesterday. I use the word run lightly. OK so running with the jogging stroller is no joke. Pushing a 25 pound kid and trying to breath is HARD! It was more of a "sprint to the end of the street and catch your breath.... sprint to the end of the street...pick up a shoe that H has thrown...sprint to the end of the street...tell H to sit down....run to the end of the street...run up the hill like I'm a professional runner and not embarrassed myself in front of the neighbor.. BREATH...you're almost there....finally we reach the park... At that point I wish I brought a glass of wine instead of water.

BUT it's all worth it...

H was never a fan of the swing but now she LOVES it.
Now she wants to climb up the jungle gym. I was all paranoid and thought she needed help. Little did I know H is BIG TIME now and doesn't need my assistance....(kick me in the gut kid..do we need to recap the run I did to get you here? lol...)

I mean she went ALL the way up without me helping...

and all the way down by her BIG TIME self...


We stayed there for about an hour...I came prepared this time. I didn't want the "FALLOUT I'm mad that we're leaving tantrum" So I did what any other mother would do and bribed my kid with a Popsicle. NO TEARS! SUCCESS!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

10 Things I'm loving right now..

I"m really loving these 10 things right now:

I just ordered my double ring from nelle and lizzy I can't wait to get it. I got two. One that says Mike and Devin and one that says Amie and Hannah. I have been searching for a new right hand ring and saw this one and fell in love!! it's suppose to be delivered today!! I can't wait to get it.

Grapes!!! Since I gave up sweets for LENT, I've been eating the shiznits out of grapes!! LOVE THEM...

I'm in love with my new running shoes. I'm even more in love with the fact that Mike has the same pair.(to his defense his are a tiny shade darker) I've always been a asics lover but I thought I'd switch it up a little. They are pretty dang good. They are light on my feet and give great support.  

I just started this book. I can't wait to see the movie!!!

St. Louis Cardinals opening day is APRIL 13th!! I can't wait. I am trying really hard to convince my overworked, too dedicated to his job husband to take off and road trip to St. Louis for this (what I think should be considered a holiday) opening day! (Mike and I met opening day 6 years ago, I think we should go for old time sakes) oh and the Cardinals play the "Horrible I can't stand" CUBS. Can you imagine downtown St.Louis on this day! OUT OF CONTROL!

I have consistently been doing my 30 Day Shred. and let me tell you..this video works!

UM...this stuff is DELICIOUS! and GREAT on a Friday night after a long week of work!

Not that I'm a raging alcoholic on the weekends but this is ALSO DELICIOUS and I highly recommend it

Sorry this picture blows but this place is AWESOME for after work bitch session/Happy Hour

This stuff is the BOMB.COM!! LOVE IT and it's sugar free!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

We had a perfect day for flying a kite the other day.

It was pretty comical.. Mike was taking his kite flying pretty serious..

It took a couple of tries but he got it...

We have a great back yard for flying kites

It was so high and flying pretty steady, Mike decided to let Hannah hold it. (1st mistake. this is where the comedy began..)

So right here H is holding it and having a good time...

Then....SWING....she lets go and off goes Daddy... and I'm CRACKING UP at this time...

Here he jumps and grabs it before it goes over the fence into the (snake) creek

What a save

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

As I stirred the GREEN pancake batter Saturday morning, I couldn't but help think of my favorite St. Patty's day celebration back in St. Louis.  Lauren (my college roomie) and I decided to sign up for the St. Patrick's Day 5k run. With absolutely no training what so ever! BUT they were giving out free GREEN BEER. So we put our running shoes on and made the best of it. We were so out of shape and so slow, by the time we finished the race, the GREEN BEER was G-O-N-E. Which was not a bad thing. We later consumed more than enough GREEN beer at our all time favorite Paddy O's

My how things have change. I can assure you there was no Green beer this year for St. Patrick's Day. But I wouldn't trade GREEN beer for this little sweet face.

I "greened" just about everything that day. If didn't give up sweets for LENT, I would have went crazy with the GREEN treats. Most mom's would have the discipline to make sweets without eating them..but NOT this mom. Sorry Hannah.

I can't get enough of this BEAUTIFUL weather. I am so tempted to turn the air on...87 degrees in MARCH? REALLY?

We loaded H up and walked down to our neighborhood park. BUT before we left the house this conversation happened:

Mike "Hey babe, don't we need the pool key?"
Me: "Why would we need the pool key? We're going to the play ground not the pool."
Mike: "I'm pretty sure we need the key."
Me: "We'll I didn't need the key the last two times we went. The gate was wide open...Don't you trust me?"

UGH...I hate when he is right and I'm wrong. Thankfully Mike is in shape, he RAN all the way back to the house and we had the key within 10minutes. lesson learned..ALWAYS take the key and NEVER end a sentence with "Don't you trust me?"

Hannah was more than excited to swing. She didn't like the swing "back in the day" but now she loves it.


She loves it all...

Can I just say my child is STILL obsessed with the movie RIO.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness!! WOOT WOOT!! WHAT? WHAT?

What? What? is more like it. I could give two Cinnamon sticks about March Madness. It's really funny, Mike  is super pumped and stoke about the games. As we speak, he's talking some basketball talk about how excited he was to watch this "Back In The DAY" and he'd stay up really late to watch the games on a school night. That's great and all but like I said who really cares.  I do however enjoy this quality blog/pinterest/facebook/ watch March Madness with my husband.

So this past weekend the Parentals graced us with their presence. I was super pumped and way overdue for some family time. Plus they came bearing gifts..

YEP, that's 12 bottles of wine that I can't get in (GASP..THE DRY COUNTY I RESIDE IN) Arkansas.

I love having my mom here. And of course my dad too but there is just something about mom time. We started the weekend off right with a work out. I wish I had a picture. We did the 30 Day Shred and since I didn't have extra weights for mom, she headed to the pantry and busted out these..
She said "Back in the day we didn't have weights, we had to improvise" lol...
I couldn't stop laughing...  We worked out all of 15 minutes and went straight for this

That 15 minutes of work out was it..sadly the entire time they were here. I'm so ashamed. I was doing so good and BAM..fell right of the workout train. It was worth it but boy has it been a royal pain in the arse trying to get back on the workout train. I've been forcing myself to work out and run every night, but I'm super close to calling this week a wash and pouring myself a heaping glass of wine and a indulge in bowl of mac and cheese. oh...to dream.. instead I'll sip this Delicious glass of water and go to bed.

OK enough about that...

Here a  few pictures from this weekend:

This picture makes me smile and frown at the same time. I can't believe how big my baby girl is. She looks so big in this picture.

Hannah and her "Jenny from the block look" She can thank her MIMI for that..

H and MIMI playing "Beauty Shop" Can you see the pain in mom's eyes. I think H is a little heavy handed..

Mom is such a good sport. She got in the tunnel...Hannah LOVED it

SOO...everytime my dad is around Hannah, he likes to teach her something aka..teach her something that will drive me nuts. We'll I kept noticing H would have her bologna one minute and then the next time I'd look it would be gone. I knew she couldn't be eating it that fast. and LOW AND BEHOLD I find this on the fridge! Really DAD?Bologna really grosses me out but I LOVE IT. seeing it stuck on my fridge REALLY grosses me out..EW

A present from MIMI AND PAWPAW..

Hannah loves it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hannah has been enjoying her Wednesdays nights at  LEAH'S GYMNASTICS. It's also nice because it gives us some family time together. We turn into the Cleaver's on Wednesday nights. We eat dinner together. (which we always eat together at the table) but we are guaranteed that Mike is home in time to have dinner with us. After dinner we load the car up and head to gymnastics. Mike has the camera locked and ready and he snaps away during the 45 minute class.  My lovely mother hates that she is 6 hours away from her youngest daughter and son in law only grandchild. Her one and often request is for MORE PICTURES of HANNAH!!
Mike got some good ones last night.
How can you not love this sweet face!
Side Note: see how her outfit is covered in water...yep...The only way I can get those cute little pig tails is to let Hannah brush her teeth (for the 100th time)while I brush her hair.
Here is Hannah breaking it DOWN..during the welcome song..

Hanging from the bars...with pointed toes. I'm sure there is a gymnastic term for this..I just don't know it.

OK...so this picture is durning/after the "Good-Bye" song. It's HILARIOUS!...Hannah and all the other kids..as you can tell..know that they get a stamp (which they could care less about) and a sucker!! Hannah's eyes light up like a Christmas tree! It's pretty funny.

OK enough about gymnastics...Here are some random pictures from this week:

My lovely, awesome hunk of burning love husband sent me flowers...for no reason.. of course people say "oh he should do that always" but who really does that? Of course he sent flowers for no reason when we were dating, and there were things I did when we were dating, but we both have added to our " Hey we're married now..we don't have to do that anymore list..lol"
So when the delivery guy walked in my office with a beautiful bouquet of flowers i thought nothing of it.

Then the peanut gallery chimed in with" Oh Amie...you must have been honking on Bo Bo's nose"..."What did he do now?" and of course "What does he want?" Those things did run through my mind, but after reading the card that read "Thank you for being a wonderful wife" I knew I got flowers because I am a wonderful wife (yep..TOOT TOOT..I'm tooting my own horn) and he is a wonderful husband.

Everyday Hannah gets a visit from our neighbor. She get 30 minutes with her friend and I know H enjoys every minute of it. She usually pulls her around the back yard and to the fence to see the other dogs. It's really cute. She's a really sweet girl and we enjoy having her here...and I secretly hope years down the road..she's be our babysitter if we ever need one ;o)

So Mike and I have REALLY kicked up our exercise/eat healthy. We have way too many things coming up that require cute dresses and swimsuits and last time we checked the DAN AND ROSEANNE look is OUT!
 So I've been doing the 30 DAY SHRED and running 3 miles a night. Which is all fine and dandy until  my lovely daughter and husband feel like it's DANCE PARTY TIME. I mean really. They were out in the garage dancing like they were on the soul train line and I was GASPING for air. I mean come on? Hannah (oh and let's not forget Manny, our over energized, humps everything, 3 month old boxer) can't keep off the treadmill when I'm running. I don't understand why they need to be out there with me. No alone time for Mommy...EVER..

Hannah vs. The Apple

first of all, I think it's adorable that Hannah asks for aaappplle...often and not cookies.She is catching onto words so quick these days.

So anyway.. She GOES TO TOWN on these things. It starts out all fine and dandy..girlfriend is having a time of her life..I mean toes curled and EVERYTHING..

Then I get this look....*a piece of the apple always gets stuck in her teeth*

She goes for the tooth brush...but no avail.

Then she goes for the toothpick/floss

How does she even know how to use this thing?

she gets it out...every time.