Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

As I stirred the GREEN pancake batter Saturday morning, I couldn't but help think of my favorite St. Patty's day celebration back in St. Louis.  Lauren (my college roomie) and I decided to sign up for the St. Patrick's Day 5k run. With absolutely no training what so ever! BUT they were giving out free GREEN BEER. So we put our running shoes on and made the best of it. We were so out of shape and so slow, by the time we finished the race, the GREEN BEER was G-O-N-E. Which was not a bad thing. We later consumed more than enough GREEN beer at our all time favorite Paddy O's

My how things have change. I can assure you there was no Green beer this year for St. Patrick's Day. But I wouldn't trade GREEN beer for this little sweet face.

I "greened" just about everything that day. If didn't give up sweets for LENT, I would have went crazy with the GREEN treats. Most mom's would have the discipline to make sweets without eating them..but NOT this mom. Sorry Hannah.

I can't get enough of this BEAUTIFUL weather. I am so tempted to turn the air on...87 degrees in MARCH? REALLY?

We loaded H up and walked down to our neighborhood park. BUT before we left the house this conversation happened:

Mike "Hey babe, don't we need the pool key?"
Me: "Why would we need the pool key? We're going to the play ground not the pool."
Mike: "I'm pretty sure we need the key."
Me: "We'll I didn't need the key the last two times we went. The gate was wide open...Don't you trust me?"

UGH...I hate when he is right and I'm wrong. Thankfully Mike is in shape, he RAN all the way back to the house and we had the key within 10minutes. lesson learned..ALWAYS take the key and NEVER end a sentence with "Don't you trust me?"

Hannah was more than excited to swing. She didn't like the swing "back in the day" but now she loves it.


She loves it all...

Can I just say my child is STILL obsessed with the movie RIO.

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