Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We are "BIG TIME" at the park these days!

Hannah and I took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL (80 degree / I can't believe I have my air on already) WEATHER and took a long run yesterday. I use the word run lightly. OK so running with the jogging stroller is no joke. Pushing a 25 pound kid and trying to breath is HARD! It was more of a "sprint to the end of the street and catch your breath.... sprint to the end of the street...pick up a shoe that H has thrown...sprint to the end of the street...tell H to sit down....run to the end of the street...run up the hill like I'm a professional runner and not embarrassed myself in front of the neighbor.. BREATH...you're almost there....finally we reach the park... At that point I wish I brought a glass of wine instead of water.

BUT it's all worth it...

H was never a fan of the swing but now she LOVES it.
Now she wants to climb up the jungle gym. I was all paranoid and thought she needed help. Little did I know H is BIG TIME now and doesn't need my assistance....(kick me in the gut kid..do we need to recap the run I did to get you here? lol...)

I mean she went ALL the way up without me helping...

and all the way down by her BIG TIME self...


We stayed there for about an hour...I came prepared this time. I didn't want the "FALLOUT I'm mad that we're leaving tantrum" So I did what any other mother would do and bribed my kid with a Popsicle. NO TEARS! SUCCESS!!

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