Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness!! WOOT WOOT!! WHAT? WHAT?

What? What? is more like it. I could give two Cinnamon sticks about March Madness. It's really funny, Mike  is super pumped and stoke about the games. As we speak, he's talking some basketball talk about how excited he was to watch this "Back In The DAY" and he'd stay up really late to watch the games on a school night. That's great and all but like I said who really cares.  I do however enjoy this quality blog/pinterest/facebook/ watch March Madness with my husband.

So this past weekend the Parentals graced us with their presence. I was super pumped and way overdue for some family time. Plus they came bearing gifts..

YEP, that's 12 bottles of wine that I can't get in (GASP..THE DRY COUNTY I RESIDE IN) Arkansas.

I love having my mom here. And of course my dad too but there is just something about mom time. We started the weekend off right with a work out. I wish I had a picture. We did the 30 Day Shred and since I didn't have extra weights for mom, she headed to the pantry and busted out these..
She said "Back in the day we didn't have weights, we had to improvise" lol...
I couldn't stop laughing...  We worked out all of 15 minutes and went straight for this

That 15 minutes of work out was it..sadly the entire time they were here. I'm so ashamed. I was doing so good and BAM..fell right of the workout train. It was worth it but boy has it been a royal pain in the arse trying to get back on the workout train. I've been forcing myself to work out and run every night, but I'm super close to calling this week a wash and pouring myself a heaping glass of wine and a indulge in bowl of mac and cheese. dream.. instead I'll sip this Delicious glass of water and go to bed.

OK enough about that...

Here a  few pictures from this weekend:

This picture makes me smile and frown at the same time. I can't believe how big my baby girl is. She looks so big in this picture.

Hannah and her "Jenny from the block look" She can thank her MIMI for that..

H and MIMI playing "Beauty Shop" Can you see the pain in mom's eyes. I think H is a little heavy handed..

Mom is such a good sport. She got in the tunnel...Hannah LOVED it

SOO...everytime my dad is around Hannah, he likes to teach her something aka..teach her something that will drive me nuts. We'll I kept noticing H would have her bologna one minute and then the next time I'd look it would be gone. I knew she couldn't be eating it that fast. and LOW AND BEHOLD I find this on the fridge! Really DAD?Bologna really grosses me out but I LOVE IT. seeing it stuck on my fridge REALLY grosses me out..EW

A present from MIMI AND PAWPAW..

Hannah loves it!

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