Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's SO WHAT Wednesday!
This week I am saying SO WHAT if...
  • I had a glass of wine last night, even though I said I wasn't drinking any wine until this weekend
  • I inhaled ate 2 hot dogs and one double stuffed Oreo at B's birthday party last night. I totally acted like that 2nd hot dog was for H
  • Every text I send has an emoticon in it that shit is cool
  • I was  late this morning because I spent my time watching Shameless instead of getting ready
  • I have no idea what Google Reader is but jumped on the BlogLovin' bandwagon just in case I miss something
  • If bribed H to stop crying in the store with candy. It was cheaper than buying her that $25.00 bracelet
  •  I put M truck and L's car on craigslist when he just barely mentioned selling it #ourdrivewaylookslikeausedcarlot
  • I'm 29 ok 31 and I plan to go to Target at lunch and buy JT new cd. I love me some him
  • I carry H's potty in the car when I know we'll be out running errands. Public Bathrooms are NASTY
  • The fact that I will be in a swimsuit in May motivates me more to run than my upcoming races
  • If I've trained H to "go tell Daddy you want a baby sister" a girl can dream
  • My husband get on my reserve nerve sometimes, No marriage is perfect and he works his ass of for us. I love me some him


  1. We're going on a trip in May, too! And that is (mostly) the reason I'm running races.
    And seriously, what is all this Google Reader/Bloglovin' fuss about? I'm so confused.
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. The GFC is how your blog followers follow you now (the little widget you have on your side bar with the squares of faces) It's going away, which means that if you want to track who "follows" you, you need a new thing like Bloglovin. Stupid, right?!