Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend my dad  drove down for a surprise visit. He said it was to see us but let's just be honest. It was to see my mom. Those two are lost without each other. 33 years of marriage and they still like each other. It's amazing. Mom is seriously counting the days down until October when she  she can transfer back to STL.
Hannah is in awe of her Pawpa. And Pawpa is in awe of his Hannah girl.

We spent Friday night chatting and watching Wreck- It- Ralph. I wish I could say this was H's pick but it wasn't. M totally wanted to watch it.
Saturday, it was absolutely beautiful outside. We spend most of the day outside working in the yard. I felt like I belonged on the HGTV channel.
Sunday, we skipped church (I know shame shame) to spend time with dad before he headed back to STL. It poured it's butt off so he hit the road pretty early. It was so sad seeing him leave. Mom and I were doing our best to hide the tears. Gawh...we're such babies. We hate good-bye's.

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  1. Aw, how sweet of your dad!
    I keep hearing about Wreck It Ralph, and so many adults are talking about how good it is. Maybe I can convince the hubby to watch it with me?