Friday, March 15, 2013

Can we talk about Phillip Phillips for a second?

Every year I say I am not watching American Idol and every year I watch it and get hooked. I really don't have a favorite this year. So far Candice Glover is my pick. The girls definitely brought their A game.  I was super sad to see that they didn't save "Church Boy' but eh, I'm over it.
Have you seen our Arkansas Pride?
Poor kid, he just needs a deep conditioning, spray tan, friend. Something tells me he will not be the next American Idol. BUT he did win the Awkward Turtle award source
I was super excited to see my boyfriend Phillip Phillips on Idol last night. That boy had me when he sang Home  at Hello
Total T.W.S
Totally on my "No Question's ask list"
I would totally buy tickets and drag Marcia with me to one of his "concerts" which are usually held at random Universities. And Yes I realize I'd be the oldest thing in there. So what who cares.
In a weird way he reminds me of my high school sweet heart

Can you see the resemblance? HA. K would totally kill me. When I asked K if anyone ever told him he looked like Phillip he acted like I was crazy.

Have you guys heard his new song? Gone, Gone, Gone
Is that not the sweetest video?
Did you know they still made video's? 
Happy Friday!!

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  1. Where do these videos air?! I haven't seen a music video since like 2002.