Monday, September 30, 2013


Well Monday, here we are again? What happened to the weekend?

Gesh, why does the weekend seem to fly by?

We didn't do much this past weekend. The weather called for rain, I'd be lying if I wasn't overly excited for a pajama day.

Friday, we watched the cardinals BEAT the cubs. I just love when that happens. I also took it upon myself to rearrange the living room and H’s room. I was FULL of energy. That will teach me to drink spark so late at night.

I got up bright and early and meet up with my running group. I hadn’t been in 2 weeks. When my feet hit the pavement I entered my happy place. It was dark, the moon was still out, and there was that morning crisp breeze. I was in my happy place. Ten miles in the books.

I was a little concerned about Saturday. September 28. Linda’s birthday. You can read all about her HERE. I just didn’t know how M would be. Would he cry? Would he want to talk about her? Do I buy a cake? Hell I don’t know, I’m not good with these things. I just took his lead. I did however make him his favorite oatmeal cookies, using Linda’s recipe. He loved him. I have re named them “Am I out of the dog house/I’m sorry cookies”

It was a nice relaxing day. H even fell asleep super early. M and I enjoy a little quiet time and then BOOM. H woke up. Saying she had a cough in her throat. “As in her dinner was about to make an appearance in liquid form. Sorry TMI”

Nasty city

We spend the night changing sheets, taking baths, and me dry heaving in the corner. I am so not good with that stuff.

So now we are all sick. All I want to do is crawl into bed with my remote and my fat girl pants. (and maybe a hot tottie…hold the tea)

Cheers to Tylenol PM

Friday, September 27, 2013

Applause, Friends, Glass, Codes, Baseball

Is anyone else happy to see Friday?! I know this girl is.

I'm linking up today for five on Friday


Here we go


H has been singing a song lately, but poor sweet girl doesn’t know all the words. (totally gets that from me) She keeps repeating “Applause”… “Applause”… I racked my brain of all the nursery rhymes that knew/remember. NOTHING, I even asked her teacher if they learned a new song. She was all (in her overachieving voice that she only uses when she talks to parents) “yeah we learn new songs everyday; we even have dances we do and sign language… blah blah blah.. (Insert my side eye roll)

Anyway, she didn’t understand what song H was singing either.

Then this morning, Lady Gaga "Applause" came on the radio. And the light came on/elevator went to the top/DING DING DING we have a winner. 

Yep you got it, Lady Gaga. Looks like Ms. Overachiever is playing music from her IPHONE and not the “approved nursery song list” .Which is totally fine. BUT when did H become cooler than me? I’ve never even heard the song and ol girl is singing the words.


This picture warms my heart. It makes me so happy that we have met such great people here. Yes, I still miss my STL friends but I love my AR friends. There’s a song about that right? “Make new friends but keep the old” something to that fact…


So, the other night, my nearly legally blind husband got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. I hear the horrible sound of glass breaking. I instantly knew it was my glass bottle that I like to keep water in. I run to the kitchen to find him standing (barefoot, with no glasses, which means he can’t see my face) in the middle of glass. It was everywhere. He pathetically looked at me and said “Can you help me” I turned around and went back to bed. Didn’t think twice. Wife of the year ladies, Wife of the year. Ha, I felt awful when I woke up in the morning. And since I leave the house at 5am, he was asleep when I left so I sent him a text. #he’swaynicerthanme


I’ve been doing “BABY BOOKS” for H’s since she was born. I’m a little behind I need to finish her 2yr old book. I came across these little coupon codes, and got a little pep in my step to finish them this weekend.

Your welcome, You can get 50% off photobooks, free shipping AND on top of that an extra 20% off use codes: earlybird and ship30.


Can I just tell you how much I love the STL CARDINALS. ESPECIALLY during the play offs. WACHA WACHA WACHA!! Tonight is CUBS VS. CARDINALS! The Lassen’s are getting crazy tonight!

Happy Friday EVERYONE! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m linking up for Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for


Girls night tonight. It’s been way too long and I’m super excited for a night of wine and friends talking over each other. CHEERS...and we may or may not be celebrating a friends umm..let's just say she is single and ready to mingle (don't worry it's a good thing). girlfriend is excited...and we may need a keeper.


The new season of SVU and Homeland. LOVE IT


Spark. Had my first drink today and I’m hooked.


The power of prayer. It’s been a hard week but in the midst of it all God has truly answered my prayers this week. AND SCENE on the serious stuff.


FALL. Fall everything cool mornings, hoodies, boots, and god love the fall d├ęcor. Love it. So excited to put my “fall mantle up” and yes, I need a life.


Group Runs on Saturday, I’ve missed the last 2 weeks and I am ready for a long long run this Saturday.

What are you thankful for?

Head on over and link up!

Happy Thursday.

The Beach

Life is better at the Beach. That statement is 100% true. In case you missed all my excitement over the last few weeks. M and I headed to the beach last Sunday. It was a full week to relax and get away from adult responsibilities.

More importantly it was a time to celebrate marriage. Our dear friends were finally tying the knot. J is an old time friend of M. These boys have history and have war wounds and t-shirts to prove it. K is the sweetest kindest most down to earth person I have ever met. Most brides would have been in full blown Bridezilla mode the week of their wedding, not this girl. She was so laid back and so hospitable. They were more concerned about their guest having a good time. We hit the jack pot with this couple.

Are they not the cuttest?

We stayed in a 4 bedroom house, with our own pool (BONUS) and pool house. This house was fully loaded...with people, which meant lots of laughs and great food and drinks. Did I mention J & K were BOTH chefs? Cause they are and they put the big pot in the little pot when it came to cooking. We were so spoiled by the end of the trip. And by spoiled I mean ten pounds heavier

We were walking distance from the beach….aahh can we just take a moment and reflect on this picture. There is something so peaceful about the beach. It just relaxes me; I’m sure my “Happy Cup” helps too.

One day the boys went “Deep Sea Fishing” M’s dream. He is country at heart. Of course they all said they "caught the big one" and just like every good wife I believed M when he said he caught ALL the big fish.

The girls stayed back and lounged out by the pool with our Happy Cups. This was probably one of my favorite days. There is just something about girls, laying out in the sun and laughing. It’s good for the soul. We later ran out to do a few errands for the wedding, but somehow ended up at Chans Wine World. I highly suggest it if you are ever in the Destin area.

The big wedding day quickly came and it was beautiful.

She was a beautiful bride.

It was bittersweet leaving the beach. We had a great time away but I was more than ready to get back to my sweet girl. My mom and sister kept H while we were gone. I thought she’d be so distraught because we were away. Ha, jokes on me. This girl was living it up. She had a week full of: movies, Barbie’s, ice cream dates, etc.

Sometimes, it's just good to get away with friends. Cheers to a great vacation and to the happy couple.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A little Sprinkle of Sunshine

There is a little award floating around the blog world and my sweet friend over at Macke Monologues nominated me for the "Sunshine award"


1. Best way to spend a cool, rainy, Sunday afternoon?
I love rainy Sunday's. I'd have something going in the crock pot. The window's would be slightly cracked, just enough to let the cool breeze in. I'd keep the house semi dark and I'd be curled up on the couch with a blanket watching movies. Calgon take me away...

 2. If you could meet one person (must be living) who would it be?
Justin Timberlake. I know I know but by "meet" I mean, take me out to the ball game followed by dinner and drinks and maybe ending out night brining sexy back. A girl can dream...right?

 3. You have $5,000 to donate to charity, which charity would it be?
St. Jude's. Hands down. 

 4. You've won the jackpot, what would be the first thing you buy?
oh man, I could be real responsible and say I'd make sure my family was taken care of, but let's be honest. I'd buy a big fat diamond and The Limited.

 5. Who is a person who inspires you?
It's a tie between my dad and my husband. Two of the hardest working men I know.

 6. Favorite thing to do to relax and unwind?
run, drink wine, lay out by the pool/beach.

 7. Your dream vacation destination?
Bora Bora

 8. Indulge, what's your favorite dessert?
anything Oreo

 9. What is the number one thing on your bucket list?
I want to see the Northern Lights but seeing the Continental Divide is close behind

 10. You're granted one wish, anything at all, what is your wish?
To have enough money for all my family and friends for a lifetime. you, know so we don't have to work and enjoy the rest of our life living...

Here is my nomination for The Sunshine award... Have you seen this girl. She is a ball of sunshine...unless you drink all of her wine..then that shit gets

Marcia @ Marcia @ Year Twenty Nine

Marcia, here are your questions:
1. It's Friday night, what are you doing?
2. If you could meet one person (must be living) who would it be?
3. The house is on fire, what do you save first?
4. What do you love most about fall?
5. Who is a person who inspires you?
6. Favorite thing to do to relax and unwind?
7. Your dream vacation destination?
8. Indulge, what's your favorite dessert?
9. What is the number one thing on your bucket list?
10. What is your biggest fear?

Here are the rules:
1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog.
2. Link to the person (people) who nominated you.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself and write 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
4. Nominate a bloggers to receive the award. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they've been nominated

I'm back

Well hello there blogger world! This girl is back from the beach! I am happy to say we survived the 10 hour car ride and the seven carefree days of eating and drinking. More on that later.

It was a rude awakening Monday morning when my alarm went off at 4am. I was full of piss and vinegar all day. Don't believe me? Just ask my co-worker who asked me if I was going to be ok.  Monday's are over rated.

 Tuesday's are my day off. Thank you baby Jesus. I had a "To Do List" a mile long. I managed to get most of it checked off before declaring today a "rest" day. cause you know 7 full days of rest just wasn't enough.

After checking off 4 out of the 16 things on my "To Do List'" I threw that list to the wind and sat my happy self on the couch.

I have been dying to see the movie "Safe Haven"

When I saw the movie preview, oh I don't know 7 months ago. I knew I had to see it. I mean really, did anyone else see that EYE CANDY?

 I wanted to read the book first. I ran out to Barnes and Nobles and bought it. I immediately started reading it. like every day, which is big for me. Then it became only reading it at the beauty shop (read: once a week), then it became.. "Has anyone seen my "Safe Haven Book?"

I know I needed to be enjoying this beautiful weather outside running, but having the house to myself doesn't happen often. So, since I went to work yesterday, I rewarded myself with Safe Haven, and  Oreos, and nachos and maybe a few brewskies! This girl knows how to through a movie party (for herself and her dog)

The Review: I use the word "review" lightly. I really just want to discuss Josh Duhamel

Have you seen the trailer?

Be still my heart.
The movie is a total chick flick, but who doesn't love  a chick flick? It's your basic story of a girl who marries the wrong guy and finds herself running away to a new life. Except she runs into the arms of this guy.

Sop him up with a biscuit!
Top two favorite moments of the movie:
1. When he finds the letter's that his wife left for the children. And cue the goodness
2. When the cop drop them off at home and he pulls her behind the tree for a good night kiss... you know what I'm talking about!
What a love story, I mean how sweet was his character? Running a store in a small town in North Carolina, with his two adorable children as he tries to start over without his wife.
The wife, that was a kicker at the end. So was she seeing a ghost?  I always get lost when they throw those things in at the end.
The end, I don't know what made me cry harder: When he found the letter's unharmed or when the little boy started crying because he missed his mom. GAH.... so sad.
I love watching sappy movies. This was a good one.
What's your favorite sappy movie?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

High Five for Friday!!!!

This has been a semi crazy week with all the shenanigans of leaving town this Sunday. I do have to say, I’m walking with a little pep in my step, knowing that this is my last day of work for a week.

Here’s my five on Friday:

1.Tomorrow is my sweet mom’s birthday! She’s turning 25 again (for the 2nd time plus 3…carry the one… you get it) with me being in AR and her in MO, I usually don’t get to spend her birthday with her. So this year it’s a special treat to have her here with us. Happy Birthday MOM!!

This is from her "25+25" Birthday Party. Isn't she cute!

2.I don’t know about you but when the weather turns to fall/winter I’m ready to give the inside of my house a little tender love and care, but not in the cleaning sense. More of the, I want to paint the walls and re decorate. M and I moved in this house 4 years ago. I had JUST had Hannah, like left the hospital and had to go sign the papers. It was a nightmare but M was determined to get us into a house. Needless to say, when we moved in there was no painting or really any decorating done. So, It is my personal challenge to get ride of all the “natural” wall color and put some KAZAAA up in there! So my first project for this season is the master bedroom. Check out my inspiration board (thanks to pinterest) Stay tuned folks.

3.I don’t know what has gotten into me. I have run ALL of my runs this week on the treadmill. I’ve only done my long runs outside. I’m not sure if this is going to help or hinder me for my race that is less than a month away!!

4.I came across Paisely Maries on instagram. You have to check her out! AND this adorable sweatshirt may or may not be delivered in 5-7 days! ADORABLE

5. Is anyone still watching BB now that MCRANDA is no more? I have to say, Andy has really stepped up. It's about freaking time. I'm still not ok with him winning. I think GM has my vote. Did anyone else notice how akward McCree was when he was talking about Amanda with Juile?

That’s all I got! Happy Friday Ya’ll!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday (Random) Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts and I apologize now folks, I’m all over the board here with randomness.

1. Is anyone else over summer? I am so ready for fall. Bring on the sweaters, the scarves, the boots, and the pumpkin EVERYTHING, and let’s not forget the delicious fall beer! Summer you’re out! Fall you’re in!

2. So, does anyone else find it strange, that Miley is naked on a “Wrecking Ball” in her new video? I mean how does one come up with that? A wrecking ball? She needs a solid week at church camp with no letters from home.

3. When did going out of town become so stressful? Laundry, Packing, Change the oil in the car, directions, shopping, drop the dog off, Notify the day care, the list goes on and on and on, I’m about to say screw it, pack my swimsuit and hit the road. I can buy everything else when we get there!

4. Did you know Christmas is only 103 days away?

5. Just two more days of work and this girl is headed to the beach! HOLLA!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish the Sentence

Happy Wednesday! Friday is so close I can SMELL IT!

I am a sucker for “Link Ups” can you tell?

Today, I am linking with Holly and Jake with: Finish the Sentence


My happy place... is around the table with friends and a bottle of wine, alone running before the sun is up, in bed with my DVR, long phone conversations with old friends and sitting on the beach.

Whatever happened to... all the American Idol winners? All that work and nothing to show for it but a Jenny Craig commercial.

So what if I.... Dropped H off at school yesterday and spent the day shopping and having lunch/day drinking with friends. I didn’t have mommy guilt all day.

E! needs a reality show about... anything as long as the make Giuliana Rancic eat a cheeseburger. That chick is too skinny

My go-to fast food meal is... McDonald’s #2 meal, No pickles, fries, a Dr.Pepper, and 2 Tylenol for the hang over. You better believe I was out shaking my thang if I’m eating McDonald’s

You might not know that I... I got nothing, I tell everyone EVERYTHING!

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is.... umm…is it sad that I can’t name one quarter back in the NFL?! I just can’t get into football.

If I could... convince my husband that I need to be a stay at home mom who occasionally sends her kid to daycare, I would be the happiest little Lassen around!

My personality is awesome because... I’m sweet with just enough sassy. Kind of like a lemon drop.

Twerking is.... only ok in the privacy of your home, unless you bust your ass, then that shit needs to be on YOUTUBE.

I think it's super gross when... When people sneeze and then wipe it on their clothes?! GROSS. Wash your hands.

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... enjoy it while it last. Before too long she’ll make the bad decision to run off and get married because she’s knocked up and her twerking days will be over.

Now go link up!!

Love is....

This is probably one of my favorite passages in the bible. It’s pretty simple and straight to the point. This passage tells us how to love each other. We had this read at our wedding and I’m so glad we did. I personally, have to go back and read this passage… you know just as a little reminder. Especially on the love is patient part. God lawrd…I have zero patients. M, he has all the patients in the world.

Mike and I are approaching our wedding anniversary next week. I can honestly say from the get go of our marriage, it has been a whirlwind of events. We were relocated 439 miles to be exact from all of our friends and family, new house, new baby; new job I mean the list goes on. We’ve managed to laugh, cry, and maybe argue more than we should but in the end we have stuck close to each other and by God we are making it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am beyond blessed to have M and my family. I am more than excited to spend our 4th wedding anniversary on the beach with an umbrella drink and M by my side. M will be the one shellacked in SPF 5,000 sunscreen because ol boy hasn’t been out in the sun all summer long.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday!

It’s Thursday! It’s Thursday! Boom-shack-a-lacka!! It’s Thursday!!

Here are my Three Things Thursday (because my life is just that exciting!)

Training for St. Jude Marathon starts September 14th. I’m scared, I’m excited, and I think I’ve lost my mind. I’m pretty sure I can’t wing this race. It’s go time. I’m so sad that Marcia won’t be there with me. I mean like really sad, but I know she would be RIGHT there with me if she didn’t have a broken toe or a grandma leg stuck in a boot! Small joke!

Has anyone tried the Peanut Toffee Buzz Cliff Bar?! I’m obsessed. So is M. That is why I have a box hidden. Shh…don’t tell.

Why is everyone and their second cousin’s having babies right now? Seriously have you been on instagram?! Sonograms everywhere! Don’t drink the water!

Enjoy your day! Don’t forget to watch McRanda or MCRAZY get sent home tonight on BB!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So what wednesday

It’s so what Wednesday!!! Hope everyone is having a great week!

This week I’m saying SO WHAT….

• So what if I was jamming out to Rock Steady by the Whisper’s this morning on the way to work. I mean I was working it! It get’s the juices flowing! #Godlovesirius
• So what if we’re leaving for vacation in two weeks and my husband has no idea what the address of the condo is!? He say’s it’s under control. It’s nice not having to “organize” vacation. The only decision I have to make is what swimsuit I’m wearing and if I want one shot or two shots of vodka in my lemonade.
• So what if my friends and I are just tailgating at the Razorback game and not really going to the game. We’re just there to socialize.
• So what if my kid picks her nose. We can’t get her to stop! Omg! It’s terrible. It’s not even like she’s digging for gold. I think she just likes her finger in her nose.

That’s all I have peeps! Head on over HERE and link up!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

This morning I got to work at 4am. To close payroll, only to find out the system was down. Womp womp womp. So instead of making the best of my time, I thought I’d share my weekend with you. #employeeoftheyear.

Friday, M and I went to a going away party at The Butcher Shop. I’ve wanted to try this place since we moved to LR. I had “saved” my calories all day so I could indulge a little bit. Indulge is just what I did. Remember the no drinking during the week? We’ll I had 3 glasses of wine and I was white girl wasted in no time. REALLY AMIE? I didn’t partake in the delicious menu (probably my first mistake) and stuck with a salad. By the end of the night (which we were only there 3hrs) I was drinking water and eating bread.

But enough about me.

The going away party was for a friend’s daughter. She fell in love with a guy about a year ago; she had enough of the long distance between them 1796miles to be exact. She packed everything into a moving truck and set out to be with her one true love. The things we do for love.

Saturday morning I woke up with the birds and set out for my group run. I learned a great lesson about running that morning. It’s nearly impossible to run long distance when you fuel your body with wine the night before. It was horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. I just wanted it to be over. And to make things worse, this “course” was nothing short of Hospital Hill. It had hills for days. Note to self. No wine on Friday nights. PERIOD.

I spent the afternoon rehydrating. We watched the Razorback game at a friend’s house. I use the word “watch” lightly. I go to these things to chat with the wives, eat the yummy food and drink. Let’s just be honest.

I tried to stay away from the unhealthy snacks and for the most part I did.

Sunday and Monday we didn’t do much but hang out at the pool. It was a nice weekend. With lots of running.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Oh and did anyone see Big Brother? Did you love Amanda’s face when she found out she was put on the block?! LOVE IT!! #BYEBYEMCRANDA