Friday, September 27, 2013

Applause, Friends, Glass, Codes, Baseball

Is anyone else happy to see Friday?! I know this girl is.

I'm linking up today for five on Friday


Here we go


H has been singing a song lately, but poor sweet girl doesn’t know all the words. (totally gets that from me) She keeps repeating “Applause”… “Applause”… I racked my brain of all the nursery rhymes that knew/remember. NOTHING, I even asked her teacher if they learned a new song. She was all (in her overachieving voice that she only uses when she talks to parents) “yeah we learn new songs everyday; we even have dances we do and sign language… blah blah blah.. (Insert my side eye roll)

Anyway, she didn’t understand what song H was singing either.

Then this morning, Lady Gaga "Applause" came on the radio. And the light came on/elevator went to the top/DING DING DING we have a winner. 

Yep you got it, Lady Gaga. Looks like Ms. Overachiever is playing music from her IPHONE and not the “approved nursery song list” .Which is totally fine. BUT when did H become cooler than me? I’ve never even heard the song and ol girl is singing the words.


This picture warms my heart. It makes me so happy that we have met such great people here. Yes, I still miss my STL friends but I love my AR friends. There’s a song about that right? “Make new friends but keep the old” something to that fact…


So, the other night, my nearly legally blind husband got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. I hear the horrible sound of glass breaking. I instantly knew it was my glass bottle that I like to keep water in. I run to the kitchen to find him standing (barefoot, with no glasses, which means he can’t see my face) in the middle of glass. It was everywhere. He pathetically looked at me and said “Can you help me” I turned around and went back to bed. Didn’t think twice. Wife of the year ladies, Wife of the year. Ha, I felt awful when I woke up in the morning. And since I leave the house at 5am, he was asleep when I left so I sent him a text. #he’swaynicerthanme


I’ve been doing “BABY BOOKS” for H’s since she was born. I’m a little behind I need to finish her 2yr old book. I came across these little coupon codes, and got a little pep in my step to finish them this weekend.

Your welcome, You can get 50% off photobooks, free shipping AND on top of that an extra 20% off use codes: earlybird and ship30.


Can I just tell you how much I love the STL CARDINALS. ESPECIALLY during the play offs. WACHA WACHA WACHA!! Tonight is CUBS VS. CARDINALS! The Lassen’s are getting crazy tonight!

Happy Friday EVERYONE! Have a great weekend!


  1. Is this on Shutterfly or somewhere else for the photo books?

  2. That picture of the kiddos is so sweet!
    And, I'm freaking dying over your text!!!! Your poor hubby!