Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You are what you eat....

How many times have you heard the phrase "you are what you eat"?

I've heard this a million times and now it's making sense. My weight has been at a total stand still. Not going up not going down. (The down part is more important) I been training for my first marathon and running like crazy but the weight is just not coming off. It has to be what I'm eating.

What am I eating you ask? Are you ready for this...get your popcorn because it's entertaining #saidbynooneever

Breakfast: I usually eat leftovers for dinner the night before. This morning I had Chinese food. (CARBS) and let’s not forget the coffee and cookie. Yes, cookie. I have a sweet tooth like a mug.

Mid-morning snack: apple and spark

Lunch: I brought what was left over from last night’s dinner. Pigs in a blanket. (CARB) yes, that piggy is covered in a buttery croissant and filled with cheese. I think this falls under the fast, cheap and easy category.

Snack: apple

Midafternoon: I'll have a spark

Dinner: tonight we are having hamburgers and homemade fries (CARB)

And since it's the playoffs, I'll mostly be watching the game with a beer (CARB) or a glass of wine.

I need a carb intervention. ASAP

I have to be honest with myself, I can run all I want but when I am shoving carbs down my pie hole…the scale will stay the same. I HAVE to let go of the carbs and the delicious beer. I mean wine is just as good. It has less carbs, yes it has more sugar but its nature’s sweet nectar and I just can’t go without. I have a 3yr old and a husband who refuses to put the toilet seat down. It’s for everyone’s safety that mommy gets her happy juice.

So since I’ve deemed myself a certified nutritionist (aka googled the crap out of diets on the World Wide Web) I’ve come up with a plan to make this scale move. (DAMMIT)



Change my diet. Eat to fuel my body. NOT to give my mouth something to do.

I’m cutting the carbs. BYE see you later bread. I will limit to one cheat meal a week. The other meals I will eat clean. Or at least try to eat clean. I will not be called cheap, fast and easy unless I’m shaking my thang for my husband.

Portions I’ve been pretty good about my portions. I used to be that mom who “finished H’s plate” cause it just not enough to save. Not anymore. Her plate is going to the trash and by trash I mean in Manny’s dog bowl.

I’m hoping this works. With the holidays around the corner I need the scale to say a happy number and stay. Does that make sense? I don’t need to be working on losing weight during the holidays, I need to work on maintain my weight.

What are some things you do to maintain your weight or loose a few pounds?

Especially with Halloween coming around the corner..Sweet tooth heaven. I need to resist. Which reminds me...

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  1. Thanks for the mention! ;) I have been trying to eat better too. I want my work outs to count!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I'm right there with you. I'm pretty sure my theory behind running is so I can shovel crap in my suck-hole (ok, I KNOW it's my theory). I'm still trying to figure out a happy balance between food (carbs), wine, and a scale that actually moves. Ugh.