Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

This week, I challenged myself to a few things. While my sailor mouth isn’t quite Mother Theresa I am catching myself before the four letter word(s) slip. That’s a plus.

My diet isn’t completely clean but it isn’t completely dirty either. I’m doing well with the no carbs; however I do treat myself to one “sweet treat” a day. Yes, a day.

The drinking? I’ve had a drink every. While it’s in moderation I just need it for my sanity.

Raise your hand if you’ve gotten the flu shot then gotten sick? If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, I’m not a believer in the flu shot. Disclaimer: H did have a little daycare “funk cold medina” going on, so I’m sure I caught what she had but still…

My nose won't stop running. My poor co-workers. When I blow my nose, it sounds like a freaking Elephant mating call.

I need to invest in one of these.

My sweet husband’s bday was Sunday, we spend the weekend in Dallas acting like he was turning 21. Ugh, we paid for it Sunday. We delayed his birthday celebration until later this week. We made his favorite dinner. Taco’s (Mamma goes big for her man) and made his favorite pie, Pecan Pie. I was a little nervous since it was my first attempt. I went to get a piece last night and it was GONE, I guess he liked it.

H is having a Halloween party next week at school. I’m super excited. Everyone is assigned to bring a dish. Since I just saw the sign up sheet yesterday, the only thing that was left was “Dip” ugh…Dip? What kind of dip do kids eat? HELP. I’ve seen this but I’m worried the “Pinterest mom’s” will give me the side eye roll.

Any suggestions?


  1. A kids can't go wrong with Rotel dip. Add hamburger meat and the kids will love you. You also could do a sweet dip. I did a chocolate chip dip once and it was a hit.

  2. Holy hell (is "hell" a bad word? I never know with that one), PLEASE do the pumpkin barfing dip. Please! Who cares what the other moms say. That 'ish is hilarious!
    I tried to clean up my mouth a bit... I'm not dropping "oh shit" (oops) *as* often. I guess that's a plus... Right?