Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So What Wednesday

It's so what wednesday folks!! I'm linking up today with Shannaon over at Life after I dew.. go check this girl out!

This week I'm saying So what…

If I didn’t leave the house all day yesterday! I showered and I got all the laundry done. Laundry is a process in our house. Ugh I loathe putting laundry away.

If I pulled out the Halloween decorations yesterday. H and I had a good time decorating. She loves it!! And I really do too. Except, now that H is older she doesn’t understand that glass pumpkins don’t bounce.

If I almost cried when I saw H ripped her (one and only) dance group picture. AND I didn’t even chew M a new because he was “watching her” when this happened. See, I’m making progress.

If I’m super duper excited about the new series of Homeland. GAH, love that show. The first episode was little slow but I know it’s going to get juicy.

If I just can’t get into the voice or parenthood. Sorry can’t do it.

If I hate using the reusable Keurig cup, it doesn’t taste the same. And it’s annoying.

If instagram video pisses me off. It takes too long to load.

If I ran out of dog food and just made Manny a lunch plate when I made H’s. Manny loved it! And now I’m his favorite.

If I dispise the Pirates. Can't stand them, their fans are rediculous!

If I only go to happy hour tomorrow before Bunco. The lady that is hosting it doesn't do booze. Really? Bunco and Booze go together, that's like peanut butter with no jelly, like milk with no get my drift. Plus the Cardinals are playing!

Happy Hump day!!


  1. I don't mind washing, I don't mind drying. But I FREAKING HATE FOLDING AND PUTTING AWAY.
    Don't even get me started on "Parenthood." That show seems so depressing!

  2. I use to love playing BUNCO but our group has broken up as life took over. I miss it so much!