Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Goals


We had a great weekend in Dallas. It was nice to get away with M. I learned a lot this weekend about myself. I share that later in a different post. This week I’m hitting life hard and making some changes. My sailor mouth, eating and fitness have gotten a little off track. I don’t know about you but starting Monday with a list always gets me off to a good start.

Nutritional Goals for the week –

1. Log my meals. Somehow I’m thinking this will keep me accountable.
2. Stick with the no carbs and no sugar. Eat as “Clean” as possible. (Help me)
3. No booze during the week. Ok ok… let’s not get crazy. Limit the booze during the week.

Fitness Goals for the week -

Stick to the St. Jude’s marathon training this week.
Monday- 4 miles
Tuesday- CT or 3 miles
Wednesday- 4 miles
Thursday- CT or Rest
Friday- 4-6 miles
Saturday – Rest
Sunday 14-16 miles
This will be the first time I’ve ran anything over 13.1 I’m thinking if I keep things slow and steady I should be fine. Let’s be honest. I’m not looking to PR or anything; I’m just looking for completion.

Kindness Goals for the week-
I really want to focus on Luke 6:31
“Do to others as you would have them do to you”
This verse can be so hard to do sometimes. I can be a little hard headed sometimes. I know shocking. When I get a bur in my saddle I get mad and then I stay mad. Not a good quality I know. It’s something I am working on. I need to be nice to others, turn the cheek when I’ve been done wrong. Treat others like I want to be treated. So with this, I am doing one act of kindness a day.

I know these goals don’t seem huge but they are huge to me. Here’s to a successful week.

What are your goals for the week?


  1. I need to focus on "The Do Unto Others" verse. I sometimes forget this one and I need to remember it more often.

  2. Your goals are awesome. Way to get after every aspect of your life.

    Not going to lie, I need to work on my sailor mouth too. Scott has been riding me hard on this one. Marcus is starting to mimic some words and there may be a chance of one these days he's going to let the "s" word fly. Eek.