Thursday, October 17, 2013

GO STL Recap

Last Sunday I ran the Go STL half marathon. This was my sixth half Mary. To say I was excited to run in STL is an understatement. STL is home and it always will be. This girl was was going to be there BONUS.

Let me just reflect on her for a moment. She totally wins the friendship award. Why? Well home girl has been working her tail off to get back into running after an injury. She has kicked her old lady boot to the curb and lace up her running shoes. She did awesome and I am so proud of her. Most people would have just thrown their running shoes to the curb and just signed up for the 1k fun run. Not this girl!

Like and other weekend in STL, I always manage to jam pack every moment seeing friends. The Friday before I literally was in STL for an hour before I had a beer in my hand and had my happy ass at the cardinals game (more on that later) Saturday, I spend the day at Eckert’s (more on the later too) I knew If I didn’t go home before 6pm I would have my happy butt bar hopping with friends. Running hung over is something I just never want to do. So I put my sober self to bed at 9:30pm. Jealous much…wait until you hear my super awesome sister hosted a sleep over for H and a friends so THIS girl got to sleep 8 hours kid free. Glorious

My alarm went off at 5am: I bounced up like a spring chicken. I got dressed and ate a bowl of spaghetti?! Yes, you read that right. I woke up starving. I normally grab a cliff bar and wash it down with water but not this morning.

The plan was for Marcia to pick me up by 6am. It was so weird getting ready for a race without her. She there to keep me on track. Read: ask me a million questions: Did you eat your banana? Did you drink water? Double tie your shoes? Do you have your iPod? You get my drift. She’s a walking reminder and I love it.

I was ready in no time. So I peed 43 times and stretched until my chariot arrived.

We headed down town chatting. Angie was with us, she’s the bride to be. I was so excited to see her one last time before her race. I digress.

Marcia finds us a parking spot, but not without taking out a sign. Yes. bless its!

We found a potty (race day = pea size bladder) and headed to the start line. Since Marcia was still recovering from her injury she was running the 5k. They started 30 minutes before the half marathon runners.

30 minutes to kill. Stretch, use the bathroom again. Head to the start line.

7:30 and we are off.

Mile 1: run up hill. Really? Whose idea was this?

Mile 2: running in direct sunlight through downtown STL. I couldn’t see a thing, except the person in front of me. Terrible

Mile 3: still running in darkness. Thankfully the weather is perfect. Pace is good.

Mile 4- 5: wow, this is going pretty good.

Mile 6: stop gets water/Gatorade and a gel. Pick up the pace. Feeling great.

Mile 7-8. I was in a running coma. No thinking just running.

Mile 9 and I’m bored. I start thinking of random things, like my dog, my hair; wish I had a piece of gum. I start people watching. I see this girl running in front of me. I think “dang, how does she still look cute? Her hair looks amazing, like she’s in a commercial for Brandy Bands” I need to get a better look. So I speed up just a bit and I instantly recognize her. It’s Mel from 4KOTTEZ. I get nervous, like I just saw Kate Middleton or something. I think I have to say Hi. Marcia and her have met, that automatically cancels the freak card. You know what I’m talking about. Those awkward conversations of you don’t know me but I stalk your blog every day. I think your hilarious can we be friends?

I put my big girl panties on and said hello (I’m sure there was some heavy breathing, this girl can’t run and hold a conversation) Mel was so sweet if you don’t follow her go check her out. Her blog is a cornucopia of sweetish fish, running, and photos of her adorable kids.

Mile 10: I was still running on the high of meeting Mel. Feeling great. I the 2:05 pacers just pass me. I had no idea I was that close.

Mile 11: just keep running

Mile 12: Hit the wall. I wanted to cry, wanted to walk. I look up and see a hill. Like a HUGE hill. Shoot me now. Then I see this little ray of sunshine. Also known as Marcia. She’s up there cheering me on. I was full blown baby I want to quit mode at this time. If it wasn’t for Marcia I would have walked. I kept going.

Mile 13: I see the finish line, I hear the people cheering. I see my dad! I see my mom! I see my aunt! I cross the finish line!!

Time 2:15. Eh, not my best but not my worse.

I had a fantastic time in STL with these girls!


  1. Hey!! That is an AWESOME time! And I was happy to keep Marcia and Angie company while you ran. :)

  2. This solidifies the fact that I NEED to run with you. I'd be bar hopping... I mean, in bed with you (not actually WITH you - you know what I mean...right?) at 9:30, peeing 385 times before the race, and then shaking my tail-feather with you the night after.
    Great run, lady!!