Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eckert's Country Farm

Our last trip to St. Louis, we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and went to Eckerts. I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the STL area.

Eckert’s, when I was a child was just an old time restaurant that had a janky wagon that took you on a 2 minute ride to the apple trees.

Now, it’s so much more. There’s still the old people restaurant and the apple picking, but they have added pumpkin picking, hay rides, bonfires, petting zoo, a country store, and let’s not forget the kiddie carnival.

Hannah was in country heaven.

I was a little concern about the rides. I thought H be a little hesitant once she saw what the rides did. Boy was I wrong!

At one point I looked up and H was swinging in this thing yelling weeeeeeeee!

Then she got to ride "Pumpkin" the horsey.

Of course we had to go pick apples and pumpkins. I think H really enjoyed picking the apples the best. She's pick an apple and say "look mamma, this is good. Then take a bite out of it. ugh, we had a bag full of apples with one bite out of them.

We were spent after riding rides and apple picking. So we sat and ate fair food and listen to an old man play the banjo. (for real) My sister kept giving me the side eye roll. I'm country...she is all city girl. We laughed, when we saw H getting down to the banjo music. She can't help it, country runs through her veins.


  1. That place sounds AWESOME! Janky wagon and all.
    I'm dying over the fact that you have an entire bag full of apples with a single bite taken out of them. BAHAHA!