Monday, April 22, 2013

Thoughts Per Mile

Happy Monday everyone.... Just think we are one day closer to Friday!!! HOLLA!!

So, I was encourage to do a "Thoughts per mile" post. And can I just say I learned a lot about myself during this run. I always thought maybe possibly I might have a slight case of ADD, but this run totally confirmed that I do indeed have Runner's A.D.D.

So here we go:

Mile 1: ok let's do this Amie, you got it. Stay strong.(ha, like I'm going into the pits of hell or something) This is perfect running weather. I'm so glad I got that Adele song off this play list. Is that a SNAKE?! ....oh good just a stick. Settle down spaz.
Mile 2: oh she's cute (as I pass this 20something lady cleaning out her garage) Who cleans their garage with a full on Prom makeup? Maybe I need to step up my game.
Mile 3: (running around the preschool H will attend) See this is a happy place. She's going to love it. I wonder if those windows on the building lock? Hmmm... I wonder where I am? Shoot? I'm lost. And I don't have my IDBAND on. Just keep running. This road will come out somewhere. Please baby Jesus, let this road come out somewhere.
Mile 4: Whew,  back to the subdivision. That's weird, a boat parked on the road. I wonder if there is a terrorist in there. Ha, that's wrong Amie. I'm so glad they caught those guys. What is wrong with people? What is on my lip? (as I begin spitting like I was attacked by swamp thing) Oh gross what ever it was it's now slowly sliding down my throat. GROSS! NEED WATER ASAP.  Why didn't I take my water. I'm about to gag. That's it I'm running home.

* My plan is to run in, grab water, and get right out the door* A girl can dream.

 I run in:

Garmin OFF

M: What are you doing?
Me: I swallowed a bug?
H: YOU swallowed a spider? Let me see.
Me: No baby I swallowed a bug. I need a drink of water
H: let me see the spider.
Me: Babe, can you please get h?
H: huh? Babe watch this, the Boston game is about to come on.
Me: finally gets a drink of water.
Me: Babe I'm going to finish me run and can you get H out of my purse, she's in the gum
H: mumbles something as I run out the door.


Garmin ON

Mile 5: ok, bug gone. Good, let's finish this. Wait is that a yard sale? Is that a sandbox?

Garmin OFF

I wish I was lying but I'm not. I totally stopped my run for a yard sale. We have been looking EVERYWHERE for a sandbox. It was calling my name. So I run home, Get M's truck, steal 20bucks from his wallet, drive back to the neighbor's load it in the truck and take it home.

M: What are you doing?
Me: I just bought H's a sandbox? Can you unload it and go to Lowe's and get some sand?
M: Sure, but what about your run?
Me: I'll just finish my last 5 miles on the treadmill
M: but it's so nice outside, hey look at this YouTube from the Boston baseball game.
Me: Babe I can't I'm trying to run.
M: REALLY? you just came back with a sandbox?
Me: you got me but I am going to finish my run.

Mile 5 Take 2: I can do this. 2 minutes later. UGH, I forgot how much I hated the treadmill.
Mile 6: Someone please take me out of my misery. Why didn't I turn the TV on? ugh can't stop.
Mile 7: This mile was a blur. I think they may have been tears
Mile 8:  You got this girl. Sweat is fat crying. Ha, that is the dumbest saying ever. Sweat doesn't cry.
Mile 9:  So what if my IPOD died, I can sing my way trough mile 9. "My Milk Shake brings all the boys to the yar..." oh wait I can't breath. Just hum... and....done. 9 miles in the book.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This really happened.

Never a dull moment with us.


  1. I about pissed my pants laughing!!!!

  2. This was hilarious! I'm so glad you did it!!
    I almost stopped 1,478,520 times on my run yesterday to take pictures of things I see while I run. I then realized I'd be doing more stopping and photo taking than actually running. :)