Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Where did this week go?

It's already time for THURSDAY (random) THOUGHTS can I be any more original with the title

  • I have been driving around with my sunglasses on the back  bumper of my car for lord knows how long. I just discovered it today. #blondmoment

  • My eating has been piss poor. Don't believe me, just ask my scale. It just got the finger this morning. But today is new day! No carbs, no sweets.

  • I've been running everyday. Not far but running. It's a start. I will train properly for the Hospital Hill run if it kills me.

  • THIS girl has totally motivated me to get serious about my runs. I don't know if it's her color coded training plan or her speed but she is KILLING it. You should totally check out her blog and her ADORABLE kiddo. He has cheeks for days.

  • I can't stop watching the Boston coverage. I hope they get that sick SOB

  • I'm feeling guilty about the time I spend at night on social media. H will only be young for so long. I've jumped on the bandwagon and I'm cutting (most) of social media out at home.

  • I've had pizza two nights this week. It was delicious. I've had my fix and I'll see pizza next winter. Cute summer clothes and pizza just don't mix.

  • I think I am more excited than H to go to Disney Princess on Ice.

  • I've discovered freezing grapes and putting them in my wine glass. It's glorious. Try it.
That's it, Happy almost Friday!

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  1. Thank you for the blog love!!
    Training for Hospital Hill is a must. That run is no joke. But, you'll be SO glad you did. I'm so bummed that I can't make it back to participate this year. It's on my race list next year!
    Pretty sure I'm heading out to buy some grapes. I have the wine (naturally), but the grapes sound like a fun little twist.