Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter!
Ready for the PHOTO DUMP
The Easter bunny has been leaving little treats for H all week.
 She was super excited to visit the Easter Bunny

I swear I don't let my kid roll around with fro!
We planted our jelly beans

Her face was classic.
She was not amused when she realized her suckers were dirty
I went a little overboard on the candy.

Daddy even got a Easter Basket

She loved her Baby Alive.
ok can I just apologize for the socks. I could not find her non itchy tights. the one pair I found threw her into a hissy fit. My nerves weren't prepared for a tantrum and we going to be late to church, so I caved and let her wear socks.

Easter Eggs

It rained all morning, so we moved our egg hunt indoors. Which was fine, she was over it after the 2nd egg.
Hope Everyone had a great Easter!


  1. The planted jelly bean idea is awesome. Going to stash that idea away.
    And her chevron print makes that dress SO cute!!

    1. Thanks! Hope you guys had a great Easter

  2. So cute! Your crafty/creativity is impressive! Happy Easter!