Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hannah Le'Anne

I haven't done a post in awhile just on H. Since she is the reason why I started this blog, I feel the need to do an entry since this is somehow going to be her baby book. Yes, Mother of the Year.

She seriously is our pride and joy. We are so thankful for her good health, her sassy personality and her sweet sweet spirit.

  • She is weighing in at a tiny 27 pounds. I swear we will never hit 30 pounds.
  • She is a good eater for the most part. She still LOVES her fruit. Her favorites are still macaroni and cheese and cheeseburgers. The girl LOVES her cheese
  • She is Potty trained. Can someone say Glory! She was pretty easy. She hated diapers. It just took a little patience and a few M&M's and we were golden
  • She still goes to the sitter. She loves EG. She talks about her all the time and says she's her best friend.
  • She is defiantly a night owl. I swear she requires no sleep
  • She hates getting her hair brushed. help me Jesus I am in trouble
  • She hates brushing her teeth. Yep, our mornings are real fun
  • She knows all the words to Baby and suffers from Bieber Fever
  • She is talking a lot. Full sentences. When she gets really excited about something she says "Rock n Roll"
  • She still says " I hug you" when she wants to be picked up. It's the sweetest thing.
  • She loves going to the movies with her daddy. She doesn't make a peep the entire movie.
  • She is in a size 8 shoe. craziness
  • She loves Barbie and the Pink Shoes
  • She loves ballet and wears her tap shoes all the time
  • She loves wearing dresses
We are so blessed. I can't imagine life without our little H.


  1. She is so beautiful.
    Little Man is barely 1 and he weighs 26 pounds. That's right, he's a tank. :)

  2. Thanks Desiree! 26 pounds?!lol...he's a cute tank!