Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney on Ice

Last night the we loaded up and headed to Verizon Arena for

And can I just say it was everything Hannah dreamed for!
I'll just let the pictures do the talking:

You can't watch princess without your princess crown. And we were victimized by the $12.00 snow cone. Actually, the snow cone became more of a mess and was 2.5 seconds from sending my OCD in overdrive. I went to the bathroom to "take some off the top" and the entire thing fell in. Whoopsie, but I was able to save the cup. Whew...

We were a smiles and jacked up on sugar! Gesh, Snow cone, pretzel, funnel cake, soda! We walked out $100 bucks less and with diabetes!

This little love clapped and sang through most of the songs!

Those suckers knew exactly what they were doing when they put Tangled at the end. I wasn't sure we were going to make it after intermission. H wanted a sword and we couldn't find one. We were close to a breakdown but were saved by the show. Tangled was by far amazing. The lights, the lanterns, the skating. I was in awe!
Please excuse the quality of the cell phone photo's. I no longer have access to my super awesome work camera. womp... womp... But have no fear, Mother's day is approaching.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Thoughts Per Mile

Happy Monday everyone.... Just think we are one day closer to Friday!!! HOLLA!!

So, I was encourage to do a "Thoughts per mile" post. And can I just say I learned a lot about myself during this run. I always thought maybe possibly I might have a slight case of ADD, but this run totally confirmed that I do indeed have Runner's A.D.D.

So here we go:

Mile 1: ok let's do this Amie, you got it. Stay strong.(ha, like I'm going into the pits of hell or something) This is perfect running weather. I'm so glad I got that Adele song off this play list. Is that a SNAKE?! ....oh good just a stick. Settle down spaz.
Mile 2: oh she's cute (as I pass this 20something lady cleaning out her garage) Who cleans their garage with a full on Prom makeup? Maybe I need to step up my game.
Mile 3: (running around the preschool H will attend) See this is a happy place. She's going to love it. I wonder if those windows on the building lock? Hmmm... I wonder where I am? Shoot? I'm lost. And I don't have my IDBAND on. Just keep running. This road will come out somewhere. Please baby Jesus, let this road come out somewhere.
Mile 4: Whew,  back to the subdivision. That's weird, a boat parked on the road. I wonder if there is a terrorist in there. Ha, that's wrong Amie. I'm so glad they caught those guys. What is wrong with people? What is on my lip? (as I begin spitting like I was attacked by swamp thing) Oh gross what ever it was it's now slowly sliding down my throat. GROSS! NEED WATER ASAP.  Why didn't I take my water. I'm about to gag. That's it I'm running home.

* My plan is to run in, grab water, and get right out the door* A girl can dream.

 I run in:

Garmin OFF

M: What are you doing?
Me: I swallowed a bug?
H: YOU swallowed a spider? Let me see.
Me: No baby I swallowed a bug. I need a drink of water
H: let me see the spider.
Me: Babe, can you please get h?
H: huh? Babe watch this, the Boston game is about to come on.
Me: finally gets a drink of water.
Me: Babe I'm going to finish me run and can you get H out of my purse, she's in the gum
H: mumbles something as I run out the door.


Garmin ON

Mile 5: ok, bug gone. Good, let's finish this. Wait is that a yard sale? Is that a sandbox?

Garmin OFF

I wish I was lying but I'm not. I totally stopped my run for a yard sale. We have been looking EVERYWHERE for a sandbox. It was calling my name. So I run home, Get M's truck, steal 20bucks from his wallet, drive back to the neighbor's load it in the truck and take it home.

M: What are you doing?
Me: I just bought H's a sandbox? Can you unload it and go to Lowe's and get some sand?
M: Sure, but what about your run?
Me: I'll just finish my last 5 miles on the treadmill
M: but it's so nice outside, hey look at this YouTube from the Boston baseball game.
Me: Babe I can't I'm trying to run.
M: REALLY? you just came back with a sandbox?
Me: you got me but I am going to finish my run.

Mile 5 Take 2: I can do this. 2 minutes later. UGH, I forgot how much I hated the treadmill.
Mile 6: Someone please take me out of my misery. Why didn't I turn the TV on? ugh can't stop.
Mile 7: This mile was a blur. I think they may have been tears
Mile 8:  You got this girl. Sweat is fat crying. Ha, that is the dumbest saying ever. Sweat doesn't cry.
Mile 9:  So what if my IPOD died, I can sing my way trough mile 9. "My Milk Shake brings all the boys to the yar..." oh wait I can't breath. Just hum... and....done. 9 miles in the book.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This really happened.

Never a dull moment with us.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence Linkup with Jake!

Today I'm linking up with Jake from The Life of Jake. Finish the sentence part 3.

If you're having a bad day or just need a laugh, READ these. They are hilarious!

1. I laughed so hard I cried when...  I watch this video. It never gets old
2. My high school...was super small. We were so shelter but I made some great life long friends.
3. It really pisses me off... when people walk through doors and don't hold them for the people behind them.
4. In ten years... I'll still look 25 and my skin will be beautiful cause "Black don't Crack" lol.. I love saying that, and I really hope it holds some truth.
5. If I could erase one would be all the bad decisions I made in college. Ha, that's a lie. That shit was fun.
6. In 1999...  I thought I had my life all figured out. I was going to marry my high school sweet heart, live next to Renee, have babies and have cookouts every weekend. Boy was I wrong.
7. Honestly... Knowing that I am giving my 2 weeks notice tomorrow, I really can't concentrate on this job anymore.
8. To me, Sushi... disgusting. It stinks. I don't care how they try to dress it up and roll it. That stuff is nasty.
9. Someone really needs to invent... a  sports drink/pill that will make me run miles upon miles without getting tired.
10. The first time I drank alcohol... I was 21. Maybe 19. I told you I was shelter.
11. The one question I would ask God is... I don't think I'd ask God any questions, I don't think I'd be able to speak. you know afraid I may slip with a curse word or something :)
12. Lindsey Lohan... Is a hot  mess

Running Playlist

It's all about the playlist. I cannot imagine running without a music. How would I pass the time? Talk to myself? hmm?
I spend hours making a playlist. There is really no rhyme or reason to it. If it has a good beat, it makes the list. If I know the words to the song, even better.
Of course I try to spread it out and start off with calm music and gradually work my way up to the Gangster Rap music but it doesn't always end up that way. I need to be highly motivated through it all. I don't even listen to "rap" music normally. I am totally guilty of listening to country, top 40's and even a little NPR radio. (it's ok, you can laugh)
It never fails. These songs ALWAYS make it on the list.

1. Christina Aguilera: Dirrty (Feat. Redman)
When this song plays I think of how in shape her body is in this video. Total motivation

2. Drop it Low: Ester Dean & Chris Brown
3. You Know What It is: T I
I don't know what it is about this song but I LOVE IT.
4. Clique: Kanye West, Jay Z, Big Sean
I'm normally not a Kanye fan but this is a good one
5. Kryptonite: Purple Ribbon
6. Whoop D Whoop: Kutt Calhoun

7. Pon de Replay: Rihanna
What's on your playlist?

Thursday Thoughts

Where did this week go?

It's already time for THURSDAY (random) THOUGHTS can I be any more original with the title

  • I have been driving around with my sunglasses on the back  bumper of my car for lord knows how long. I just discovered it today. #blondmoment

  • My eating has been piss poor. Don't believe me, just ask my scale. It just got the finger this morning. But today is new day! No carbs, no sweets.

  • I've been running everyday. Not far but running. It's a start. I will train properly for the Hospital Hill run if it kills me.

  • THIS girl has totally motivated me to get serious about my runs. I don't know if it's her color coded training plan or her speed but she is KILLING it. You should totally check out her blog and her ADORABLE kiddo. He has cheeks for days.

  • I can't stop watching the Boston coverage. I hope they get that sick SOB

  • I'm feeling guilty about the time I spend at night on social media. H will only be young for so long. I've jumped on the bandwagon and I'm cutting (most) of social media out at home.

  • I've had pizza two nights this week. It was delicious. I've had my fix and I'll see pizza next winter. Cute summer clothes and pizza just don't mix.

  • I think I am more excited than H to go to Disney Princess on Ice.

  • I've discovered freezing grapes and putting them in my wine glass. It's glorious. Try it.
That's it, Happy almost Friday!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My heart is so heavy

Where do I begin?
What can I do?
Who can I pray for?
How does something like this happen?
Whose going to pay for this?

I know Boston is all over the news today and probably will be for the next few days. I just can't imagine what this city is going through.

I don't know if any of you follow Ragnar on facebook. But I do. All day yesterday, they were hyped about the race. People posting "good luck wishes" and tracking their friends. It was all so positive, such great spirits, cheering each other on.

That is what runner's do. We spend months training preparing ourselves for the big race. We spend months eating right, skipping happy hours, waking up early for a run, just so we can perform well on race day. I just think of all the hard work these runner's put in MONTHS prior, they set out for the race, they run, the encourage each other and bond with total strangers.

WE do whatever it takes to just get to the finish line. We encourage total strangers  to KEEP GOING.

I can't explain it, but running during a race gives me total peace while I run. It's a happy place.

Can you even imagine being a runner during this race and hearing the sound of an explosion?

Immediately throwing you into a panic, wondering about your family waiting for you at the finish line?

The thought of someone doing this intentionally makes me sick to my stomach.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33

Hug and tell your loved ones you love them today!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Blog Design

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Go vote for me, my janky blog needs some help. ASAP

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Add another to the list

My running mate Cia sent me an email with the subject line: "New Halloween Half Marathon"
the body of the emails read: "Yep, I signed up"

So there I go, signed myself up for the New Halloween Half Marathon

Any excuse to make a trip to the LOU!

Hmm? I wonder if I can run 13.1 in a costume?

Thursday Thoughts

I'm proud to say I've gotten off my lazy butt and started running. EVERYDAY. I even get up in the mornings and take Manny for a walk. M says I'm a much nicer person when I run. Isn't he a Romeo? I do feel a lot better and somehow I've lost 3 pounds this week. Happy Days!

I've cleaned up my eating. No more Easter candy, no more rice, no carbs, no soda, and are you ready...NO DRINKING DURING THE WEEK. GASP!

M is in another wedding this summer. It's amazing. When we got married, I was told "Just wait and see all of M friends are going to fold". It's been a waterfall effect. Seriously 4 of M's closest friends have gotten married since we have. We've only been married 4 years. M has been in all the weddings. Which hasn't been bad. I'm really looking forward to the wedding this September in Destin. They are getting married on our anniversary, so I've somehow wiggled in a Romantic getaway. And by romantic I mean: adult conversation, wine, no Disney channel and sleeping without H's foot in my face. Jealous much?

M is hosting the bachelor party this weekend. When I get home tonight I totally expect to have 3-4 grown men in my living room huddled around the TV with beer cans all around the house oh and lets not forget the toilet seat left up. I'll walk in with a smile and not say a word. Nothing is going to steal my joy. I will have the house to myself until Sunday.

Yesterday, marked the anniversary of when M and I met. Cardinals home opener 4/10/06. Seven years, sometimes It feels like 70 I kid I kid I knew M wouldn't remember. I thought I'd be sweet and leave him a little something in his car. He called me freaking out because he forgot and thought it was our wedding anniversary. I said that's ok, Cash is fine

M is testing my patience. Like Bad. He's off today and keeping H. Why did he just call and I could totally tell he was in the car  and ask if it was ok if he brought H to my office while he ran a couple of errands? REALLY? It is beyond me how he can manage HUNDREDS of people at work but he can not run errands with our 2 year old. Bless him.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hannah Le'Anne

I haven't done a post in awhile just on H. Since she is the reason why I started this blog, I feel the need to do an entry since this is somehow going to be her baby book. Yes, Mother of the Year.

She seriously is our pride and joy. We are so thankful for her good health, her sassy personality and her sweet sweet spirit.

  • She is weighing in at a tiny 27 pounds. I swear we will never hit 30 pounds.
  • She is a good eater for the most part. She still LOVES her fruit. Her favorites are still macaroni and cheese and cheeseburgers. The girl LOVES her cheese
  • She is Potty trained. Can someone say Glory! She was pretty easy. She hated diapers. It just took a little patience and a few M&M's and we were golden
  • She still goes to the sitter. She loves EG. She talks about her all the time and says she's her best friend.
  • She is defiantly a night owl. I swear she requires no sleep
  • She hates getting her hair brushed. help me Jesus I am in trouble
  • She hates brushing her teeth. Yep, our mornings are real fun
  • She knows all the words to Baby and suffers from Bieber Fever
  • She is talking a lot. Full sentences. When she gets really excited about something she says "Rock n Roll"
  • She still says " I hug you" when she wants to be picked up. It's the sweetest thing.
  • She loves going to the movies with her daddy. She doesn't make a peep the entire movie.
  • She is in a size 8 shoe. craziness
  • She loves Barbie and the Pink Shoes
  • She loves ballet and wears her tap shoes all the time
  • She loves wearing dresses
We are so blessed. I can't imagine life without our little H.

Lincoln Presidential Half

Last week could not have been any more busier. I didn't know if I was coming or going.

Do you ever have those weeks?

Let's not even mention that I completely stopped training for the Lincoln half at week 8. That's right folks. I did not run one single mile 3 weeks prior to the race. Yes, I am crazy. I don't have any excuse. all I can say is I just did not make time to run. I did however find time to eat my weight in Easter Candy, watch all my shows on the DVR, and down 3-4 beers a night.

Seriously, I don't know what was wrong with me, I turned into a lazy arse BIG TIME.

I have to be totally honest. I hadn't been back to STL since December. I was more excited to hang out with friends than run.

First stop, Stacey. I love this girl we met years ago "working" at a golf course. We clicked immediately and I swear it's like we've been friends forever. Plus we were Prego at the same time so we were able to share horror stories about eating grilled cheese, breast feeding, and the joy of C-sections. It was nice being able to talk while the girls played.

Then I stopped by and picked up my crazy friend Maryann. She is probably my most crazy, mouthy fly by the seat of her pants friend. She be crazy but you call that girl and she is there for you in a New York minute. I love me some her. She was also running the Lincoln half. This was her first half. She also did no training and last minute decided to walk it. Told you, fly by the seat of your pants.

There was no way I could drive through STL without stopping at my parents. So we headed there  raided the fridge sipped on Lime A Rita's lime a Rita's count as carb loading right? and then decided to head to Springfield.

Springfield is only 1.5 hours outside of STL, somehow we managed to stop at Jack in the box for a glorious taco. YUM. I miss jack in the box. again carb loading for the big race

L was our host for the weekend. I just love this girl. So does H.

All I wanted to do was drink wine and talk all night with my friends. Which is what we did-minus the wine park. They drank wine and I drank water.
Running the Lincoln Half taught me a lot of things.

  • The only thing I can wing, is wearing a pair of jeans two days in a row
  • I am 31 not 21, Let's just be honest. The old grey goose just aint what it used to be
  • Training is very important. Very. I must train
The course was beautiful. We ran through the historic part of Springfield which included Abe Lincoln's home and tomb. The course was very entertaining. Trust me, I stopped and did a little sight seeing. I also stopped and got the bug out of my eye, stopped to get the rock out of my shoe, stopped to help some random child, Stopping seemed to be the only consistent thing that I did during the race.
At mile 9 I was so mad at myself. The tears started falling down my face. Mostly because I was so disappointed in myself but the wind didn't help. Did I mention, it was windy because it was.
I tried really hard to push to the end, my legs seemed so heavy but I kept going. FINALLY I reached the finish line, only to see my parents. Which made me Oprah Cry. I was so surprised to see them.

I finished at 2:22. Which is 22 minutes over my goal time and 12 minutes slower than my last race. BUT I deserved to finish 2:22. Lesson learned. From this point I am moving forward. I will train for the Hospital Hill Run. No more excuses.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter!
Ready for the PHOTO DUMP
The Easter bunny has been leaving little treats for H all week.
 She was super excited to visit the Easter Bunny

I swear I don't let my kid roll around with fro!
We planted our jelly beans

Her face was classic.
She was not amused when she realized her suckers were dirty
I went a little overboard on the candy.

Daddy even got a Easter Basket

She loved her Baby Alive.
ok can I just apologize for the socks. I could not find her non itchy tights. the one pair I found threw her into a hissy fit. My nerves weren't prepared for a tantrum and we going to be late to church, so I caved and let her wear socks.

Easter Eggs

It rained all morning, so we moved our egg hunt indoors. Which was fine, she was over it after the 2nd egg.
Hope Everyone had a great Easter!

Happy Resurrection Day

I have very fond memories of Easter as a child. Easter would always start on Saturday night. We'd have dinner at my grandpa and grandma W's house.

I was very fortunate to grow up with both sets of grandparents but I was extremely close to grandma and grandpa W. I swear they were angels on earth. I miss them dearly

I digress

 Saturday, after spending all morning in the beauty shop. and by beauty shop I mean my Aunt Irene's back hot back porch We'd head to the grandparent's house for dinner.

We'd sit around the table and eat while Wheel of Fortune played in the back ground. After dinner we'd always have a fresh dessert whether it be homemade pie or ice cream. It was always cooked with lard and it was always delicious. One thing about Grandma's house, you'd never leave hungry. or without breaking a sweat, they kept the house at 98 degrees all year long

After we grazed, mom and dad would leave and we'd start dying Easter eggs. Once that got boring, Grandma would take us to Wal-Mart. She would give us each $10.00 and said we could buy whatever we wanted. Oh the pressure to make the right decision. Barbie? Baby? Game? or keep the money?

We'd end our evening with popcorn and coke. Which looking back, isn't it weird that she'd give us coke before bed? I will never forget falling asleep to the theme song of Law & Order.

We'd wake up in the morning to find our Easter baskets overflowing with sugary treats. We put our Easter dress on which included  layers of white lace, white stockings, white hat, white gloves you name it. We were in a uncomfortably mess but we didn't care. We were jacked up on sugar. We'd drive around the corner and start our day in church.

I'll never forget grandma's church. It was your typical old black church-minus the tambourine and the people falling out because they "got the spirit"

It was full of small town people who really loved the Lord.

I remember listening and really enjoying the sermon about Easter. There was something about someone dying for me that really got to me. I grew up in the church and heard it year after year. Of course as a child I would always think:

"wow, can you imagine Mary Magdalene when she saw Jesus appear?"
I wonder if I would freak out and run like a banshees or fall in awe?
Easter is so much more than the cute dresses, Easter bunny and candy. Don't get me wrong that is all fun and we do partake in our share of the Easter bunny festivities. BUT I want H to really know and understand the love that Christ shed for her on that cross.

Lord, please help me raise a good Christian daughter ;)