Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary

It's our anniversary...
So many songs come to mind...
Stand By Me: Our first dance song. And more than anything an inside joke between us that I'll spare the details.
We Made It : For those times I felt like holding pillow over his head while he was KID..
My Best Friend: I love this song...and Yes it's country. But It's so true in so many ways.
When I was on my very short run this morning I was thinking about our wedding day....
How I had beer and pizza with the family (that came in from out of town) the night before my wedding. It was so much fun...we laughed and laughed and drank beer...
How everyone told me that I would be too excited to sleep the night before my wedding...I slept like a baby.
How we woke up at the butt crack of dawn to get our hair and make up done.
How some of my bridesmaids were prego but they were troopers the entire day.
How my mom tried to do my sister's hair and it looked a hot mess.. we all laughed and let someone else do it.
How Mike looked when he saw me walking down the isle. I love how Tim's face make the picture.
How Maryann got stuck in her dress
How Mike and the groomsmen we over taking pictures at the first location
How Mike and his groomsmen stayed back at my parents house and watched the Mizzou game while the me and the girls finished pictures. Yes I won wife of the year and am still using the excuse "but I let you skip out on pictures for the Mizzou game"
How my photographer was super weird
How this happened.
How we danced all night long with our friends and family
How Mike said "This is the best day of my life" when we danced our first song
How Mike and his mom both had a tear in their eye during the Mother & Son dance
How we kept messing this shot up
How much fun we had.
How much fun Mike and I are still having!

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