Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Morning Run

So, I took off today because I didn't have a sitter for Hannah.

Which is today ok in my book.

 The weather is going to be awesome today and I'm looking forward to spending a day with  my girl.

First things first. The morning run.

Instead of sleeping in I got my butt up and went for a run. Well I attempted to go for a run.

I am a creature of habit. Just ask my husband. I do everything exactly the same. Maybe I'm crazy, Maybe it's a touch of OCD..who knows.

So I get my running stuff on go to the living room to stretch while taking my GU. *my phone rings* it's my mom. Who I talk to every morning. I think..."oh I can totally answer this call, have these shoes off in 1.5 seconds and be on the couch with a cup of coffee and just chat away with my mom"

Seriously just that quick I can talk myself out of a run.

I hit ignore and say "sorry mom" like she can hear me.

I continue to stretch and I hear Hannah moving in the bedroom.

CRAP...if she sees me it will be all over with= no run.

So I GRAB my IPOD and run out the door. (no I did not leave H alone. My MIL is in the next room)

I get outside and HOLY CRAP it's FREEZING outside. 50 to be exact.

I start my Garmin and my IPOD and start running. PACE 8:00

I finish the first mile with no problem.

*side note* Why was there a man smoking at the bus stop with the kids? I could smell it a mile a way. It was SO NASTY what is wrong with people?

2nd Mile: FREEZING...NOSE RUNNING...EYES Watering...I felt like I was in the Arctic.

So I found some motivation...KEEP GOING AMIE!

Then I feel a pain in my left leg...ugh..probably from not stretching all the way...

Then I have a nasty taste in my mouth...probably because I didn't drink any water this morning or after i took my GU...ugh..

Then I realize I didn't have my gum...ugh...I have to have gum

So I sprint to mile 3 and I look down at my Garmin and realize I've hit stopped...probably when I tried to wipe the tears from my watering eyes..


So I stopped and walked home.

womp womp...

I'll try again later tonight..when it's not 50 degrees and I'm not out of "excuses" which I often call my routine.

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