Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Grandparent's Day


Hannah is truly blessed with the greatest grandparents in the world!! Seriously those 3 can not spoil love her enough.

I just hate that we are 6 hours away from my parents. When MIMI comes they have a blast!

Yes that is my mom cheesing like a Doritos and yes that is my naked child...she refuses to keep clothes on...she is born and raised Arkansan...

My dad, won the Father of the Year award this week. He thankfully is with us this week to watch Hannah while our main sitter is out of town. I am so thankful...he only request was to supply him with Budweiser. Which all day with a two year old will make you drink.
 I was a little concerned. He's watch H a lot alone for a few hours but...not an entire day for an entire week. His parting words were "Hey I raised you and you turned out OK."

Hannah is totally in love with her MawMa. Thankfully she only has to go a few feet to see her. My MIL is truly a blessing. We love her so much. Regardless of her frequent dance parties 

She's no spring chicken... So we are so thankfully for the time we have with her.

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