Thursday, September 6, 2012

If You Really Knew Me..

Copied this from a blog I stalk came across...and let's be honest it's a slow day at the office

If you really knew me...'d know I love my house to smell like something is baking.'d know that I love to bake.'d know that I decorate my house for every holiday. I even throw a little flag out for labor day..yep I'm that girl.'d know I was born in Florida.'d know my graduating class had all of 22 people in it. Surprising I would say I keep up with most of them.'d know two of my BFF's are from the 4th grade. (love me some Jaimie and Renee).'d know I am terrified of snakes.'d know that I'm not a soda drinker.'d know I am the world's worst singer.'d know that I always JACK up the words to songs.'d know that running is my new found passion'd know I am a faithful friend.'d know I have two tattoo's.
... you'd know I am super crazy about not getting my hair wet. And yes I WILL put a Kroger bag over my head and any site of rain.'d know that I LOVE reality T.V.'d know that I can not keep a secret to save my life. BUT telling my mom, Marcia, and Lauren oh and Mike really DOES count as "not telling anyone."'d know I love my husband's blue eyes.'d know I'd leave my husband in 2.5 seconds for Channing Tatum.'d know I take a ridiculous amount of pictures of my daughter.'d know my first job was at the St. Louis Zoo.'d know I've never seen a Harry Potter movie..and never plan too.'d know I can't watch scary movies or talk about ghost without getting freaked out.'d know I made a deal with Jesus that I would follow him ALL of my days as long as he would not let me see a ghost. (true story)'d know when I get scared I cover my eyes and plug my ears. BAHAAA my sister does too..we're freaks.

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