Saturday, September 15, 2012

I lost my lipstick

DATE NIGHT...yeah buddy..I should be excited when the hubs wants to take me out on a Friday night. RIGHT?

True but this girl was tired and had big plans for her Friday night.

I had all the intentions on spending my Friday night getting a good run in then putting my big comfy clothes on and starting a random project...or maybe bake cookies. I had it all planned out.
It was total lazy day weather. Rain, dark, cool outside...LOVE IT

Mike was like party up babe...let's do it....let's go...night out..blah blah blah

Ten minutes later

Me: Do you still want to go?
Mike: BABE YES go get ready...
Me: *5 minutes later...Do you still want to go? *at this point neither one of us had showered from our run and it was pushing 9pm.
Oh did I mention it was pouring outside?!!

The only place we(heathens) can go in this lovely dry county that we live in is partially outside on the back porch...true story..

 ugh...rain...I hate being out in rain

 I put my big girl panties on and went. (and for the record had a blast. Mike cracks me up..seriously dude isnt' right. I heart him)

The first "bar" not to be confused with the Sunday after church catfish buffet..because truly it is the SAME place..was without a doubt the best people watching a girl can ask for.
Hands down something right out of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo...

two buckets of beer and 3 shots...enough said...

Oh....but the fun didn't stop there...we ventured across the county line.. all I have to say. WOW..This bar was hmmm...different? BUT I LOVED EVERY MINUTE

They were dropping it like it was hot...The big girls were backing it up...then they'd throw in a song about a man and his dog...then they'd cupid shuffle...then they'd do a line dance..I mean the music was all over the place...

Next thing I knew the clock read 2:38am. I started doing the math in my head.

"H will be up in5 hours and I'm not even home yet" kill

So I rounded up my husband..who what chatting it up with the randoms.. and said we had to go... BUT then I realized I lost my favorite lipstick..ugh.. give me a few beers and I'm a mess.

My brutally honest friend Lauren says THIS SONG was written for me. And she's 100% right.

One the way home it took everything in me to resist the McDonald's drive through. Those french fries were CALLING MY NAME.

I held strong and went home.

BUT I may or may not have gotten McDonald's for lunch...and  notice my running mileage hasn't gone up... I was a total BUM all day.

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