Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's just 13.1 miles

I keep telling myself:
"It's just 13.1 miles"
"You've done this before"
"You can totally entertain yourself for 2 hours (plus)"
"You'll be just fine"

What was I thinking? I'm scared sh!tless! Um training in the winter on a dreadmil is for the BIRDS!
I've got winter weight, and I've been hit with the lazy stick. This is going to be a disaster.

What was I thinking?

On the bright side, the temperature will be a blazing 47 degree's (AS THE HIGH) something tells me it's going to be a tad bit nippy at 7am.

At this point it is what it is. No stress, I just want to finish the dang thing.

Of course my goal is to finish under 2 hours. But lets just be honest.

I am so ready for warm outside running weather.  I'll be more prepared for my April race. I promise. Yes I am talking to myself.

This race may suck but at least I get a weekend with CIA!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

Can I just say how nice it was to have a three day weekend, cause it was nice. I defined laziness. True story. I had 302,633 things to completed and I finished 1/2 of one. I know, my house looks like an episode of Hoarders but what ev. I got in some good quality time with my wonderful hubs (who went to Jared's for Vday) and my sweet H.

Friday, I ran like it was my only way into heaven. 8 miles on the dreadmil. KILLED IT. Did  I mention the LR half is 2 weeks away.

Saturday, we got up bright and early and got our taxes done. I don't know why but I love finding out how much money we will be getting back. We weren't five steps from the door before the sentence " let's book our vacation" came out of my mouth. M laughs, he wants to save and put away for a rainy day. I want to splurge on a beach vacation and umbrella drinks. You only live once! I skipped my run Saturday.

Sunday, was absolutely gorgeous. We spend the day outside playing with neighbors, feeding the birds, and of  course bubbles. When we got bored with our house we went to the park. M played with H while I got my miles in. I felt very blessed that day.

Monday, I sat on my butt all day like it was my job. I had the house all to myself. I could watch my shows without re-winding it 30 times. It was beautiful and relaxing all at the same time. I skipped my run. I didn't want to over exert myself.

So, I have to share. H is 99.9% potty trained. I don't even want to say we haven't had accidents at night because I don't want to jinx myself (but we haven't) I really have to say she was really easy at potty training. Mostly because she was super excited about "princess panties" to match her "princess night gown" I mean we are all about "princess" these days. So we made a huge deal about H's pretty princess panties. (oh note: We have princesses aka Cinderella and Angelina the ballerina and we also have Barbie who is a princess, basically any girl that dances is referred to a "princess" in our home)
H loved having her princess panties on. I mean she was BIG TIME.

So, one night H picked  these panties for bedtime:

Well Mother of the year award, says "Don't potty on Princess" I noticed H gave me a confused look but I brushed it off. Well that night she fought and fought going to bed. Then she woke up screaming and trying to pull her panties off. It really didn't click until days later when she saw these panties in the laundry basket and she said " Don't potty on Princess, She's mean"
oh boy.
So then we had to have a talk about how there are only nice princess, she just doesn't want to be pottied on.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let's talk about Hair

So, we all know how crazy I am about my hair. It has taken me every bit of 7 years to train M.
When it rains, I am not going outside. Can't get the hair wet. If it starts raining while we are out, yes I will ransack the car and use ANYTHING to cover my hair. Even if that means you have to take your shirt off so I can wrap it around my head. (not really but in case of an emergency wear two shirts)

I've even have my friends on board.

Now that's true friendship. But I do want to mention that they were EQUALLY concerned about their hair getting wet.

I don't know where I got this "can't get my hair wet" issue. My mom thinks she ruined us and should have just let us get in the pool with all of the other kids. But what ev. I just don't like to get my hair wet unless it's getting washed by my awesome beautician.

No, my hair will not fall out.
No I won't instantly look like Celie from the color purple if I get my hair wet.
Yes I have a ton of THICK hair. When it gets wet it gets crazy. Just think of Bozo the clown. Yep that's me.
I don't know how people wash their hair and blow dry it EVERYDAY!  ain't nobody got time for that!

I digress

So when we found out we were having a girl. I instantly thought, dreamed, prayed that  H would have "good" hair. Read: white people hair, can get it wet everyday and she won't have to go to the beauty shop with me every week. Some say I'm vain, but these things are important.

H was born with a FULL head of hair.

As the months went by I kept waiting for H's hair to "change" and it never did. It just kept growing and growing and growing.

She has beautiful hair. And Yes she can get it wet everyday.(THANK YOU JESUS)

So the the reason for this post? I've been on a wild goose chase to find her the best shampoo. Let's be honest. I've never bought shampoo. This is all so new. I asked my beautician and she recommend this:

Really? Could they not have found a different name?  Mixed Chicks? Check them out here.
I used this on H's hair last night and I do have to say she had bunchy healthy curls this morning.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


aaahhh... Valentine's Day... You can just smell the love in the air.

This morning I was awaken by the fresh smell of coffee that awaited me on my breakfast tray that was filled with pancakes lightly buttered with syrup just like I like it. He knows the way to my heart.
Then BEEP BEEP...the alarm sounds and I wake up from dreaming. Looked over and M was sawing logs and there were no pancakes. womp womp.

But that is neither here nor there, it's Vday!

I got up and finished H's Vday cards.

Yes, I know she doesn't really go to school but she has (one) buddy at the sitter's and by golly these things were too cute! Someone was getting them for Vday.

I don't know what it is about Vday. It has always been my favorite holiday. I remember coming downstairs as a kid and seeing cards, candy, and a random stuff animals holding hearts on the kitchen table from my dad. So of course I had to get up this morning before everyone left and lay out Vday stuff on the table.

 I just love all the candy, pink, flowers, and just about anything that screams M it's vday shower me with your love. HAHA.

Happy Valentine's everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!! Friday I can smell you.

It's Wednesday, beauty shop day! My hair is SCREAMING for a relaxer! Look out kinka babies! I'm going to be swinging my hair like a white girl or covering that shit with a Kroger's bag-Rain IS in the forecast.

Wednesday also means it American Idol night!

Yes, I watch it and M does too. He acts like he doesn't but he really does. Did anyone watch last week? Did every guy shed a tear? dang a bunch of titty babies. What about this guy?

Poor baby was right when he said he was  "socially awkward". bless his little heart. The judges seem to love him, even Evil Nicki Minaj.

It's also Ash Wednesday, which means A. It's lent so I have to start watching my mouth and B. no more sweets for 40 days. womp womp.

I'm not sure if you saw it on the WORLD news. I'm sure it was announced on
BIG TIME BENTON High school won 1st place in the UCA Cheer Competition! You can check them out Here.
While that did tug on my heart a little tiny bit. I stopped myself from pulling out all of my old Cheer video's, pictures and uniform. Those were some good times.

And just because she so dang cute!

Fat Tuesday

So last night I thought I'd be wife of the year and offer to take my husband to WWE. The fact that I offered to take him ON the day of the show that happened to be sold out may or may not have been my out. Whoopsie! Its the thought that counts right? We were sure we could find scalpers but those bubba's weren't giving up there tickets to go see wrastling...

Can I just mention the level of people watching just in the parking lot. WOW. I seriously saw a 500 pound man in a wheel chair with a wrastling shirt on (florescent green) licking a lollipop like it was his JOB!

I made sure M was good and full of margarita's so he wasn't too upset about not getting tickets. We headed to our favorite watering hole and dance and drank like we were 21. After all it was Fat Tuesday!

Now, all I want is a number 2 from McDonald's a Dr. Pepper and my bed.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Now that's a bad day

I'm sure most of you have seen this video:

I'm not even sure why anyone would be out in a canoe in the middle of the ocean but what ev.

Did anyone else notice how calm these people were?

She let out a little tiny baby scream like she just smudged her freshly painted nails.

I would have been screaming bloody murder at the sight of a Nemo size fish(in a tank) let alone a whale.

M is constantly telling me that we need to go ocean fishing. Well he told me once then he rephrased that sentence to "he needs to take D ocean fishing because I would be too loud". what ever!

My ideal of ocean fishing is sitting with my feet in the sand and looking out into the ocean and seeing whales waaaay out in the ocean. Like too far for the whale to eat see me or throw me from my canoe!

ain't nobody got time for that! LOL...yes this video still cracks me up!

Bunco Anyone?


Yep, I wouldn’t have thought in a million years I’d be a Bunco girl!
AND I’m hooked after just one night.
Wine, Girl Talk,  laughing, Music, Dessert, and did I mention wine? Where do I sign up?
This picture immediately came to mind when my friend mentioned Bunco
You know, proper old ladies who never talk above a whisper, smell like Ben Gay, and always have 5-7 pieces of Werther's Originals in their pocket. Yeah, not my idea of fun. I can't whisper, Ben Gay makes my nose run and I prefer 5-7 glasses wine over Werther's originals.
Good times! I can't wait for next month.
AND SCENE! I am officially old!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Rambles

It's official I've twisted, begged and promised her a girls weekend!

Marcia and I are headed to KCMO to run the horrible Hospital Hill Run!

Yes I am crazy but so is SHE!

We're making memories. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I hope she's still my friend after the race.

And just because I'm on a roll here. I'm going to join the "what's in a name link up"

Amie- Yes Amie, like my parents couldn't be any more original. At least they changed it up a bit with the "IE" I swear I was named after one of my dad's ex-girlfriends but my parents swear I was named after the "famous" song Amie. What ev I like it. And its much better than the name "Amanda" which is what I was supposed to be name.

Hannah- Naming this child was a lot of pressure. When I found out I was having a girl I knew instantly her name was going to be Ava Le'Anne (she got stuck with my middle name).  I told M it wasn't up for decussion. Then one night we were watching Kelly Cutrone show on MTV. She happens to have a daughter on there name Ava who was acting nothing short of chuckie. So with that M said Ava was out. The search was on. I was reading the story about Hannah in the bible. My word was Hannah a strong, faithful, determine lady. I want my Hannah to be none the less.

Manny- First I have to say I was coerce in getting this little bundle of joy. M said we were going just to browse at the puppies. Then I looked in the back of the truck only to find: dog food, a leash and a dog toy. We walked in and I melted. We didn't really give the name much thought. (as you can tell) We tossed around Lewie, since we are from STL. Then M suggested Moe as in Missouri. Then we realized it was just a dog and we need to pick a name because we were almost home. I threw out the name Manny. Which was a friend's dog's name back in high school. Pretty Random. Just as random as he is.

I am in a training nightmare

True Hollywood story


I can't get it together.

I have 25 days until LR half marathon.


I blame it on the weather, shark week, my horrible play list, wardrobe malfunction, you name it I used it as an excuse.

Let's just take yesterday for example. Monday new day, forget about my 2 horrible weekend runs. I get home change, EAT: nachos, spaghetti 4 donut holes and then proceeded to down a lemonade which may or may not of had vodka in it. (hint: it did) I was in fat kid heaven. Mid drink I talked myself out of running. After my food settled I was sitting around in my running clothes and figured what the heck get on that dreadmill. So I did. I pumped that sucker up to 8.5 and ran and ran and stopped at 2 miles.

TWO MILES.Really Amie? Two miles.

I've come to the conclusion that the treadmill is false advertisement. I can run fast but I can't run far on that dumb thing. Last time I check I have to run 13.1 miles and not 2.

So, with that being said, my treadmill training days are over. I will be running outside rain or shine. Well minus the rain. duh I'm black. I'm just going to suck it up and DO IT. just like Nike says to do. I need to find my mojo. As in M needs to book us a beach trip so I get motivated to run. I digress

I have a race in March and April coming up(and possible June). It's time to get serious.

Has anyone ran Hospital Hill Run? I'm 98.5% sure I've talked Marcia to run with me. I'm have another victim in mind, who happens to live in KC, so I feel like she should join in on all the pain fun. Samantha...

Here's to unplugging that damn treadmill! Here's to running like a real runner! Here's to no more vodka lemonades (damn) Here's to getting my mojo back! Here's to a beach vacation (a girl can dream)!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dealing with Crazy

Have you ever had to deal with a crazy person? Like on an everyday bases. I mean I know everyone can’t be normal like yours truly but this person is crazy.

Like real crazy. Like here is “crazy person” and here is the world and Ms. Crazy swears the world revolves around them. Not to mention she is the reason why the sun rises and sets.

I’m serious.

I was warned about this crazy and not to let it bother me because this person is crazy and will always be crazy.

When “crazy” talks to me I instantly get a glazed look on my face. (Like M gets when I start talking about the last episode of Girls).

I mean seriously she is not only ON the crazy train (alone) she’s driving that train.

She doesn’t talk in complete sentence. She takes you ALL AROUND LAURA’s house just to say one statement that makes no sense.

Crazy thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread. Crazy actually thinks she invented sliced bread.

Crazy will lie right to your face.

Crazy will call you out whether she knows the facts or not.

Crazy makes me reconsider my choice of employment.

I seriously have to give Crazy to God. I tell myself that crazy is still one of God’s children, I should love crazy and pray for her.

She is starting to make me crazy. (ain’t nobody got time for that)
I'll just kill her with kindness (and curse her under my I kid)



Wohoo Go Raven's!
Ha. That's funny. Me trying to act like I watched the super bowl. I only cheered because I knew this was the end to football!


The Lassen's have taken residence on Boring Lane. 
I have to admit I'm enjoying myself on Boring Lane.

I've occupied myself with H, house cleaning, DIY projects, baking, eating, running, and bird watching. I really wish I was lying about that last one but I'm not. I've become obsessed with these new bird feeders. Yes, I'm 96 years old.

I was tired of looking at these boring chairs
So I did this to them


Then I got tired of my boring door:

Then I was tired of this (last one I promise)
And just becuase she's so cute. I found H painting her nails with my concealer.