Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!! Friday I can smell you.

It's Wednesday, beauty shop day! My hair is SCREAMING for a relaxer! Look out kinka babies! I'm going to be swinging my hair like a white girl or covering that shit with a Kroger's bag-Rain IS in the forecast.

Wednesday also means it American Idol night!

Yes, I watch it and M does too. He acts like he doesn't but he really does. Did anyone watch last week? Did every guy shed a tear? dang a bunch of titty babies. What about this guy?

Poor baby was right when he said he was  "socially awkward". bless his little heart. The judges seem to love him, even Evil Nicki Minaj.

It's also Ash Wednesday, which means A. It's lent so I have to start watching my mouth and B. no more sweets for 40 days. womp womp.

I'm not sure if you saw it on the WORLD news. I'm sure it was announced on
BIG TIME BENTON High school won 1st place in the UCA Cheer Competition! You can check them out Here.
While that did tug on my heart a little tiny bit. I stopped myself from pulling out all of my old Cheer video's, pictures and uniform. Those were some good times.

And just because she so dang cute!


  1. Lent... *sigh* Also known (to me) as a re-attempt at my failed New Year's resolutions. Trying to kick this sailor mouth of mine. My kid will soon become a parrot and I do not want his first word to be sh!t. His dad would kill me.
    Happy Hump Day!